308 Part 1

Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 308

Defense Specialization and Interception



The base was completed just a short time before the strengthened monsters were supposed to appear. While it meant they would have less space to intercept them, Marx’s traps raised the overall quality of the place.


“Huh? A screen? Are you going to watch something?”


“I’m going to make it appear on this screen…”

Marx said. And then the image appeared on the screen he had set up. It showed every room of the ant’s nest dungeon.


“Woah! That’s amazing!”


“Ii-it will make it easy to know which traps have to be reset. And we’ll know how strong the monsters are… Later then.”

Marx told Maple that the fighting would be left to the other guild members, and then he returned to his space that had been partitioned.

The newly created living space had a large open area in the center, which connected to every guild’s district. This was also where Marx’s screen was set up.

As it was still Maple Tree’s base, it was only their members who were loud and active. But since she had visited them a lot, Frederica blended in with them quite naturally.


“I’m so bored. We can’t go into any dungeons… But we also have to keep our guard up…”


“I see you’ve made yourself at home… Don’t forget that you still have to help guard the place, okay?”


“I know, Sally. Flame Emperor is here too. So we won’t lose.”


“Sally! It seems like something has come inside!”

And just like that, the image of the invader appeared on Marx’s screen. Their first monster was running on four legs. It looked like Maple’s ‘Savagery’ but with fewer legs and more eyes. As they watched, more and more of them started entering their base. It was like watching some incredible avalanche, and their sheer numbers allowed them to pass through the traps. And while the traps did make their numbers go down, they weren’t killing all of the monsters.


“Ahh. They will likely reach us at this rate. They must be stronger than the ones we fought last night. Payne! You’re up!”

As Frederica headed to Congregation of the Holy Swords’s district, Mi came out of the Kingdom of the Flame Emperor’s district.


“I’ll go. You can stay behind me.”


“Mi. Are you sure?”

Maple asked. Mi laughed confidently.


“I’m a Guild Master of a large guild too. Besides, aside from Shin, Marx and Misery are usually in the back supporting me.”

If a horde of monsters with high endurance were going to flood into here, Mi would have the easiest time if she fought by herself.


“I’ll come in if you need help!”


“Yeah. But don’t worry. That won’t be necessary.”

As Mi said this, Payne arrived and agreed.


“Yeah, I’ll go too. I swore to do my part, since you allowed us to stay here.”


“Yes, yes. Then I’ll just cast some buffs on you and you can do the rest.”

Aside from Frederica; Marx, Misery, and Izu also cast buffs on Payne and Mi. The two were surrounded by numerous auras as they prepared.


“Let’s go, Mi.”


“Don’t hold back this time, Payne.”


“Yeah, there are so many… And it’s better to overkill than accidentally let one escape.”

Mi and Payne then called out Ignis and Ray. They held their weapons ready as they walked to the interception area.

There, loud footsteps started to echo, and then a crowd of monsters flooded in from the entrance.

As soon as the monsters saw them, black magic circles appeared in front of their eyes. It seemed to be the start of some kind of attack. However, the pair started their own attack before the magic circles could do anything.

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