308 Part 2


“Ignis, ‘Flame of the Phoenix,’ ‘Fire to my body.’”


“Ray, ‘Torrent of Light,’ ‘Unleash all Magic.’”

Mi’s body was surrounded in red fire, and it spread through the ground. Payne’s sword was enveloped in a pale light, and loud sparks could be heard.


“‘Murderous Inferno’!”


“‘Light Sword of the Holy Dragon’!”

The moment that the black light came out of the monsters’s black circles, the area was filled with red and white that far surpassed it. The red flames unleashed by Mi turned the whole area into a damage field, burning everything in front of her. The light that Payne created was especially effective on devil monsters. It erased them from existence as if purifying them.

The flames and light shot through the passages, even blowing away the items that were left there. The entire dungeon was filled with a violent storm. After a while, it finally faded away.



“Bah. In spite of it being the second day, they weren’t even that strong.”


“We had an advantage in terms of terrain. It was easy for us to use wide-area attacks on them.”


“Mi and Payne! That was amazing!”


“I’m sure that they’ll attack again. But it will be easy to take turns fighting, since there are 16 of us. You can call any members of our guild any time.”


“Same with us.”


“Thank you!”

As Maple continued to gush over how impressed she was, Frederica turned away from the monitor and walked towards them.


“Hey, Payne! Did you have to blow away Marx’s cameras too?”

Aside from the area near the entrance, nothing else was showing up on the screen now.


“…? Maybe one of the buffs included extended my range, and I didn’t realize… I’m sorry.”


“Mi too… Those things took me a long time to set up.”


“Uh, yeah. Sorry.”

As they heard the others talk about the need to reset the traps, Chrome and Kasumi thought about what they had just seen.


“Are all Guild Masters like that?”


“No, these one-man armies have to be rare. It just so happens that a lot of them are close to us.”

As they thought about their own Guild Master, they went about resetting the traps in case there was a second attack.


Maple and Sally took Marx with them, and they reset the items that Payne and Mi had destroyed.


“I didn’t think we’d be making such a dangerous dungeon like this…”

Marx muttered as he set down the items that would allow them to see the rooms.


“Hmm. Payne and Mi really do a lot of damage. It was more than I had imagined.”


“It really was crazy.”


“Though, we might fight them again, so I can’t be too optimistic about it.”


“Th-that’s right. Yes.”

The two of them had become so much stronger since the 4th event. And Maple clenched her fists and swore that she would do her best if she had to fight them later on.


“While they did have all those buffs, I was still surprised. Mi isn’t really the type who you can beat by just being able to do similar attacks…or knowing a weakness.”

Of course, the Flame Emperors were also looking at the Congregation of Holy Swords. Being able to see the power of their rival was a big deal for all three guilds that were present.

And gathering the most medals during this event was an important part of being one step ahead of the others.


However, Mi’s party had already been halved. Their only player who fought on the frontlines was Shin, which put them in a dangerous position.

Marx wondered about this as he finished resetting the traps. He was still thinking about it as he returned to the back of the dungeon. The other two followed after him.


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