Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 309

Defense Specialization and a Change in Direction



Some time had passed, and after they were attacked several times, they decided that it wasn’t worth the trouble of resetting the traps every time, and so they switched directions. They would immediately crush the monsters as soon as they entered. All of the 16 players here were so strong that they could compete for the title of strongest player in the game, and so there was no problem if they took turns fighting.


As an example, Yui and Mai would hit the monsters with their great hammers the moment that they stuck their heads out. Those that jumped out too quickly or survived through some skill, would then be subject to Izu’s cannons or Frederica or Mi would shoot them down with long range attacks.


When they realized that this made things so much easier, the members of Flamer Emperors and Congregation of Holy Sword started to discuss something in the shared space.


“Did something happen?”

Once she was sure that no monsters were attacking, Maple went to talk to the other two guilds.

They were talking about the same thing. They believed that it would be a good idea to go out during the night and finish a dungeon.


“While tonight’s monsters aren’t exactly weak, they are not so strong that we can’t deal with them. And considering that we were forcefully teleported today, who knows what will happen tomorrow.”


“Payne is right. The night is supposed to be more dangerous than the day. However, I’m willing to bet that the third day is more dangerous than the second night.”


“I-I see…”

As large guilds that fought for the top spot, they would want to get their hands on as many medals they possibly could. And since they now had a decent grasp on how strong the enemy was, they decided that four people would be enough. And they wanted to go out and explore.


“Ah, that’s right! Then we’ll help you too!”

Payne and Mi were quite surprised by this. They thought about it for a minute, and then decided that Maple didn’t have any hidden motives, and she was purely suggesting this as a friend.


“Yeah, it will be a great relief for us if more want to join. Besides, the medals go to everyone. So there are merits for your guild too, Maple…”


“Well, you should discuss it with the others. See if they think it’s worth the danger to go out and collect more medals. I’m grateful for the offer, but you’ve done enough for us by letting us stay here.”

They said that they would be glad for Maple Tree’s help. And then they started to think of a strategy for when they did go out.

And so Maple went and gathered the other members of Maple Tree together and repeated the conversation to them.


“Well, that might work. We really have no guarantee of what the third day will be like. And it’s true that these current monsters are still manageable.”


“And we should try and get as many medals as possible.”


“We’ll help too!”

“We’ll help too!”


“I think it will be fine as long as we can return here by the morning of the third day.”


“I agree. While Kasumi and Izu acquired some medals, we didn’t do any exploring today.”


“So we’re all in agreement about it. After all, we may not have time to search for more during the third day.”

After they all agreed, they decided to split the members of Maple Tree, Flame Emperors, and Congregation of Holy Swords, and explore the area.


“I have a map with likely dungeons marked out. You can see it now.”


“Ahh. You sure are resourceful, Sally. Hmm. So where is it?”


“Don’t be so impatient.”

Sally then sent the map she had made to the others. They would have to use it to decide which direction they would go in.


“Looking at it like this… Places with special objects seem to be close to the corners of the map. We already checked this area.”


“They are probably considering what happens after the second day. And given the need to go to the corners where the monsters are stronger, that seems right…”

Payne and Mi’s guilds looked over the map and thought about the risks and rewards. It was decided that groups of four would be the most balanced and allow them to cover the most space. And like that, each of the four groups had members from the other guilds, and they searched for dungeons in the north, south, east, and west.

Mobility, endrance, and attack ability were all considered, and each team would be strong in their own way. And with that, everyone left the base and went out into the field.

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