310 Part 1


Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 310

Defense Specialization and to the East



The four who went east were Dred, Marx, Mai, and Yui.

They rode on top of Tsukimi and Yukimi as they dashed through the field.


“Woah. They really are fast.”


“Yes. Like this, we might be able to outrun any monsters we encounter…”

As they said this, one of the four-legged monsters that had attacked their base, suddenly appeared in front of them. Even Marx’s Clear was not able to erase every single one, and so it now rushed towards the four of them.


“‘Power Share,’ ‘Bright Star’!”

“‘Power Share,’ ‘Bright Star’!”

As Tsukimi and Yukimi’s masters had higher attack ability, sharing their STR caused theirs to rise, and they unleashed a spherical light that caused damage.

The monster in front of them was hit by two of them, and stumbled.

As it lost its balance, Tsukimi and Yukimi dashed forward on both sides of it. And just as they were about to pass it by, the two swung their great hammers right into the monster, erasing it with a burst of light.


“What a horrible hit and run.”


“It really is incredible, seeing it up close…”

The general strategy for these four was to allow Mai and Yui to get close to the monsters in order to destroy them. Furthermore, since Tsukimi and Yukimi were with them, they were guaranteed a decent amount of speed as well. With Marx’s trap setting abilities put into the mix, they didn’t have too much to worry about.

The four of them looked at the map that Sally had made, and tried to figure out the location of the mark, relative to Maple Tree’s base.


“The terrain hasn’t changed, at least. According to Sally, it should be around…here?”

The shadows of the night were so dark and vast that you couldn’t see any stars. But the moon’s reflection could be seen on the lake’s surface. And since there was no moon to be seen in the sky, it was clear that there was something very strange about this lake.


“Should we go?”


“Yeah. We’ll just get attacked by monsters if we stay here looking. Besides, Marx said he finds it easier to work inside of dungeons.”


“Yes. Clear’s abilities won’t work as well out here…”


“Then let’s get going. Though, we still don’t know if it really is a dungeon.”


“Understood. Tsukimi!”

Mai and Yui then had Tsukimi and Yukimi run down to the side of the lake.


“For now, let’s try going to the center.”


“Should we…use a boat?”

However, Tsukimi and Yukimi were able to swim, so there was no need for that. But as their feet stretched out towards the water’s surfaces, a most strange thing happened. Their feet did not sink, but stopped perfectly on top of the water. And after that, they were able to walk on it like it was normal ground.


“This…it looks like we were right.”

The four continued on until they reached the center of the lake. And when they arrived, their bodies were enveloped by light.


“That was pretty quick. Well, just try not to die.”






As they waited excitedly, their bodies were covered completely, and they were teleported off to the dungeon.

The place they came out in had a ground that was covered in water. Even the walls were damp. The overall atmosphere was damp and humid. It was a circular area and it was easy to see that this was the starting point.

There was only one passage leading away, so they had no choice but to follow it.


“Well, let’s go then.”


“Yes. Alright, Clear… ‘Transparent.’”


“Are we invisible now?”


“Yes. But be careful, it doesn’t work on every monster.”


“I don’t know if I would be able to deal with this during PvP. Even if I knew about it.”



They cautiously made their way down the passage. Then they saw an eel that was about a meter in length, coming toward them from the other side. It was enveloped in water as it swam through the air. A trail of water was left behind it, and they could hear sparks of electricity as pale light flashed.

And while the four brandished their weapons, the eel had not seen them, and passed them by.




The two stepped forward and swung their great hammers as hard as they could.

The leisurely swimming eel felt the full force of this attack as it was pounded out of the air. There was a loud popping noise as it slammed into the ground and exploded with electricity and light before disappearing.


“What an extravagant assassination…”


“All the better with ‘Transparent.’”

As they would be exposed when attacking, he and Izu had had to use it when entering the dungeon. But it had a very different effect for Mai and Yui. For the monsters, it was as if an invisible, instant death attack was coming out of nowhere. And since they died in one hit, there was no fear of getting caught.


“That’s something that couldn’t be done in our guild.”


“Well, it’s just a skill for ambushes…”


“Ah, it seems we’re visible. Can you put it on again!”

“Ah, it seems we’re visible. Can you put it on again!”

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