310 Part 3

As he used magic to attract its attention, he tried to think of how they could beat it, now that it was so much harder for Mai and Yui to attack it. For now, he tried to get it to turn its back on Mai and Yui. Just then, there was a thunderous sound that was as loud as the lightning attack, and something crashed into the catfish’s stomach.

The catfish staggered greatly. Whatever it was that hit it, now fell on the floor and made the room shake. When Dred looked in the direction that it had come from, he saw that Mai was throwing something, and Yui was hitting it with her great hammer as if they were playing baseball. And while he didn’t see it, Marx was standing near them as well, and looking a little put off by how strong they were.


Then there was another crash as something came flying. To be precise, this mysterious sphere that was the result of combining the hardest materials in the game and was able to withstand Mai and Yui’s attacks had only been completed on the first night. And luckily, the catfish had moved in order to dodge the second hit, which resulted in the sphere catching it right in the face. The damaged catfish lost its water power and fell down to the ground.


“Dred! Now!”


“Please do it…!”


“What the hell… ‘Septuple Slash’! Shadow, ‘Shadow Pack.’”

Deciding to test it, Dred attacked the catfish’s whiskers, which were no longer unleashing electricity.

They said that there was power in numbers, and the pack of wolves descended on the catfish with rapid and repeated attacks that dealt real damage. During the attack, large cuts appear on the catfish’s whiskers. While the main body was still alive, Dred was sure that its electric attacks would be weaker now. Just then, the catfish’s body started to crackle with electricity again, and so he moved away.


“Those two…they won’t make it in time, even on their bears.”

The catfish had not been down for long, and since they had been getting ready to hit it again, they would not make it in time.


“Mai, Yui! Can you hit it again?”




Dred moved to the other side of the catfish so that he wouldn’t be hit accidentally, and then he concentrated on dodging its attacks. Unlike Sally, he wouldn’t die by taking just a little damage, and so he bought time until it went down again, by making use of the damage reduction effect, and the walls that Marx continued to make.


“This…is getting dangerous. Shadow, ‘Shadow Wall’!”

He predicted the next attack and kept the damage to a minimum. And when he was attacked by electricity that was too big to dodge, he would escape by using his shadow skill.

It was this combination of skill and technique that allowed him to buy time. And then, the catfish was hit by the ball again, and went crashing to the ground.


“We can reach it this time!”

“We can reach it this time!”

This time, they were ready to rush towards it, and so they jumped on Tsukimi and Yukim’s backs.


“‘Double Strike’!!”

“‘Double Strike’!!”

They jumped off of Tsukimi and Yukimi and unleashed their attack. Unlike their batting attack, which was only effective because of their ridiculous power, their damage output now was what you would expect from a proper attack skill.

This destructive power came at the expense of everything else, and it was by no means inferior to what Payne or Mi could do.

After all, ordinary attack skills that anyone could buy on the market would now result in instant-kills.

However, the catfish managed to survive with just a little HP remaining, and now its body was unleashing more electricity than ever before. But judging by how unnatural its movements were, Dred sensed that something was coming, and so he moved away.


“It’s still alive!?”

“It’s still alive!?”


“Stand back! I think it’s a gimmick!”

The two got back on Tsukimi and Yukimi, and with Dred, they retreated to where Marx was waiting.

When the three looked behind them, they saw that the giant catfish had reached the peak of its electrical discharge. Several pillars of light shot up to the ceiling like thunderbolts, and huge chunks of ground were carved out.


“‘Remote Set – Earth Wall,’ ‘Remote Set – Obstacle,’ ‘Remote Set – Castle Wall’!”

Marx created barriers behind them as they ran, in an attempt to delay the lightning from catching up to them. Like this, they somehow managed to reach Marx. And then Marx created the fortress he had made when he was with Izu.


“‘Set – One Night Castle’! It still won’t stop…!”


“How long will this hold!?”


“At this pace…maybe 30 seconds!”

Everything outside of the fortress was just white light. They had no idea what was happening outside. However, they could not allow themselves to be killed here.


“Oh, well. It’s just one more hit. If we’re going to die here anyway, I might as well try it. As annoying as it is.”

As if he had no choice, Dred jumped out of the fortress and into the electricity.


“‘Super Acceleration,’ ‘Top Speed,’ ‘Godspeed,’ Shadow, ‘Shadow Dive’!”

Dred accelerated all at once, and then used Shadow’s skill to dive into the shadows. It all happened so quickly. And like that, Dred was able to go through the electricity.

The giant catfish was on the other side, and while an immense amount of electricity was raining down, it wasn’t necessary to get through it. Instead, he used earth magic to create a stone bullet.


“Hah. I’m glad that it’s not too thick.”

The stone bullet hit the catfish right between the eyes and pierced through its flesh. And this time, its HP went down to 0.


“Hah…we somehow did it.”


“Are you okay, Dred?”


“Mm, yeah. Don’t worry about me. No problem at all.”

The fight was over, and they all received a medal each. Dred looked at the overjoyed Mai and Yui, and he hoped that the next dungeon would have an easier boss.

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