311 Part 1

Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 311

Defense Specialization and to the West



The four that went to the west were Payne, Misery, Izu, and Kanade. And their mode of transportation was Ray, who could fly.


“It seems like Dred’s team have succeeded in finishing a dungeon.”


“I’m not surprised. But judging by this speed, Mai and Yui must be doing well.”

The four were headed to an island that floated in the sky. There were many floating islands, and most of them were just there for the atmosphere, and could not be entered. However, there was one island that had a narrow area where you could just barely slip through.


“It’s very strange that there’s just one. There must be something here.”


“Yes. But… Ah, I knew they would come.”

As you could just barely invade it, it was no surprise that it was at the very edge of the map. And that meant that even from the sky, strong monsters would appear. Just like the four had predicted, devil monsters with bat-like wings and two horns on their heads came flying towards them.


“I saw these on the ground too. They like to summon their minions. What should we do?”


“We’re not far from the island. We should be able to get through if we can distract them for a second.”


“Fine. It’s settled then. Let’s go, Sou. ‘Sleeping Bubble,’ ‘Paralyze Shout.’”

An electric effect came out from the book, and bubbles that shone like the rainbow blew out. Every skill that Kanade could use, Sou could use as well. And while it didn’t work on all of them, the devils that were affected by the paralysis and sleep began to drop out of the air. And a path to the floating island was opened before them.


“Ray, ‘Shooting Star’!”

A light then enveloped Ray, as they all sat on it, and the tamed monster suddenly flew forward with accelerated speed.

By using a charging skill, they would throw any monster who got in their way into the air, and reach the floating island at top speed.

It went better than expected, and they were able to shake off the surrounding monsters as they approached the island.


“Leave the enemies behind us to me!”


“You should focus your skills on defeating the monsters that are ahead of us.”

And so Izu and Misery took on the roles of dealing with the monsters that pursued them. Payne and Kanade dealt with the rest.


“Good. We can descend now.”

And like that, they safely arrived on the island. Payne returned Ray to its original size and then they inspected their surroundings. They had come down on a corner of the island that had a wide clearing as if it were just begging them to come down here. But the entire island itself was not that large, and you could walk from one corner to the other in a few minutes.


“I guess we’ll have to go in this forest up ahead.”


“Yes. But keep your guard up.”

Payne took the lead as the four of them entered the forest. Apparently, monsters did not enter this forest, and it was clear that it was quite different from the other places.


“Is that a mansion…?”


“It looks like it. Should we go inside?”


“Yeah, it’s not like we have a choice.”

And so they opened the front door and walked in. A vast entrance was before them, and in the center, there was a large magic circle that looked like it was drawn with blood. It was hard to look away from it.


“I see. Well, it’s a good thing they made it easy to find.”


“I already made preparations for damage nullification in case it is a trap.”

Their support was ready. They had come all this way to complete dungeons, so there was no way that they would turn back now. However, it turned out that their worries were unfounded, and all four were soon surrounded by that familiar light. They waited for the light to die down and then they opened their eyes. What they saw was a long passage made of stone bricks. Behind them was a wall, which made it easy to know which way they were supposed to go.


“Well, I guess we better go forward for now.”


“Yes. And I don’t sense any monsters.”

Just like before, Payne took the lead as they advanced. Then they came upon a wide open room with three doors. Each door had a different mark on it, a sword, staff, and spear. Clearly, they were supposed to mean something.


“Maybe it’s supposed to tell us what kind of monster is behind it?”


“I think so too. Then we should choose something that would be easy to deal with.”

And so the four discussed it and decided to choose the door with the sword on it. When they opened it, they came out into an arena without any obstacles. On the other side, there was a monster who wore armor and a helmet and wielded a great sword.


“So, it really was about the monster.”

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