311 Part 2


“Yeah. And if all of them have just one monster, that will make things easier.”

Indeed, their strategy involved Payne being the main attacker, while the other three did what they were good at, which was casting buffs. They would create a one man army. Everything from status effects, recovery, resurrection, support fire. They would cover him.


“I can’t lose after receiving this much support. I’ll fulfill my role.”

Like that, Payne unsheathed his sword and faced the monster. First, he needed to check if his strategy would work. And so the three cast buffs on Payne. None of them affected the enemy, and they wouldn’t exactly be considered rare skills either.

Once they were finished, Payne dashed forward before the monster could approach him.


“Ray, ‘Breath of the Holy Dragon,’ ‘Holy Blade of Fragmentation’!”

The blinding breath that Ray unleashed not only damaged the monster, but staggered it.

Payne rushed towards it all at once and cut deeply into its body with his sword. Then he swung again to the side, this time cutting through its shoulder and reaching its stomach. The monster was also carrying a greatsword that looked like it would deal a lot of damage, and it swung it wildly. However, it was either blocked or dodged. And it was not able to hurt Payne.

Part of it was because of the buffs, but when it came to pure swordsmanship, this monster was not on the same level as Payne.


“‘Holy Blade of Conviction’!”

As Payne’s voice rang, a light flashed from his sword, and when it swung down, it easily separated the monster’s torso from its lower half. And so ultimately, without ever being in danger, and without ever not overwhelming the enemy, Payne’s battle with the warrior had ended.


“That exceeded my expectations…”


“I’m reminded of the boss on the 10th floor of the tower. Just pure strength.”


“If this is what they are like, then buffs will likely be enough, unless there are a lot of enemies at once.”

As they thought about his strength, the four of them went through the door that was at the back of the arena. This time, they were greeted by two doors. One had a katana on it and the other a bow.


“Which should we choose?”


“Let’s go with the katana. It will be easier than someone with a ranged weapon.”

They decided to choose the katana, and then they went through the door. What they were greeted to, was a similar arena. This one had a single samurai who was sitting down as he waited for them.


“I see. I’ll attack him while the buffs are still active. Can you support me?”


“Of course.”


“Whenever you need it.”


“I’ll be ready to heal you.”

Upon hearing this, Payne held a sword in one hand and a shield in the other as he approached the enemy. He made sure to protect himself by holding his shield up as he got close. Just then, and with a speed that even Payne could not follow, the katana was swung, and a damage effect exploded from his arm, where his shield and sword could not cover. Payne flew in the air from the knockback effect. But since Misery immediately healed him, he did not suffer any real damage. However, the two now glared at each other.


“I see. This one really is quite different from the last warrior.”


“Let’s follow the plan then.”


“Yeah, let’s do that. ‘Immovable’!”

Payne then used a skill to nullify knockbacks, and then he charged forward. This time, he didn’t bother to raise his shield.


“Sou, ‘Cage of Gravity.’”


“Fay, ‘Tangled Grass.’”

Since the enemy just kept his hand on his sword without moving, it was easy to target him with magic. Kanade had Sou set down a field that greatly reduced one’s moving speed, and Izu grew plants that would get in the way of a monster that was trying to move. These measures would prevent the Samurai from escaping, should it try.


And so Payne closed in the gap between him and the samurai. The samurai repeatedly slashed with his katana before returning it to its sheath. And it did this at a speed that the eye could not follow. However, Payne ignored him and raised his sword. Of course, the katana dug deep into his body as it hit him, but Payne continued his attack on the monster.


“‘Light of Healing’!”

Payne had the advantage of numbers. And there was no way that he wasn’t going to use it. Even though knockback was now nullified and Payne continued to attack him, the samurai might still have won due to incredible attack speed and overwhelming amount of HP. However, not when Misery was there. Misery’s healing kept Payne from sinking, and he continued to unleash his heavy attacks.

There was no way for the samurai to win against a player that was so strong that he could continue to be hit by him.


“Holy Blade of Wall Breaking’!”

The sword came down with a flash of light. It stabbed into the samurai’s neck before he could block it. And like that, the enemy disappeared into light.

These four were already among the strongest in the game. And so there was no way that a single monster could win.


“Now, let’s keep going. I think there should be more of them next time.”

And like that, they headed to the next door.


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