311 Part 3


Ultimately, Payne was right, and the enemies increased with every room. Two and then three. And then four. Sometimes, the enemy outnumbered them.

However, it meant absolutely nothing. These enemies would have been perfectly manageable by Payne, while the others focused on buffing him. And a few more coming out now just meant the others could finally make use of their own attack power.

Bombs rolled all over the room, magic books were pulled out one after another, everyone needed to attack and defend now, and the buffs and healing started to really show their worth. You would have to get past one of the strongest of advance guards to reach the rear guards, who were wreaking havoc in the arena. And that was too tall an order for a monster.


“Phew. We’re finally at the boss. There were more rooms than I was expecting.”


“Yeah. I wonder what kind of boss it will be?”


“I can’t imagine. The road here didn’t really give us any hints. But they were all humanoids, so maybe the boss will be the same.”


“We’ll find out when we enter. Hmm. I hope it’s easy to kill.”

And so all four of them summoned their tamed monster and then they opened the door and stepped inside.

The room was shaped like a rectangle, and it extended farthest from the entrance. At the very end, there was a giant, floating stone slab that was also rectangular and had no decorations. Just as the door shut behind them, a HP bar appeared above the stone slab.


All four of them looked surprised at this unexpected enemy. In the meantime, the marks they had seen on the doors on their way here, suddenly appeared around the stone slab.

But they were all from the doors that they had not gone through. Judging from the marks, there were sorcerers, archers, gunners, and others with ranged attacks.

The marks then started to glow, and this was followed by the actual monsters coming out.


“…I see.”


“There are going to be a lot of enemies with ranged attacks.”


“Then there is only one strategy we can use.”


“Alright, I’ll buy you all some time.”

Kanade stepped in front of the others and took out one book after another.


“‘Paralysis Powder,’ ‘High Waves,’ ‘Sticky Bullet,’ ‘Magic Obstruction.’”

He calmly and quickly chose the most effective ones and activated them. These were not Sou’s, which were slightly weaker. He used his own stored books to paralyze, call out waves with knockback effects, and bound them to the ground. Like this, the few of the advance guards were stopped in their tracks.

As for the sorcerer in the back, he hindered him by using a skill that would weaken the force and range of his magic.


“Ahh, that stone slab seems to summon them at regular intervals…”

He could do nothing about that. And so he kept using more books in order to prevent them from getting close.


“‘Large Scale Magic Barrier,’ Sou, ‘Large Scale Magic Barrier’!”

As he blocked off the advance guard, the number of rear guards only increased. And now there was an immense amount of magic, arrows, and bullets flying towards them. Kanade and Sou created two layers of barriers in order to stop them completely.

At this point, Payne’s skill that took so long to activate, was finally ready.


“Light Sword of the Holy Dragon’!”

This skill that he had used in Maple Tree’s base in order to drive back the monsters was simply a wide area attack skill with high power. But there was strength in simplicity. This had always been their trump card, and so it was incredibly convenient that the boss monster should summon so many enemies for them at once.


As the lights and shock waves raged, erasing the monsters from existence, the four of them jumped onto Ray’s back and through the use of ‘Shooting Star,’ reached the stone slab in a flash.


“We have to launch a counter attack too.”

The three rear guards took out the bombs they had been given in advance.

Once Ray charged into the stone slab, damaging it, they all unleashed their own attacks. The stone slab was good at rapidly summoning, but could do nothing else but moderate magic. And without being able to overwhelm Misery’s healing magic, it could do nothing as its HP started to decrease.

There was nothing to be done if everything it summoned could be killed with one hit.


“‘Holy Blade of Conviction’!”


“‘Holy Spear’!”


“Fay, ‘Item Strengthen,’ ‘Recycle’!”



The flashy attack effect enveloped the stone slab. And since it was already being hit by Payne’s powerful area attack, cracks began to loudly appear on its surface. And then it shattered.


“I guess we had the better strategy?”


“I think we were a good match for it. Even the shape of the room worked in our favor.”


“I admit, I was a little frantic when I first saw that row of sorcerers and archers, but we ended up winning pretty easily.”


“Yes, that was amazing.”

Just then, they heard the notification sound that told them that they had received the medals. However, since they still had more time, the four of them decided to search for another dungeon. Since their powerful skills were reset every day, it made sense to try and use them up before the day ended.

And like that, the four returned to the mansion.


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