312 Part 1

Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 312

Defense Specialization and to the South



Drag, Shin, Chrome, and Kasumi were the four that headed to the south. Of course, Kasumi was the one in the team that had a mode of transportation that all four of them could use. Kasumi made Haku ‘Super Enlarge,’ and they traveled towards the dessert that Maple Tree had teleported to on the first day.

The reason for this was that the four had gone around to all of the suspicious spots on Sally’s map, but had found nothing. Even though the spots were all close together on the south side, making exploration easier.


And since they had now gone to all of the places with high priority, they decided that it must be somewhere that was hard to find. And so they had come to the wide open dessert.


“I was thinking this while riding Payne’s dragon as well, but it sure is nice to have a monster that can carry you.”


“Yes, Mi said the same thing.”


“Well, having mobility will allow you to get through areas faster… Now, is there anything here…”

“There really isn’t. But things seem to be going smoothly for the teams that went in the other directions…”

The four of them sat on Haku’s head and scanned the area. They were able to see worms and devils in the distance. It appeared that they were fighting some players, as they saw explosive magic effects.


“So there are players near the edge of the map as well.”


“We weren’t the only ones who thought to come here then. Well, who wouldn’t think that there must be something in a dessert that’s this big?”

As they continued their search, the weather suddenly took a turn for the worse, and a powerful sand storm began to blow. And while they were wary, the devil monsters that were near the edge of the map did not come close to them. Chrome was especially cautious, as he was the shield-bearer. But he could not sense any enemy presences coming near.


“There must be something…Kasumi! Let’s get off for now.”


“Yeah, let’s do that.”

The four of them sensed something and so they got off of Haku, and she returned it to normal size. Then they started exploring on foot.


“It really is a crazy sandstorm. I can barely see in front of me.”


“Maybe I should unleash ‘Destructor’ around us. At least then we’ll know if something is coming towards us.”

And so Shin activated ‘Destructor,’ causing the multiplied swords to rotate around them in a wide circle. As long as it was a decently large monster, it would get hit, no matter what side it was coming from. So an ambush would be less likely.

As they walked like this for a while, Shin’s ‘Destructor’ caught something.


“Oh, it’s hit something… But it doesn’t seem like a monster.”


“Then let’s head over to it. I wonder what it could be?”

When they reached it, they found a rocky area that was covered in sand from the sandstorm. But there were cracks between the rocks that looked like they led to an underground chamber.


“Let’s go then. We finally found something that looks promising.”


“Yeah, let’s go. I won’t be able to enlarge Haku down there, but that can’t be helped.”

As they moved between boulders and descended, they entered an underground chamber. The sound of falling sand echoed around them. The ground also looked like sand. And while they wouldn’t sink into it, it was still difficult to walk.


“Woah, it looks like we really found it. Awesome.”


“Anyway, I think I should go in the lead.”

“Hmm. Yes, we’ll leave it to you, Chrome.”


“Now, what will we find…”

Chrome moved to the front and took the first step. Just then, the sand in front of him moved, and a single giant scorpion jumped out of the ground. But before the others could reach it with their weapons, it stung Chrome and then returned into the ground.

At the same time, an effect burst on Chrome, showing that the item he had received from Izu earlier had activated. It took the damage of an instant death attack for you.


“What? Are you kidding!? That scorpion has an instant death attack!”


“This is bad. We better retreat for now!”


“Then get on these! We’ll move away from the sand.”

Shin said as he used ‘Destructor’ to create blades that they could ride on. Once they were able to temporarily escape the danger, they held a quick strategy meeting.


“Shin. I didn’t know you could use that skill like this.”

Kasumi said as she pointed at the sword.


“I got the idea while watching Maple. There are a lot of ways to use a flying sword.”


“But what should we do? We have instant death resistant items from Izu…but they’re not something we can keep using on monsters that aren’t even bosses.”


“No, don’t worry. Just leave it to me. We just need to know the position of the scorpion inside of the sand, right?”

Drag said as he called out Earth. Earth was a Golem that had a lot of skills related to the ground. And so Drag had a way of dealing with this enemy.

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