312 Part 2


“Earth, ‘Earthquake’!”

As Earth began to make the ground shake, they saw that damage effects were coming out of the sand. That showed that there was something inside.


“Shin, now! You can go safely if you’re on that sword.”



Shin used one of the swords that wasn’t being used as a platform, and sent it into the sand. Then he pulled it back.

What came out was a skewered, black scorpion. It thrashed around in order to free itself. But instead, there was a pop, and it faded into light.


“I guess we were lucky that it had low HP. Still, we’ll have to continue to move on these things as long as there is sand on the ground.”


“It can’t be helped. But this gives me a bad feeling about the boss.”

If the ordinary enemies were giant scorpions with instant death attacks, they could assume that the boss would be very powerful.


“Well, at least we have a way of dealing with it. It was also good that it was Chrome who was stung.”

If it was someone else, they might have died before they knew what hit them. And so they were all reminded of the risk of entering a dungeon. And with that, the fourt of them continued on their way.



After that, Earth and Drag had to skewer and pull out a number of scorpions so that the other three could kill them and secure a safe path ahead. And then they finally reached an area where the ground wasn’t covered in sand.


“Haa… What a relief. Things should calm down a little now that we’re here.”


“Really, those scorpions were annoying. I wouldn’t want to go there again…”


“‘Destroyer’ really saved us. So, do you think we’re about half way through now?”


“Considering that the ground is just rocks here, we’re definitely in a new area.”

Now they just had to be careful, instead of constantly fearing for their lives. This meant that they could move much faster. And as Chrome led them forward, a new monster appeared before them.


“Oh, so this one is a snake. It came out of a hole.”


“I bet it has an instant kill poison attack. Let’s hurry up and kill it.”

This snake also seemed to have low HP, and so the four of them understood that this dungeon had enemies that tried to ambush you and kill enemies with instant death.


“This makes me nervous…”


“I’d really like to just rush towards the boss, but… What?”

Chrome had just turned a corner, when he noticed that several flowers were growing out from the rock walls. At this point, they were starting to think that anything and everything had instant kill attacks, and so they went past without stimulating it or touching it. However, as if to ruin their plans, a snake slithered out of a hole and rubbed against a flower.

And then a ‘sound’ like a ringing bell filled the air. It was shockingly loud, and with that, snakes began to slither out of holes all around them.


“Ah, damn it! And we were so careful not to touch it!”


“Wen, ‘Wind God’!”

Shin had no choice but to unleash his wind blades in order to fight against the wave of snakes that rushed towards them. Of course, this meant stimulating the flowers again. But they wouldn’t survive unless they did something about the first wave.

And then Shin used ‘Destructor’ to slice up the snakes with spinning blades.


“Attack the ones that get past me! I still can’t control them precisely yet!”


“I’ll get the ones on this side! ‘Earth Wave’!”


“Necro, ‘Flame of Death’!”


“‘Blood Blade’!”

They all used skills that could attack multiple enemies in order to ensure that they weren’t bitten by the snakes. This tactic of standing their ground and not running away proved to be successful, and they were able to kill all of the snakes.

This was unlike any other battle, since they could not be hit even once, and so they all sighed in relief when it was over.


“Let’s hurry on to the boss. The road to it is so tiring.”


“I agree…”

And so they quickly moved on before the flowers could summon another wave.




Their prayers were answered, and it did not take them long to reach the boss room after that. They just had to deal with a few more snakes before the familiar door came into sight.


“Now, let’s open it. Are you ready?”


“Yeah, no problem.”


“Sure. I’m fully prepared!”


“Ready when you are.”

As he had everyone’s permission, Chrome jumped into the boss room first. In this room, sand trickled down from the ceiling and created piles all over the room. The entire floor was covered in sand.

The four of them froze and waited, but since nothing appeared, they became very suspicious.


“There’s nothing…here?”


“No, something is hidden in the sand pile to the back. It’s suspicious as hell.”

Shin seemed to have found something. And so as if to say he would never go and see it for himself, he sent out a flying sword to go and dig it up. Kasumi watched and used her skill to find out what it was.

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