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Dragon Life 66

I Can’t Do Lady-like Characters. I Beg Your Pardon!

Even when I looked up at the sky to see if there were any verandas or high rise buildings from which someone can jump, I couldn’t find any. However, this young man did come descending from the sky. It is hard to think he jumped from a plane or something and I don’t even want to believe that the flapping decorative wings on his back can make him fly. Such species didn’t exist even in that world. Or is it that such species took birth in this land beyond my knowledge? No, no way.

“K-kikuko onee-chan, this kid…”

—Where did he come from? And his hair is pink! He’s too good looking! That’s national treasure level good looks! Are those wings on his back fake?!

When I looked at Kikuko-san, she looked surprised just like an ordinary person would be—blinking frequently with those long eyelashes with mascara on.

“Ara, dear me. I had completely forgotten about that kind of reactions.”

That kind of reactions… are you talking about my reaction?! Now that she mentions it, she did look straight at the boy without paying attention to his back.

Kukiko-san gave a bitter smile seeing my puzzled expression.

“You see, Maji really was a demon so he had a connection with the angels. Although they weren’t on good terms, as they met frequently, I am used to seeing that on his back. But for an angel… you’re resemble a human more.”

What?! So the demon lord thing wasn’t just something self proclaimed?! They were actually demons?! Demons and angels. To think such beings existed in that world.

I was way too ignorant.

And here I am pretending like a hero who saved the world. Well, I am not actually pretending like that but I wanted to learn more about that world. Sigh. I guess it’s a bit late now.. I feel like an idiot.

“…Ki-ku-ko? You are called.. Ki-ku-ko?”

The boy reacted to onee-chan’s name but she was more fixated on the pronunciation “It’s not Ki-ku-ko, it’s Kikuko!”. Now that I think about it, the boy’s pronunciation of Japanese was not too fluent and just when I wondered how he was even able to speak Japanese, my questions were blown away in the very next moment.

“I found it!! As I thought, the sorceress-sama was right…!”

The pretty young boy’s cute sullen face turned into a bright one real quick. It was such a beautiful smiling face that 30 out of 10 people would fall for it.

Ah, this is bad.

I have a bad feeling about this.

I feel like running right away. It feels just like the first time I met the sorceress and all alarms went off in my head.

“I am Marius, I am searching for someone. Do you know a girl named Veet?”

—As I thought, this was Marius.

I don’t know why he’s in Marius’ form instead of Maribel but as always, the harsh pronunciation at first meetings haven’t changed.

Kikuko-onee-chan looked like she was thinking for a while and then as if she had understood something, she clapped and looked at me saying ‘Aa!’.

This is bad. This is definitely bad. She plans on saying it. She is most definitely going to say it. What do I do? What should I do? What will happen here if they find out I am Veet? Eh, no, so suddenly?! No, please! I am not yet mentally prepared for this!!

“If you’re searching for her—”

“Kyaa, oh no! Would you look at the time! I need to go to school quick! Come on, you too, onee-chan!”

Just seconds before my brain had a fuse, I ended up taking quite some daring moves.

I even added a ‘I must reach the school swiftly!’ with a smile like high-class lady and hurried.

“Eh? Whaat? But I graduated school long ag—”

“Ohoho! I beg your pardon!”

I said while stopping her from talking by putting my hand on her mouth. I can’t do lady-like characters!

“Wh-what happened? Besides, it’s summer vacati—”

“We will be scolded by the teacher, onee-sama! Have you properly done your homework?!”

Marius wouldn’t understand this world’s terminology like summer vacation. It seems onee-chan is surprised at my weird actions but I don’t have time to be explaining things to her now and this situation is no joke! There’s no way I can meet someone I know from the other world without being mentally prepared! But if you were to ask me if I could meet them if I was mentally prepared, I wouldn’t be able to answer but there’s no way the me now can meet Marius without accepting ‘myself’! Running would be the best option here!

As I laughed loudly with a weird smile once again, onee-chan gave me an odd look. I know very well this isn’t like me, alright? But I am afraid Marius might be able to figure it out considering how sharp his perception is.

“Please wait, at least to my story! Or rather, just listen to my story!”

Your Maribel is coming out, Marius!

I took onee-chan’s hand and turned my back to him to try and run away but his hand strongly caught my arm and pulled me back. I didn’t expect such force and so ended up staggering. It seems he also didn’t expect me to fall as he panicked and tried to support me. I am honestly happy about that. But.

—Ahh, but, it’s not possible, Marius! You’re more delicate than me so—– we will just end up falling together!

I prepared for the impact and closed my eyes.

…But the only impact I felt was of a warm small hand on my back.

“Now don’t go falling on me.”

I could hear that, mixed with a sigh, just beside my ear. As I turned around, I could see Marius’ face looking straight at me, wrinkling his eyebrows.

Hmm? Something’s strange.

He’s… taller.

His facial features are more adult-like.

His voice is lower than before.

Before, he was somewhat smaller than me but now he feels about the same size. That might be because I was taller when I was Veet but I guess Marius is also a boy. Although he still feels like a kid, I realized he’s growing closer to a young man.

But in such a short period of time? No way. But..

—The time difference between this world and that world are different. I realized after remembering my brother’s words. Is it possible that the short period of time I was in this world, a few years—or at least one year has passed in that world?

I was dumbfounded for a while when I realized this but when I saw him looking at Kikuko-onee-chan, I hurriedly tried to change the topic.

“W-what is it? We are in a hurry.”

As he glanced back at me, my heart started beating faster. A boy’s glance. I haven’t been this close to one’s face since that one time on the bed. No, that might sound indecent but we only just slept and did nothing else. We didn’t do anything weird!

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