After all, she was Maribel at that time! We just spoke of silly things and laughed together. I felt nostalgic remembering it. And the one in front of me was Maribel but the Marius doesn’t know of me.

“I have business with that person.”

That glance was the glance used on someone he met for the first time. If I were to confess I am Veet here, will our relation go back to normal? Will she interact with me like before? I discarded such naive thoughts and put on my mask.

“Onee-sama’s business is also my business!”

“I don’t have any business with you!”

After all, I wouldn’t be accepted. I don’t even want to think that I was a human-eating dragon.

“Hmm? So that’s how it is.”

Oh shoot. Kikuko-onee-chan also had sharp perception.

It seems she felt something from our short exchange. No, mostly from my mental state. She can probably see right through me.

“I am sorry. Veet, did you say? I don’t know of them.”

Onee-chan told Marius, with an intriguing smile. His eyes opened wide as he heard it.

“Y-you’re lying! Sorceress-sama said the Ki-ku-ko person would know!”

“Hmm, but you see, I don’t have any memories of the other side. I am so sorry. Besides, I have school so I need to go. Itoka-chan, the teacher said it’s fine if you don’t come to school, alright?”

What do you want to do, Kikuko-onee-chan?! What are you thinking?! Besides, what image would a teacher have if they say you don’t have to come themselves?!

“Fufufu”, she gave a bewitching smile and left. Or so I say but she just went into the convenience store acting all cool and turned around to give me a wink and then headed off to the desert section. Thinking that Marius wouldn’t possibly mistake the convenience store for school, I turned to look at him but it seems that was the least of his worries. “No.. this can’t be. To think she doesn’t have any memories…” he weakly muttered.

“Then what should I do from now on…”

His big eyes got moist with tears. The white wings on his back also huddled up seemingly. As if like an abandoned small bird.

I don’t know how he got to this world and neither of what he will do from now on.

To the small white bird who had lost his way, I ended up saying,

“Would you, like to come to my house?”

I couldn’t leave him be like that.




“Umm, Marius-kun, was it?”

Going about this character has become quite hard and annoying. What do I do? But I can’t revert back to normal now.

The fact that I ended up thinking Marius as cute when he meekly nodded as I asked him if he wanted to come, is a secret.

He sat on the sofa I led him and restlessly looked around. The white wings on his back are also in good health. It was hard returning home secretly in this state.

My parents are in Hawaii for vacation. Younger brother is off to another-world trip with his friend. My elder brother also joined in on the trip late and so no one is here to rebuke me even when I bring an unfamiliar boy to the house.

“I am Itoka.”

I said with a strained smile. And as I said that, Marius looked at me with an uninterested expression.

“Oh, and?”

“Introductions are standard for humans.”

“I am no human. I am a half angel.”

I see, not a human, eh? I will forgive you since you’re acting way more aloof than I expected. When I remembered how she acted like this when we met for the first time before as well, I couldn’t help but laugh a bit.

“What are you laughing for?”

“Ah, no, sorry… By the way, what will you do from now on?”

Marius was at a loss for words. His gaze wavered and he bit his lips.

“It’s… none of your business.”

Right, it’s none of my business. And I don’t want it to be my business either. But I can’t help but aid a troubled pretty young boy. More importantly, if he were to walk on the streets looking like that, he will definitely stand out and will be targeted by weird people so I am scared.

“Oh, but I do. I brought a stranger to home and we are talking like this. It’s not none of my business.”

“Then help me search.”

A sudden straight ball?! Since this is Marius, I thought something completely unrelated would come up but here we are. Is he in that dire of a state?


For me? For what? I am supposed to be dead in the other world. Then don’t go doing something stupid like searching for the dead. The dead are dead. They won’t come back.

What exactly is going on in the other side? Are they gonna call me back and ask me to save the world again? Isn’t it peaceful there now?

I wanted to ask. I wanted to ask a lot of things. About the world, about many things. But, as I am now, I don’t have any right to ask those.

“A girl with brown hair and blue eyes.”

“A foreigner..?”

“Fo-re-nar? what is that? It’s just a girl. Although a bit weird.”

General question answers like this are hard. Speaking of blue eyes—that’s something that isn’t inherited by Japanese people unless they are half. I am sorry but I have not seen any person like that in this area. When I said that, Marius lowered his gaze and just said “I see”.

“How about you ask someone else?”

“Sorceress-sama said that she would be here… 3 days. I must find her within 3 days.”

He told himself as if he had just resolved himself of something.

“W-what will you do, after you find them?”

I wanted to ask that. It’s something I shouldn’t ask but my curiosity got the better of me. For what purpose did you come to search for me?

My heart is going wild with those beats. I tried to remain calm when asking that but my voice betrayed me. However, it seems he didn’t notice that and muttered in a low voice.

“…..I will punch her.”

Pu-pu-pu-pu-punch?! That’s the first time I have heard such a low voice! It’s as if you’re a boy! …..oh, you’re a boy.

Marius smacked the table and suddenly stood up and shouted.

“I will definitely punch her! A slap would be too weak! …Why did you go and die?! I was waiting the whole time! You will die after saving the country?! That’s not like you, Veet! I… I… I wanted you to come back home more than that!!”

A tear came up on his big eyes like a pearl and fell off the skin.

“Why… did you die..”

It was painful to look—his powerless state falling back on to the sofa after letting everything out. desperately trying to hold back the tears.

But, ahh… so I was thought of that much, huh? I felt like crying, seeing how much she liked me to cry for me. ‘Thank you’–I want to say. I want to scream it out. And ‘I am sorry’…

But, I couldn’t do anything other than watch over him.

I can’t interfere as I am now. I can’t be anything other than just an onlooker.

After all, I can’t accept ‘myself’ even I trampled all over Marius’ feelings.


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