Green Skin 215 Choi Eunju

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It was a strange feeling, but I was at an advantage for having done this before. I went inside to the deepest parts and saw many things.

Her life on Earth, friends, boyfriends, embarrassing moments, and other incidents.

Her mind was much more concrete than Alisha’s, and I was surprised at her age and having been married.




I thought she was in her later twenties at the most. Her mind was like a pyramid standing on a point. Her memories were sustained on a single frame of mind. What surprised me the most was that she had lived quite a normal life. There were dark moments, but she did not seem to be a murderous psychopath.


‘Choi Eunju.’


That was her name. She had been born in an ordinary family in Busan. Her parents had been happy together. She worked in a company, had married, and had been summoned to the lands with her husband to a small Southern city.

She survived, and her husband had been a good man. I could not get used to her smiling.

Her memories of her husband showered on me, and I had been about to go in deeper.


‘You trash…!’


I heard a scream. She had found me and was livid at someone looking through her memories. I could see her contorted face, unlike her indifferent attitude outside. While I felt heady pressure to get me out, I could endure this. I ignored her and went in to see other precious memories. I was quite certain about the reason she had changed now.


[Darling, I love you.]

[I love you too, Eunju.]

[To think of having come here alone…]

[I managed to last only because of you.]


I could see the two of them leaning on each other’s shoulders in a small house. While the house was shabby, it was much loved with many trinkets. The two of them supported each other, and I had to agree that she would have been eaten alive by monsters if she had come alone.

I now saw them on a different day, and the man was exclaiming as Choi Eunju rubbed her stomach.




She lowered her head like she was embarrassed.


[Yes, darling.]

[I’m going to become a father!]


He lifted Choi Eunju and twirled around the small house.


[Da…darling! The baby will be surprised!]

[Ah, sorry, sorry!]


I could see the man go out.


[I’ll work hard today.]

[Will you be all right alone?]

[You should rest. I will go to the city with Lee, so stay here. It won’t be dangerous. I’m not going to do anything dangerous anymore…]

[Right…take care.]


I could see they had been happy together, and the other memories told the same story. However, the emotions that came with those memories were extreme sadness. I still had something to see.


‘Don’t… don’t see this! Don’t let him look!’


She started to shout in earnest like she was seeing what I was seeing. However, I had now become stronger, too much for her to contain. While she tried to stop me, a deep and immense feeling was reeling me in as I went inside. Even if I wanted to get out, the memory sucking me in would make things difficult.

I saw something dark and whirling at the bottom and raised my arm. The memories came in despite Choi Eunju trying to stop me.

It was a common tragedy in this world.

I could see Choi Eunju. She was now heavily pregnant and was gathering water from a nearby river. She lived in a small village near a city, and things seemed inconvenient.

However, they seemed to have thought the village would be safer. I heard a voice.


[Please…help me…]


Choi Eunju turned around to see a man covered in blood. He looked like he was going to die in any moment but had no marks that said where he belonged. I skipped a bit to see the man resting in Choi Eunju’s house. She had decided to treat him.


[Where did you bring him from?]

[The nearby river. Darling, I don’t know what had happened, but he seemed like he would die at any moment if I left him alone…]

[Eum… The villagers won’t like this. Many are sensitive even to the smallest sign of danger…]

[But…he’s dying. He won’t harm anyone. Please, we can’t let him die.]

[Until he’s treated, then. I wish there was a priest in our village…]


The scenes changed, and the injured man seemed to be recovering. It seemed that he would gain consciousness soon.


[How was today?]

[The same. Did you have a good day?]



It was then the man woke up.


[Darling! He’s… woken up.]

[Wait a bit. Sujung had been a nurse on Earth…]


Sujung came, and time passed quickly again. The man was healing. He could move his upper body, even though he did not say a word. I could see he was quite a skilled fighter since he was healing himself with magic. The couple seemed happy as the man bowed whenever the two appeared.

I now saw that the tragedy would happen soon.


[I am sorry…]

[W, Why?]


However, Choi Eunju’s husband would know the reason. The man had probably been on a secret mission that required no one to know he had been in the area.

They had been unlucky. Choi Eunju stared as the man held a bloody sword while her husband lay on the floor.


[You will not feel pain. I am so sorry.]



The man became still.


[Darling! How could you…!]

[I am sorry.]


The man stabbed Choi Eunju’s stomach, and I could see the despair and anger she would have felt, along with regret at having stupidly saved the man.




However, her husband lay cold and dead.


[I… am so sorry.]

[I really am sorry…]


I could see Choi Eunju had fainted, and when she woke up, she could see only she had survived for unknown reasons.


[Dar… darling!]


She could not see anything and instinctively knew her baby had died. She saw that something black was on top of her. She knew who that was.

Choi Eunju did not know whether this was a coincidence or he had protected her. She believed the latter.


[Please, wake up…]


However, her husband’s body turned to ashes. She raised her head towards the sky and screamed. A million emotions followed that cry. Anger and sadness seeped through me. This tragedy was not uncommon.

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