Green Skin 216 Choi Eunju (2)



The rest was simple. She had gone through hell to become stronger and became cruel. I did not see the memories that had come afterward, as I had had enough of such memories.


‘Don’t…let him see…’


I could see Choi Eunju’s spirit kneel and cry after everything was over. She seemed frail, and I now understood why she had these memories protected. I slowly opened my mouth.


‘It’s your fault.’


I knew it was not Choi Eunju’s fault, but I spoke anyway.



‘It’s your fault. That tragedy would not have happened if you had not brought that man. Your husband met a sad fate…’

‘I’m sorry…’


I could feel her sadness roll up to me, and I was growing stronger as she wallowed deeper.

I looked down at her and decided that I had half succeeded. I had first planned to earn her favor but changed my plans. There was a much more effective way.

I slowly reached out with my hand, and her memories came out.


‘Don’t. Don’t!’


Even with her shouts, I started to erase her husband’s memories from the beginning. She could not stop me.


‘You do not have to feel pain anymore.’



I could see her calm down as I stroked her hair. While there were mishaps, I placed my face instead of her husband’s in her memories, in human form. New memories of me and she replaced them. She would now think I died in place of her and think of me as her dead child’s father. I continued the process and could see Choi Eunju grow faint. She was now finding it difficult to maintain her form in the spirit world.

I knew how special her husband was to her, but I did not feel guilty. She harmed others, which could not be justified. What I was doing could also not be justified.

I understood more now about Choi Eunju and could see she had been submissive and frail. She had been a good person before, and I was now curious how she would change now.

I finished up the job. If she had not fully wallowed in her happiness, it would not have been possible.

Then, suddenly I felt myself being thrown out. The magic’s effect was gone.

I opened my eyes to see Choi Eunju looking at me. There were tears in her eyes, and I confidently held her in my arms.


“Darling. How…?”


I would have been human in her memories and would need to bring in more details once we got back to the village. Except for the skin color and horns, I was the same.

I was about to say something when she came running to me.


“Darling, darling!…”


I felt her warmth and felt some other emotions stir in me. Her life had affected me. I thought my mind would be damaged if I did this again. So, this was why Alisha told me it was dangerous.

She was hanging onto me like a lost puppy, and Jang Ye Ri looked surprised.



She looked like she had not expected this and went to the battlefield. I asked Jung Hayeon to cover Choi Eunju with her roots. There were screams outside.

I knew her strengths and skills already. Overall, she was stronger than me in battle, and without Jang Ye Ri’s help, I would not have been able to capture her.

She was Magic Ruler, the best class a magician could have. Her ability was teleport, and the limits were not a problem.

I spoke to Choi Eunju, who was still crying.


“The South and the Spider Clan are enemies.”


She nodded without hesitation.


“Yes, darling.”


Choi Eunju began to cast a spell, and I saw a void open in front of my eyes. Choi Eunju looked at me like she was done, and I nodded. Jang Ye Ri glanced at me.

I saw the survivors of the South and the Spider Clan charge into the void, and my allies were letting them. I was a bit anxious but brought Choi Eunju close. She lowered her hand.

Then, the screams came.



I saw their bodies writhe, and it seemed that Choi Eunju had decided to remove them at once.

As the screams came, Choi Eunju gently pressed her lips against me. I knew that expression from her memories. It was when she and her husband kissed.

There was a silence, and Jang Ye Ri spoke first.


“I had not helped you for this, my mate…”


I saw Mev run to me.




Jung Hayeon and Baek Ahyeon also looked surprised. They were all bloody, and I was a bit embarrassed. Gark and Hark nodded like they expected a new successor, and Alisha’s eyes shook.


“Darling, who are they? Mate…?”


I had to admit I had made a small mistake as Choi Eunju looked at me.



It had been easy to persuade Choi Eunju. I told her that I had come to meet her in another body. While it was a cheap excuse, Choi Eunju seemed to believe me. I told her I had met other women in that process, and her reaction had been something to remember.


“…Please, don’t throw me out.”


I knew from her memories that she understood the rules of this world. She had even told her husband that he could have another mate if necessary, but he had chosen her. I did not know why she had said that, but the fact she had said it was important.

She was now being carried by Orbo, asleep.


“A new successor!”

“A strong woman means a strong successor!”


Those words caused the women to fall silent. Mev was silently showing off that she was my first wife, and Jang Ye Ri looked like she had a lot to say.


[Let’s…talk later. I will have Lee Wanyong with me longer and expect you will agree to this.]


She had left with those words, and I was now talking to Alisha.


“I think she is sleeping off her change. You do not need to worry.”

“Is there anything wrong?”

“No, the change had gone well. After a few treatments, when we get back, I believe she will be stable.”

“All right.”


Having gained Choi Eunju was a big help, and my smile grew larger when I thought of Park Hyeri. My revenge would be sweet when I showed her what it meant to lose someone one loved.

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