I Somehow Got Strong By Raising Skills Related To Farming

Chapter 12 – My First Quest Tasted of Trauma


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“Oh, there’s one.


Now that makes nine.”


After that, I received a request to collect at least 10 plants known as melkweed.


The location was a small, nameless forest near the Helest Prairie, where the royal family had been attacked by monsters recently.

There were hardly any monsters living in this area, unlike the Grim Forest that lies a little further on ahead. And so it was pretty safe.


Melkweed had the ability to calm people’s nerves, and so it was considered very valuable.


But who would have thought that something that looked like any other weed around here, would have such an effect?


After all, no one would have ever discovered it without our brave ancestors eating it raw or boiling and drinking it.

Especially, because things that have a psychological effect tend to be harder to detect, so they must have had to eat it several times first.

We must be very thankful to our predecessors.


Because I would never do that.


But more importantly, I needed just one more…


“Hmm? What the hell is that?”


As I was searching for the melkweed, a small, black disk-shaped object fell in front of me.


I picked it up to inspect it, and realized that it was a scale.


But, there shouldn’t be any monsters around here who have scales…


I suppose I could ask about this to someone later on.


I put the scale into my pocket and continued to walk, as I searched for the last melkweed.











An hour, no two hours had passed.

And yet, I still haven’t found the last melkweed that I needed.


On top of that, I had gone quite deep into the forest without having realized it.


Because I have a terrain comprehension skill, I knew how to get back. And just as I was thinking of doing so…




The melkweed that I had been searching for was right in front of my eyes.


And it wasn’t just one or two.


There were many of them growing all over the place.


“Is this what they call ‘a little-known good spot’…?

Well, I might as well take as much as I can carry.”


I began to pick the melkweed and put it in my bag.


Apparently, the reward would increase the more you brought back, and so I had every intention of taking as much as I could.


And just as I was about to pick the next melkweed, that melkweed was stomped on by someone’s foot.




I had been so preoccupied with gathering that I hadn’t even realized that someone was approaching. I was so surprised that I fell on my ass.


Even so, how could anyone do something so horrible as to step on some melkweed…


I thought as I raised my face.











There was a female orc who breathed heavily through her nostrils as she glared down at me.


Huh? I once heard that female orcs were quite rare. But what was one doing all the way over here?

Also, why was she breathing so hard through her nose?


Just then, a certain passage appeared in my mind from an old memory.



“Orcs have a high libido and are very fertile. Because of this, they are always in heat.


This does not change regardless if they are male or female.


In fact, with orcs, females have a higher libido.

Details as to why this is, have not been discovered yet, but it may have to do with the fact that there are fewer females. Which results in them having to mate with multiple males. That is our theory.


Additionally, orcs have a tendency to ravish their own, or indeed any ‘humanoids.’


Most, unfortunately, there have been several accounts of human males who encountered a female orc and were ultimately milked to death.


I pray that the reader will have more caution.”






“…In other words, I was suitable prey for…”



As if not being able to control herself any longer, the orc pushed me onto my back.



Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!!


Wait! How dare you try to take off my pants!



You assshooooooooooooooooooooole!!”


Then suddenly:


“Full Power Swing!!”


The orc who had been mounting me was blown away from the side.


I looked toward the flying orc and saw that she had been split in half.


“Ooow, I thought you looked familiar. You’re that guy who was with the queen that time, aren’t you? Are you alright?”


I turned to see who was talking to me and saw a familiar-looking old man with a bald head.


He had said something about being with the queen…


Oh, now I remembered.


He was one of the four adventurers who came when I was trying to escape from Fal.


“Thank you very much. You have saved me.”


“Haha, you don’t need to use such polite words with me.

Say now, you want me to take you back to the capital?”


Well, I did not want to encounter another female orc. I decided to indulge myself.


“Please…, um, sure.”


He said that I shouldn’t use such polite words with him, and so I spoke as I usually did.


However, this had been a good reminder to me that even though a person could be strong as far as stats go, there were some who could not win against their own instincts.


The old man had started to walk now, and so I followed him.


“Let me just reunite with my mates first. I came running here as soon as I heard you hollering, so I kind of left them behind.


Ah, yes. I forgot to introduce myself.


I’m Jake. And you are?”


“I’m Al. Nice to meet you Mr. Jake.”


“Aye, the pleasure’s mine.


By the way, Al.


Why are you in the Grim Forest anyway?”










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