I Somehow Got Strong By Raising Skills Related To Farming

Chapter 11 – Registering at the Guild


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The next day, I woke up and realized that I was hungry, so I grabbed some money and went outside.




It would still be very quiet in the village around this time, but in the capital, people were already bustling around in the early morning.


So this is a morning market, huh… It’s crazy.


As I walked, my eyes jumped from one thing to the next, until a delicious smell entered my nostrils and so I made my way towards what I thought was the source.


Ohh, skewered meat… It looked so good, but meat seemed a little too heavy for the early morning…


But it was only 100 nell per skewer(nell = yen). That was pretty decent.


Fine, I’ll buy it.


“Old man, give me 3!”




The old man expertly tossed the skewers into a paper bag.


“That’ll be 300 nell.”


“Here, 300 exactly.”


I gave the old man the money and he passed me the bag of meat.


“Thank you! Do come again!”


He gave me a big, broad smile as I left his stall. I decided to snack on the skewers as I made my way to the Adventurers Guild.


“It’s delicious…! This is the work of a true master…!”


For a second, I was struck with fear as I was a farmer who also handled food, but thinking about it further, raising food and processing food was completely different. What a relief.


Furthermore, what I raise was really only vegetables, so it had nothing at all to do with meat.


Such thoughts entered my mind as I walked. And just when I had finished up on the third skewer, I arrived at the Adventurers Guild.


“I’ve heard rumors about the harassing of newcomers… I better stay on my guard.”


I took in a deep breath, put my hand on the door, and boldly ventured inside.




They said that adventurers tended to be a rough bunch, but the interior of the building was clean. There were no traces of misuse by such scoundrels.


Perhaps people had better manners here.


As I was looking around me like the young country dweller who came to the city for the first time, that I was, a woman approached me from what looked like the reception desk.


“Do you have business here?”


She appeared to be in her early twenties and had blue hair.

The hair itself was not long, but not short either. That was the impression I got.


“I want to register here at Adventurers Guild, but I don’t know how?”


“Ahh! In that case, I’ll walk you through it. Will you follow me?”


“Most certainly.”


I spoke to her politely, because she was older than me, but thinking back, maybe I should do so with the queen as well…

Well, I was ordered…


What to do…


Back to the main subject.


I was escorted to a seat by the reception counter and handed a sheet of paper.


“I need you to enter your details into this form here. You do know how to read and write?”


“I do.”


“Really? Then I will wait until you are finished. You can take your time with it, is that all right?”


So saying, she took a seat opposite to me.



“…Why there?”


“Well, it’s still too early for anyone to be here and I’m bored. So I thought it would be nice to have someone to talk to…okay?”


“Ah, right…”


“Then let me introduce myself. My name is Helen Leen. As you can see, I’m the receptionist at this guild. Nice to meet you.


Okay, now let’s switch places. Your turn.”


“I’m Al Wayne.


Until recently, my goal was to become a top-tier, elite farmer. But I still lack a lot of experience and started to think it might be too early to make decisions about my future, and so I came to the capital. Nice to meet you.”


After I finished my introduction, I saw that Helen had crumpled over the desk.


Somehow, she seemed to be shaking all over.


“Top…t…ti…er..elite…farmer… Whose ever heard of such…”


She was clearly holding back laughter.

Why was it that people I’ve met for the first time find this funny?

This was quite the mystery to me.


“Well, it’s kind of a made up thing I started saying. No one like that exists yet.”


“I see…but. If that’s really what you’re striving for, Al…yes. I’m sure you will make it. A top…tier…elite…farm…er…snort…”


“You might as well not say it, if you have to restrain yourself from laughing like that.”


Once again, she was holding herself and trying not to laugh. I looked at her coldly, until she finally raised her head and apologized.


Perhaps it was just me, but…her eyes seemed very red now.

This person had laughed so hard she had tears in her eyes.


“Well then. I finished filling this out. Please take a look at it.”


“Good. Also, if you have a status card, could you drain out the magic and hand it over? It’s for identification.”


“I understand. Here.”


I passed over the paper and the status card to Helen. She confirmed the contents with me before taking the paper with her to a back room.




After a few minutes, Helen returned holding my status card and a new card.


“This will be your guild card, Al. It will cost you should you need to get it reissued, so don’t go around losing it. Usually, the first card would also cost you, but this is a special occasion, so I paid for you. Don’t worry about it.”


“What!? Really!? I can’t accept that!”


“Don’t mention it. While it may not be set in stone for you, I still laughed after hearing about your future plans, didn’t I? Think of it as part of my apology. Okay?”


“…If that’s your reason, sure.”


“Yes, yes! You should take advantage of the kindness of adults while you’re still young.”


“But, I’m not exactly a kid…? I’m actually seventeen years old…”


“That’s a child to me.”


Well, I had no answer to that.


“So, Al. You’ll be starting at G rank, the lowest of the low…


Think you’re ready to take on a quest?”



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