Incoming Despair



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What? The Grim Forest?


But wasn’t I just in the nameless forest?


“Judging by your face… You did not know that you were in the Grim Forest, did you?”


“Ah, it’s exactly as you say, Jake…”


No wonder there was so much melk weed around here.

The nameless forest was safe. So other low ranking adventurer’s like me would have been gathering melk weed there as well. Which was why it was difficult to find. But the kind of people who could gather melk weed in the Grim Forest, were more likely to be there for hunting, not for gathering quests.


So this was the Grim Forest, and that is why there was so much melk weed…right.


“We get people like you every now and then. They let their guard down in the nameless forest and go too far in. They end up right in the Grim Forest.”


“Well, that’s me. Jake.”


But first of all, I didn’t even know that the two forests were connected. Helen didn’t tell me that…


Well, it was probably considered common knowledge.

Had it been information that not many people knew about, I’m sure Helen would have told me. Probably.


Jake seemed to have found his companions as I was considering this.


“Hey! You guys! I’m back!”


Yes, the people that Jake was calling were the same people that I had been with before.

We had all been preoccupied with escape back then, and so I had not looked at them very well. But seeing them now, I realized that they were all nearly the same age as me.


“Mr. Jake…I see you still have a habit of helping people like it’s nobody’s business…”


So said a man who had blue hair and wore glasses.


Then he looked away from Jake and turned towards me.


“Nice to meet you…no, we’ve met before, haven’t we?


In any case, we don’t know each other’s names, so we might as well introduce ourselves.


My name is Luke.


Nice to meet you.”


“My name’s Al, and likewise.”


“Right, I’ll call you Alucchi from now on!”


This was from a girl with frizzy, orange colored hair.




“Yes, yes! Ah! My name is Lamia!

Nice to meet you!”


She exclaimed as she grabbed my hand and swung it violently up and down.


I suppose she thought she was just shaking my hand, but I was afraid that she would tear the whole limb off my shoulder.


“And I am Syl.”


So said a girl with silver hair.


“Ah, nice to meet you too.”


Syl continued to stare at me even after the introductions were finished.


Or more accurately, she was staring at my arm which was still being abused.


“…She won’t stop unless you ask her to, you know?”


“I thought something was strange. So that’s what it is!?”


I immediately had Lamia stop her handshake(?), but then something struck me.


Maybe these people knew something about the scale I had just picked up?


They were here in the Grim Forest after all.

They must at least have decent rankings as adventurers, especially Jake.

And of course, they would have more knowledge. They must surely know something.


Okay, I will ask them.


I took the scale out of my pocket and stretched my arm out so all could see it.


“Hey, Jake. Sorry for the interruptions, but do you know what this is?”


“Ahh, this is a scale from an unknown monster that sometimes roams the nameless forest, as well as the Grim Forest.”


“But the quality is quite good. It will fetch you a good price if you sell it.”


“We’ve picked up a few ourselves.”


“But as of now, nothing is really known about it.”


“Rumor has it, that it’s from a black dragon.

But while the shape of a black dragon’s scale is similar, apparently these are much higher in quality. So I kind of doubt it.”


A black dragon? I’ve never heard of them, but they must be pretty strong.


Well, I hoped they weren’t even stronger than ‘pretty stronger.’


Such things entered my mind when a sudden gust of freezing wind hit me.




I felt a presence that was so frightening that I could not even let out a sound.


It looked like Jake and the others were no different. None of them were moving.


Then I heard the sounds of tree branches snapping from deep within the forest.


And the sounds were coming closer and closer.



And then it appeared right in front of us.


It was a black colored dragon.


But, it was probably not a ‘Black Dragon.’

It looked stronger than ‘pretty strong.’


It was much more ominous and terrifying.


But the dragon seemed to be uninterested in us. Because it walked right past our group without even noticing our presence.


If I could only see its status…


I was somehow able to use my power to inspect, in order to see its status.


But, that action meant…




Evil Dragon Ouroboros


Lv 532

HP 387055/387055

MP 65535/655535

Attack 234650

Defense 30511

Magic 280001

Magic Defense 29974

Intelligence 102066



‘Evil Dragon’

Breath 8

Evil Flame 10



Shadow Magic 10

Curse 10



Allowance 10



Evil God Protection






“Is this…real?”


All it did was throw me into further despair.


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