Chapter 180

When everyone was taking a rest, the little kitten stared at Xu Ziyan with curiosity, as if there’s something very impressive with him!

“Meh!” (Don’t look anymore, I won’t give my master to you!)

Xu Ziyan hadn’t said anything yet, but the gluttonous was already unhappy. Snowball decided to kill this potential thought of Pu Lao!

It might be fine with anything else, but it would definitely not allow anyone to take its master away!

The black kitten suddenly stiffened and it glanced at Snowball contemptuously. It raised its head proudly, “meow!” (Do you think that everyone can be my master? I just think that there’s something weird with yours!)

Snowball felt a bit unhappy when it heard so. What did it mean by “not everyone can be my master”? Snowball felt that its master was so handsome and that he’s got an awesome personality. What’s the most important was that he’s a great cook! It’s impossible to find a great man like this!

Snowball felt angry and pitiful for its master. The black kitten didn’t want to argue with it, it just let Snowball continue telling him what’s good about Xu Ziyan.

“Meow?” The black kitten jumped lightly and hopped on Xu Ziyan’s knees. Xu Ziyan also looked at this shiny black kitten curiously and stroked its hair.

However, before he could touch the kitten, there’s a hand nearby stopping him.

“Brother, there might be flea on cats. Don’t get your hands dirty.” Xu Zirong smiled.

Xu Ziyan, “…”

“Meow! Meow!” The black kitten waved its fists angrily and showed its teeth to Xu Zirong.

When Pink Hair saw the black kitten getting angry, it waved its head in joy. The carrot in its mouth even became more delicious.

The black kitten became even more furious, yet as a dragon son, it couldn’t attack the master of another dragon son. Therefore, it could only endure with this insulting moment, waved its tail proudly and jumped off Xu Ziyan’s knees.

“Zirong…” Xu Ziyan looked at Xu Zirong helplessly, “it’s just a kitten, why argue with it?”

“Brother…” The smile on Xu Zirong’s face instantly turned into a sad expression, “does it mean that I’m even less than a wild cat with unknown origins? Otherwise, why did brother accuse me for a cat…”

Xu Ziyan: _(:3∠)_ Oh my, this damn kid is really good at acting now! There’s no delay at all when he changed expressions!

“Okay, okay.” Xu Ziyan stroked his head helplessly, also to comb his hair.

Xu Zirong instantly demanded, “then when we’re out, brother has to pay me back, it’s been a long time since we…” Afterwards, he even grabbed his brother’s hand and put it on his…

Xu Ziyan, “…”

He took away his hand silently, as he really wasn’t sure what expression he should use anymore. As a normal young guy, is it really a good idea to act so bluntly?

How did that arrogant and cool blood demon in the novel turn to be an overly affectionate guy? Even though he’d already abstained for so long, it didn’t mean that he needed to explode it all at once, right?

The most important thing is, before entering the secret realm and during those six months, Xu Zirong had already tried different postures. Wasn’t that satisfying enough?

Xu Ziyan glanced at his brother lightly and stood up after saying “let’s see”.

Xu Zirong touched his chin and thought, “does it mean that my brother has agreed?”

Anyway, Xu Zirong would take it as his brother had agreed. And his brother wouldn’t object anyway!

After getting rid of his overly affectionate brother, Xu Ziyan once again focused on the lake not far away. From his view, the surface of the lake was full of lotus leaves, which were densely covering the whole surface. The whole lake was in a clear green color.

However, these were not ordinary lotus leaves, but a kind of spiritual grass called double lotus. When this lotus grew, two identical lotus would grow on one stem, and the two lotus would grow to be exactly the same, whether in color or shape.

This double lotus wasn’t some expensive spiritual grass, but if it’s more than a thousand years old, it would become a kind of spiritual grass that everyone looked for.

However, this spiritual grass was not recognized by everyone, and as it had very particular effect, it was mainly used for dual cultivation.

Any cultivators having taken this spiritual grass would get extra benefits when doing dual cultivation. That’s why this spiritual grass only worked best when it’s applied on dual cultivators.

For cultivators who were alone, this thing was not even better than ordinary grass, as there were no benefits at all.

Now when they looked from afar, there’s a layer of mist on the surface of the lake, and they could even see the lotus clearly. However, once they got further away, they could only see a silhouette.

The lotuses on the surface had gone through several hundreds of years, but there were only two lotuses aged more than a thousand years in the whole lake.

In the original novel, Bai Hua ate the double lotus by chance, and it was naturally Mo Ziyuan who was with him at that time to benefit from it.

But this time, Xu Ziyan intended to eat the lotus by himself, and since Bai Hua stopped following them, there’s no time for him to catch up. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

It’s only that—

He found a boulder, jumped on it and looked around, but unfortunately he didn’t see any boats on the shore like Bai Hua.

Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but feel a bit angry, since he’s not the male protagonist, he couldn’t have the advantage of creating transportation tools at will…→. →

Fortunately, there were still several wooden ships in his Qiankun bag, and it shouldn’t be an issue getting to the island.

“Let’s go, let’s set off, we have to hurry up, you have to be quick enough to get the goodies!” Xu Ziyan yelled to the spiritual monsters, hurried to the lake and jumped on a wooden boat.

Xu Zirong followed him, while Pink Hair and Snowball also got on the deck.

After putting away the spiritual stones and adjusting the direction, the wooden boat went to the direction of the island at the center of the lake.

“Zirong, come here.” Xu Ziyan called.

Xu Zirong immediately walked up to his brother obediently.

“Let the divine sense out but don’t let it out too far. Take our ship as the center, um…take it as ten feet. Look carefully. If you see any blossoming lotus, let me know.”

“Why? Is there a thousand-year-old double lotus nearby?” Xu Zirong reacted very quickly.

“Yeah. Maybe, but maybe it hasn’t bloomed yet, so it depends on our luck.” Xu Ziyan also didn’t intend to hide it from him, he just nodded and said.

“No problem, leave it to me.” Xu Zirong smiled and agreed. Xu Ziyan also had to check whether there would be enemies nearby, thus he needed to expand his divine consciousness widely. He could leave this task to his beloved brother.

Although Xu Zirong searched very carefully, he never found a trace of the thousand-year-old double lotus.

Xu Ziyan didn’t care too much either. He planned to take the double lotus, but he wouldn’t force it if he couldn’t find it. Before the thousand-year-old double lotus blossomed, it was no different from other ordinary lotuses. Although they successfully landed on the Divine Dragon Island, they might not have caught the exact timing mentioned in the novel, so it’s also possible that it hadn’t blossomed yet.

“If you don’t find it, just treat it as if you missed it.” Xu Ziyan shrugged. Although it was a pity in his heart, he wouldn’t keep searching everywhere on the lake.

Now, with the help of the guide, they finally landed on the island of the lake before Bai Hua. If they didn’t take advantage of this opportunity to keep searching, then it’s really against their initial plan!

The group walked slowly toward the center of the island on the path along the shore. Snowball, Pink Hair and the black kitten tried to focus and walk vigilantly.

The griffon they just saw in the woods gave them a big shock. Although they were dragon sons and they were powerful, they might still lose when surrounded by enemies.

Of course, with their physical strength, they would not die. However, under the state of being sealed, it would just be too shameful to be killed by a group of monsters!

They behaved extremely carefully and approached the mountain in the center of the island bit by bit. After some time, they saw a very obvious dragon head on the mountain.

“Oh? This is…” The black kitten was shocked when it saw the dragon head. It’s its first time to see it even though it’d been in the secret realm for so many years.

As they approached, the whole dragon-shaped jade pillar appeared in front of them little by little, and both Pink and Snowball showed a confused look.

After seeing this, Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but hurry up. Very soon, they reached the top of the little mountain.

It wasn’t a high mountain and it’s a flat square on the top. On the center, there was a huge dragon-shaped jade pillar.

Although he had already read about the description of this pillar in the novel, when he saw the real object, the Xu brothers both exclaimed.

This dragon-shaped jade pillar was more than thirty feet high and it was carved from a whole piece of jasper jade. Not to mention the value of this jade, it was already a marvelous skill to carve this pillar!

The dragon head of the pillar was pointing to the sky, and the verdant dragon body was dotted with fireworks, making the dragon look even more alive. It looked as if it’s ready to rush up to the sky.

“Meh…” (Dragon…)

Snowball muttered something while looking at the huge dragon-shaped jade pillar. Pink Hair also stopped chewing carrots and there’s no way to hide its shocked face.

The black kitten’s reaction was the most intense. It roared once and this crying sound seemed to rush directly to the jade pillar. Pink Hair and Snowball couldn’t stop it, they could only look at it rushing to the pillar, then it was blocked by a layer of white light of the pillar.


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