Chapter 185

No matter why Le Hu would get intimate with him, since the two had already done it, Wei Qing wouldn’t let him go easily anymore.

Without any hesitation, he immediately kissed Le Hu after knowing that Le Hu wouldn’t struggle to hurt him more. Seeing that he’s going to be kissed, Le Hu’s immediately clenched his fists yet he never moved.

Wei Qing was secretly overjoyed and he used different angles to kiss Le Hu.

Le Hu could only tolerate their lips to touch each other, and when Wei Qing’s tongue started invading, his whole body turned stiff.

Perhaps he’s born with some talent, Wei Qing’s got great kissing skills even if he hadn’t scored full marks.

He licked every inch of Le Hu’s mouth, and the tip of his tongue invited Le Hu’s to dance together.

“Woo…” Le Hu clenched his fist tightly. If he wanted, he could always hit Wei Qing away with one punch.

However, due to Wei Qing’s injury, he couldn’t do anything. He could only tolerate Wei Qing to taste it all over his mouth until his hands finally started stroking his chest, which made him push away with determination.

Wei Qing also knew that he couldn’t ask for too much, so he just licked his lips a few times to remember the taste.

Since a little fluid was left on the corner of his mouth, Wei Qing licked it away immediately. After Le Hu saw this scene, his face turned extremely red and he ran away after raising the curtains.

When Wei Qing saw Le Hu running away, he didn’t chase after him. First, he was really in pain, and he also didn’t want to push Le Hu too much. If Le Hu really ran away, then he could only weep…

“What’s wrong with Le Hu?” When Xu Ziyan raised the curtain and walked in, Wei Qing was still reminiscing about the kiss.

“Nothing, he’s just shy.” Wei Qing said lightly.

Xu Ziyan was just taking a sip of water, and he spat it all out after hearing what Wei Qing had said. It almost splashed on Wei Qing.

Wei Qing glanced at Xu Ziyan in disgust and silently moved his body to the inside of the bed.

“Le Hu? Shy?” Xu Ziyan repeated these words, feeling dumbfounded. In any case, there was no way to associate the word “shy” and that barbarian guy.

“Um… did you do something to him?” Xu Ziyan touched his chin and looked at Wei Qing. Xu Ziyan found something weird. Le Hu told him once that he’s worried about this incident jeopardizing his relationship with Wei Qing, but it didn’t seem to be the case…

This strong smell of adultery…

Xu Ziyan, “== Hell, I’m really in a homo world!!!”

“What can I do to him?” Wei Qing lowered his eyes slightly and looked at Xu Ziyan with a faint smile, “it seems that he did something to me, don’t you think?”

Xu Ziyan was silent for a moment and turned his face away…

This feeling of wanting to punch Wei Qing in the face mustn’t be an illusion!

“Ahem… since the two of you have already talked about it, we will not intervene in this matter, but let me remind you, if you want to blame Le Hu, blame me too.” Xu Ziyan’s facial expression was getting more serious when he said so.

“I came up with this method to save you. Even if you are pissed, you can’t put all the blame on Le Hu.”

Wei Qing looked at Xu Ziyan’s serious look and touched his chin, “are you suggesting that I should give you a red envelope for being a matchmaker?”

Xu Ziyan, “…”

He was stupid enough to think that there are normal straight men in this world! ! ! !

After swallowing a mouthful of old blood in his chest, Xu Ziyan left the tent silently. Wei Qing and Le Hu were not slow anymore, but because of their injuries, they had to delay for one day. If they didn’t discover the secret of the dragon-shaped jade pillar quickly, once Bai Hua was there, something might be activated due to his role as the protagonist.

It was mentioned in the novel that this dragon-shaped jade pillar could be used to transport people away, and it’s unknown as to where they’d be teleported to. However, Xu Ziyan was sure Bai Hua didn’t get anything nice from there.

Xu Ziyan was extremely jealous of Bai Hua’s role as the male protagonist, and it’s completely unscientific!

If he could, he would try not to enter the treasure place with Bai Hua, because he had a feeling that those treasures with the highest value always ended up in the hands of Bai Hua…╮(╯_ ╰)╭

Wei Qing’s injuries had been cured, and the effect of eating the double lotus was really more effective than the blood contract of the Xu brothers.

It’s just a drop of blood of Snowball, and it already made Wei Qing and Le Hu break through the later stage of Qi condensation. It’s an amazing speed of cultivation indeed.

“How is it? Did you find anything?” Wei Qing’s tent was placed not far from the dragon-shaped jade pillar, so it only took Xu Ziyan a few steps to get to Xu Zirong, who’s still studying the jade pillar.

“It’s too complicated.” Xu Zirong rubbed the corner of his forehead lightly and showed a look of fatigue, “the cultivator who refined this dragon-shaped jade pillar is really a genius. I can’t find the node of this array. They hid it so well.”

“It doesn’t matter if you can’t find it. Anyway, it is the ancestor of Wei Qing’s family. If anyone can find it so easily, the dragon son wouldn’t have been pressed for a thousand years.” Xu Ziyan rubbed Xu Zirong’s forehead gently. Even Xu Zirong couldn’t find the node, it’s obvious how powerful that one refining it was.

Xu Zirong closed his eyes, enjoying the gentle touch of his brother’s warm fingers on his temples, he whispered, “sooner or later, I will break this array.”

Xu Ziyan was immediately amused by his rare childishness, “well, good! When Zirong succeeds, we’ll break this pillar!”

Xu Zirong smiled when he heard his brother. He slowly opened his eyes and looked at his brother with bright eyes, “this is a treasure left by the Wei’s ancestors.”

“So what?” Xu Ziyan didn’t mind, “if one day you can break the array on the pillar, it means that your cultivation has surpassed that of the person who made it. Wouldn’t it be possible to rebuild one?”

Xu Zirong’s smile got wider and wider and he couldn’t help but kiss Xu Ziyan, “my brother trusts me so much.”

“Of course, they should know who they’re dealing with.” Xu Ziyan said cheerfully.

Xu Zirong smiled happily, his delicate eyebrows shining with extremely dazzling brilliance.

Xu Ziyan was stunned by Xu Zirong’s beauty. After returning to his senses, he realized that Le Hu, who had run away before, was looking at him and Xu Zirong with a dull expression.

“Cough cough cough…” Xu Ziyan was shocked and he choked on his saliva.

He stretched out his hand with difficulty, trying to explain something to Le Hu. Unexpectedly, Xu Zirong didn’t cooperate with him this time, he held Xu Ziyan and bit the back of his neck. He stared at Le Hu, “what are you staring at? Do this to Wei Qing instead!”

Le Hu didn’t panic, he didn’t say that incest is an immoral act either. Instead, he blushed and left when Xu Zirong spoke…

He left…

Xu Ziyan, =口=! !

Wait a moment! It seemed that something had occurred without me knowing! How come Le Hu looked so calm? Even if something happened between him and Wei Qing, it wouldn’t be possible for him to completely ignore this abnormal relationship, right?

Unless he already knew long ago!

Xu Ziyan slapped Xu Zirong away, staring at him fiercely and asked in an unfriendly tone, “are you hiding something from me?”

Xu Zirong silently took away his hand, which was going to touch his brother’s bottom. He blinked innocently, “what is my brother talking about?”

“Don’t act cute! Talk normally!” Xu Ziyan was not influenced by his acting skills, he was still looking at him fiercely.

Xu Zirong was silent for a while, as if he was thinking about how much to confess. Xu Ziyan squinted at him and finally Xu Zirong replied, “I guess…they saw us when we were in bed.”

When Xu Zirong said this, he looked as innocent as possible, yet it almost angered Xu Ziyan to death.

Of course, he knew that Xu Zirong released a huge amount of blood vines for surveillance when they did it. Logically, no one could see them doing it unless Xu Zirong deliberately allowed that to happen!

Of course, if that person’s strength surpassed the brothers, then he’d know their secret without letting them know, but did Le Hu have such power?

The answer is obvious – Xu Zirong let them know on purpose!

“Brother…” Xu Zirong looked sad all of a sudden. He bit his lower lip and got teary-eyed, “brother said that we have to keep it secret for outsiders, but aren’t Le Hu and Wei Qing your friends? Does brother want to hide from your friends as well?”

Xu Ziyan spewed out some old blood. Well, he always knew that Xu Zirong disliked Wei Qing and Le Hu, so he had used his “old friends” to comfort Xu Zirong several times. Unexpectedly, Xu Zirong made a counterattack and it really pissed him off.

“Furthermore… my brother saw it too. Le Hu actually knew it a long time ago, but he didn’t say anything.” Xu Zirong persuaded him bitterly, “my brother’s good friends are very considerate of us. I promise, no one knows except them.”

“What…Wei Qing… Wei Qing knows too?!” Xu Ziyan was dumbfounded.

The corner of Xu Zirong’s eyes twitched, and he rushed into his brother’s arms, choked up and said, “brother…this is…for our future!”

Xu Ziyan looked speechless, although at first he was shocked by the fact that Le Hu knew about their relationship, after thinking about it, this was actually a good thing.

The relationship between him and Xu Zirong couldn’t be kept secret anymore. If they chose to disclose it to some people, it would not only reduce their pressure, but it would also enable their friends to cover up for them when necessary.


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