Villain Astray

Chapter 186

“Okay, okay, don’t pretend anymore. I’m guessing you’ve read something about couples being separated, right?” Xu Ziyan rubbed his forehead helplessly and lifted Xu Zirong who’s “weeping” in his arms.

Sure enough, there wasn’t a single drop of tear on Xu Zirong’s face. His weeping and acting of frustration were all fake!

The corners of Xu Ziyan’s eyes twitched, Actor · Xu·Zirong, you damn kid! Stop cultivating from now on, just go straight to the stage!

Xu Zirong stopped crying after his brother knew his tricks. He put on a serious look, as if the one crying just now wasn’t himself at all.

“Brother, I am really doing it for our future.” Xu Zirong looked stern.

“Okay, I know, but don’t ever act recklessly without my approval. Okay?” Xu Ziyan said seriously.

It was useless to regret the things that had been exposed, but he warned Xu Zirong that similar things shouldn’t happen again!

Xu Zirong silently appreciated for his smartness. In fact, he already expected his brother’s reaction at the beginning, that’s why he exposed their relationship so boldly.

After all, Le Hu and Wei Qing were his brother’s friends and they were very close.

As for those ordinary friends?

They weren’t qualified to know any private stuff of brother, of course!

Although Xu Zirong’s a bit reckless, he would not act out of order. He was very clear about what could be done and what couldn’t be done, otherwise Xu Ziyan would not let him be so easily.

Due to Wei Qing’s injury, they stayed outside the dragon-shaped jade pillar for one day. Snowball hardly dared to appear in front of Xu Ziyan because of a mistake before. Later, Pink Hair even had to kick Snowball and put it in front of Xu Ziyan, so that it could apologize to Wei Qing.

“Meh…” Snowball looked at Wei Qing with tears in its eyes, its two hooves stayed close to each other, as if it’s begging to be forgiven.

Wei Qing smiled faintly, “it’s okay, what it did was to save me.”

“Hey!” (You’re such a good person!) Snowball looked at Wei Qing gratefully. Although it was really trying to save Wei Qing at the beginning, an accident like this was not forgivable.

Wei Qing smiled gently. If Snowball didn’t make this mistake, there’d be no breakthrough between him and Le Hu.

Speaking of which, he should thank Snowball for being a matchmaker.

After sending Snowball out, Xu Ziyan diagnosed Wei Qing’s pulse again. After another day of recovery, his body baptized in dragon blood had completely restored to its original state.

One has to admit that the power of real dragon is enormous. It’s only one drop of blood of the dragon son and it’s enough to transform Wei Qing’s body.

Wei Qing’s meridians were widened and his physical body was strengthened. Although it was not comparable to Le Hu, who benefited from the same, not many ordinary cultivators surpassed Wei Qing.

And Le Hu, who also benefited from the dual cultivation, not only improved tremendously in his cultivation, but he also gained a very rare skill.

It’s the Virtual Dragon Change!

Being born in the extreme west, all the barbarians seemed to be inherently bad at using spells. Although Le Hu possessed spiritual roots, his attacking spells were so limited that it’s pitiful. And although Wei Ying (==does anyone remember him? He’s Le Hu’s master, Wei Qing’s uncle…) also tried to train Le Hu physically, there’s no way for him to undergo any physical cultivation method.

But this Virtual Dragon Change could turn things around, as it didn’t require any form of cultivation. It’s totally dependent on the blood of real dragon to get activated.

After eating the double lotus and engaging in dual cultivation with Wei Qing, Le Hu “shared” a lot of aura of real dragon. He also got to share a lot of blood of real dragon. As the real dragon was initially an extremely strong divine monster, this bloodline even turned Wei Qing’s spiritual roots very outstanding and it increased his speed of cultivation. When this bloodline was applied on Le Hu, it totally activated his power to the max.

Although there were no remarkable changes on Le Hu, once he activated his bloodline’s power, there would be a thin layer of scales on his body which had very impressive defensive power.

Also, once Le Hu activated the Virtual Dragon, he could even be transformed into a dragon temporarily. Although it wasn’t like a real dragon, it would already be scary enough for ordinary cultivators.

Unfortunately, as he’s limited by his cultivation, he could only turn into a mini dragon for 3 breaths’ time. It might work when it’s urgent, yet it’d be difficult to turn it into a commonly practiced skill.

“Your current physical strength is at least 3 times stronger than before.” Xu Ziyan put down his hand and exclaimed.

Wei Qing also couldn’t hide his cheerful expression. Who wouldn’t be thrilled after such a disaster? Also, he now had a lover as well (although Le Hu still hadn’t said yes).

“We have been here for three days. It’s best to activate the dragon-shaped jade pillar as soon as possible. I’m worried that something might change afterwards.” Xu Ziyan whispered.

Wei Qing rolled his eyes and understood it instantly. Xu Ziyan wanted them to leave before someone else arrived this island to avoid any troubles.

It’s still more important to survive. He had full confidence to Le Hu and the Xu brothers, but things might change with other people.

As the future boss of Mo Yulong Pavilion, Mo Ziyuan still had some insights and he didn’t become greedy after seeing treasures, but it was different for that disciple of Tian Yu sect. Although his cultivation level was just so-so, and Bai Hua’s name wasn’t well-known among the sects either, this kind of people were usually very greedy when it’s about treasures.

Although Wei Qing had many valuable items in his Ring of Nothingness, that didn’t mean that he’s willing to share it with others randomly.

Xu Ziyan had been in friendship with him for many years, and Le Hu was his partner. He was willing to share the treasure with them, but Bai Hua? Let’s not worry about him yet!

Wei Qing had always been arrogant, and he only gave to people that he cherished. Obviously, Bai Hua was no different than those people who liked to flatter him in Liu Guang sect, and he looked down on him.

After getting out of the tent with Wei Qing, Xu Ziyan called upon Le Hu who’s not willing to get close, and the four of them got in front of the jade pillar.

The dragon-shaped jade pillar was as tall and magnificent as ever, pressurizing people a bit. It looked a bit weaker after its aura of real dragon being exhausted, yet there’s still a rich aura.

“Such rich aura of real dragon.” When Wei Qing saw the jade pillar, he couldn’t help but exclaim.

“Well, but it’s still a lot less than before.” Xu Ziyan replied.

Wei Qing nodded and reached out to touch the verdant dragon body. The three dragon sons surrounded the jade pillar and groaned softly, as if they were greeting the dragon son pressed underneath.

At this moment, a sudden change occurred!

They saw a white light covering the jade pillar suddenly, and it burst out with a dazzling light. When everyone was caught off guard, the white light expanded and it envelopped everyone inside.

The white light flashed by, and everyone, including the three spiritual monsters, were nowhere to be found. Only the tent remained there.

At the same time, Bai Hua, who was seriously injured and could barely stand, was gasping for breath. He looked at the dense woods behind him, then at a flat boat near the lake not far away, with a joyful smile on his face.

“I finally came out…” He muttered in a low voice, then suddenly raised his head, looking at the lake covered in mist. There’s a hint of determination under his eyes.

He unconsciously reached out and touched the dragon-shaped jade pendant under his collar. The dragon-shaped jade pendant that greatly assisted him started to have some changes after absorbing the unknown black stone. There were some starlight on the white, purple dragon body, and the two sharp dragon eyes even turned to dark red.

After absorbing the black stone, the jade pendant went into a long dormancy. Bai Hua didn’t know what kind of changes the jade pendant would produce after absorbing the black stone, but he knew that the change would be extremely beneficial to his future development.

After putting the jade pendant in his arms, Bai Hua took a pill and jumped on that boat, heading to the island in the heart of the lake.

Not long after, a blood-stained figure staggered out of the woods and fell to the ground.

“Huh? So you’re here? Are you going to accompany me?”

A white light flashed, Xu Ziyan only felt dizzy for a while, then he heard that childish voice.

The voice seemed to be very close to him, he slowly opened his eyes and saw…

Damn it! What is this? ?

Xu Ziyan stared blankly at the white, soft, pudding-like creature in front of him. It’s laying there in front of him.

Xu Ziyan thought in his heart, “why do I feel like stepping on it?”

“Huh? You smell really nice…” That pudding-like creature suddenly said childishly.

Xu Ziyan, “…”

“Ah! Gluttonous, Pu Lao, dragon son…you’re all here!” The pudding-like creature slowly crawled in front of the three dragon sons and suddenly tried to swallow them all with passion.

The rest of them, “…”

“Hey!” Snowball was the first to resist, it kicked the pudding into the air with one hoof.


The pudding was spread flat on the wall, like chewing gum that was squashed…

“Gluttonous, how dare you bully me.” The pudding started weeping and it’s crawling on the ground. Then, it got into a giant shell and closed it loudly.

Everyone, “…”

Xu Ziyan was speechless, it turned out that the pudding-like creature wasn’t the whole of the dragon son, the shell was included as well!


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