Chapter 214

“Ahem, Xiuwen…” Xu Ziyan had a headache, as he had no idea why there would be such a change with the red string. However, how could he explain that to Xiuwen? This was so hard to explain!

Also, if it’s something else leaving this mark, maybe he would feel more at ease, but the meaning of this red string was simply too obvious, making him really speechless.

“There’s no need to say anymore, I’ve got it! This red string is used to distinguish blood relationships.” Shao Xiuwen said so decisively.

Xu Ziyan got silent for a while, in fact Shao Xiuwen made his point, and he might have just been too sensitive. Who said that red strings are for romantic relationships? It’s just a treasure, there’s no need to overthink at all!

Xu Ziyan was more at ease with Shao Xiuwen’s explanation. The two agreed that this red string could be used to distinguish blood relationships. Unfortunately, Xu Ziyan hadn’t noticed that Shao Xiuwen was avoiding his gaze often, and he was also confused about something.

Xu Zirong was nonchalant about the two’s discussion. He just gently touched the mark on his wrist, as if this object was to prove the intimate relationship between him and brother.

The time in the fighting tower passed quickly. In almost the blink of an eye, it was time for Xu Ziyan to open his fruit of the sacred tree.

Since Shao Xiuwen opened that strange red string, Lin Xiaotian also opened his fruit.

What was surprising was that there’s a breath of sword inside Lin Xiaotian’s fruit, and after this breath of sword was absorbed and refined by Lin Xiaotian, its shape was gradually formed, and Lin Xiaotian was on his way to reaching golden core.

Apparently, the level of cultivation only gets more difficult as one advances. Since Lin Xiaotian managed to use this breath of sword to upgrade so much, it proves that the breath of sword was tailor-made for Lin Xiaotian.

With that unreliable red string, together with the breath of sword that really matched Lin Xiaotian, Xu Ziyan started looking forward to opening his fruit.

He believed that he had an excellent communication with the sacred tree at that time, and even if the fruit he obtained was not meant for him, it wouldn’t be that bad.

When his ‘hatching’ time was over, he almost couldn’t wait to open the fruit, but a purple thunder suddenly flashed out of the fruit, and it struck him fiercely—

Damn it! Why was I struck by lightning again!

Xu Ziyan fell into a deep sleep with his last trace of consciousness, and Xu Zirong also felt numb all over his body. He was about to fall asleep as well. He was just relying on his last bit of will power and he fell on his brother.

Shao Xiuwen and Lin Xiaotian were taken aback by this sudden change. It was obviously Xu Ziyan who got struck, why did Xu Zirong fall as well?

Fortunately, although the two were shocked, they didn’t lose their cool. After confirming that they just passed out, they carried them to a corner in the room.

Since the two did not experience any physical injuries, Shao Xiuwen and Lin Xiaotian discussed it and decided not to intervene for the time being.

After all, until now, no one had died because of the fruits of the sacred tree. However, there’s a saying that the best fruit wouldn’t be the one containing the title of “Battle God”, but a key that can be used to open the dreamy realm.

People said that there were countless of secret treasures there, and one just had to wander around casually to obtain a treasure to improve one’s cultivation level.

Shao Xiuwen and Lin Xiaotian weren’t sure if Xu Ziyan had entered this kind of secret realm, but as time passed, their momentum just got stronger and thicker.

It’s especially the case of the Purple Night Divine Thunder of Xu Ziyan. Initially, there were only a few streaks of thunder lights occasionally flashing at his Dantian area, but seven days later, they had turned into streaks of thumb-thick thunder lights that swam around his body brazenly, no one could get close to him except Xu Zirong.

Xu Ziyan’s cultivation was rapidly improving, and Xu Zirong was also not far behind. Although they were in a coma at the same time, the bloody aura exuding from Xu Zirong’s body was no worse than the purple thunder light!

The weirdest thing was that blood spells were generally methods used for demon cultivation and they represented evilness and filth. Generally, such spells were most easily suppressed by the strongest Purple Night Divine Thunder, but Xu Zirong’s blood spells went the other way. Not only was it not destroyed by the divine thunder released by Xu Ziyan’s body, but it also seemed that he wanted to merge with the divine thunder…

The well-educated Lin Xiaotian and Shao Xiuwen, who’d seen a lot in his life, didn’t understand what’s going on. They were staring at each other and felt surprised in their heart. How many people did Xu Zirong kill to have such a rich sense of blood?

Time just went by day by day. Because of the presence of the thunder light and the sense of blood, Shao Xiuwen and Lin Xiaotian could only observe the change of the Xu brothers from a distance. Fortunately, during the past month, aside from the fact that Shao Xiuwen got his cultivation level slightly improved, there weren’t any abnormalities. In the end, Shao Xiuwen and Lin Xiaotian dared not waste any more time there, they took turn to use the dedicated quiet room recommended by Tang Tianlang.

Three months later, Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong finally woke up from their coma, and their cultivation base steadily stopped at the peak of the initial stage of golden core and they could break through to middle stage anytime.

Even Shao Xiuwen, who’d already seen and learned a lot, started to be uncalm. In his Glaze Sword sect, there’s only Song Baiqin who’s a golden core cultivator. It means that if the Xu brothers joined his sect, they could be treated as his seniors.

It really kills if you start comparing yourself to the others…

Shao Xiuwen was slightly depressed. Although the Glaze Sword sect was a small-scaled one, it’s a sect with thousands of years of inheritance. How come he never encountered beasts like the Xu brothers before?

It’d be great if the sect could have a person like the Xu brothers! With one just like that, the sect would surely flourish!


Shao Xiuwen became calmer after looking at Lin Xiaotian who stayed expressionless. All in all, he hadn’t encountered a lot of people like that, and even the brightest disciples of the Tian Yu sect were more inferior to the Xu brothers…with Lin Xiaotian as comparison, Shao Xiuwen became calm instantly.

Obviously, things are just relative! Shao Xiuwen thought of this happily.  ╮(╯▽╰)╭

“Um…” Xu Ziyan’s first words when he woke up from his coma, “stinky old fool! Don’t let me see you again!”

Shao Xiuwen, Lin Xiaotian: …? ?

Xu Ziyan rubbed his head vigorously, he looked at Shao Xiuwen and Lin Xiaotian, who were pretty confused at this moment and he smiled with embarrassment, “I was fooled by an old crook.”

“Huh?” Xu Ziyan could feel that his waist was tightened by something. He lowered his head and saw a pair of cold and deep eyes.

“Zirong? Are you okay?” Xu Ziyan was startled.

When Xu Zirong looked at him, he was always very gentle. Although he was scary at times, he had never looked at Xu Ziyan as coldly as now.

He blinked and woke up from his daze. His eyes became incredibly gentle. He buried himself into his brother’s arms and said softly, “brother, I missed you so much.”

“Uh…I missed you too.” Xu Ziyan ignored Shao Xiuwen and Lin Xiaotian aside, wrapping Zirong in his arms and caressing the back of his neck.

Just now, Zirong was acting like a baby and it gave him a vulnerable feeling. He had never thought that his actions would attract imagination of the others, and he was just comforting Zirong out of instinct.

Xu Zirong was enjoying being caressed by that big, warm hand, and he felt warm all over his body. It made him feel very comfortable and helped him calm down.

After his brother opened the fruit, he felt the guidance of a strong power and his body was out of control. With the support of his last bit of will, he hugged his brother tightly. Nevertheless, when he opened his eyes again, he saw a sharp, big knife.

The big knives slashed at his neck fiercely, and if he woke up one second later, his corpse would be nowhere to be found.

Xu Zirong’s pupils shrank suddenly, and with a wave of his arm, a very thin line of blood was drawn with his fingertips, and the enemy was chopped to death while looking terrified.

The person who tried to stretch out his hand to control Xu Zirong was terrified, he even howled and ran away, and Xu Zirong became extremely anxious since he couldn’t find his brother. He waved out a drop of blood, piercing through his heart.

“Brother! Brother!” Xu Zirong called out his brother’s name loudly, but there was no trace of his brother in the battlefield full of murder.

“Brother… Brother is missing… Why are you still here?!” Xu Zirong’s eyes suddenly became blood red, and an astonishing bloody air was released around his body.

The surges of bloody air gathered into a thick red mist, centering on Xu Zirong, slowly spreading around.

All the people who touched the red mist would have all their blood sucked up in an instant and turned into a corpse, and this dense blood mist became bigger because of the addition of these fresh nutrients, they continued to move towards the edge of the battlefield…

“Ahhhhh! Monsters!”



“Dead… all dead!”

Countless noisy and chaotic voices rang in Xu Zirong’s ears, but he ignored these crying noises, he just continued stepping on the blood and looked for his brother.

“Brother…Brother…” Xu Zirong whispered, his eyes were full of madness.

This was the first time that he suddenly lost contact with his brother without any prediction. What frightened him the most was that he couldn’t find his brother’s direction even with the blood contract.

According to the reaction of the blood contract, his brother should be by his side, but he still couldn’t find his brother after searching the whole battlefield.


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