Chapter 257

It’s a male spider which did not hesitate to give its life to the queen and become its food, and the queen seemed to have this decisive attitude and swallowed one male spider after another…

When the last male spider fell into the queen’s belly, its lower abdomen had already become swollen to an incredible extent.

The queen lay lazily on the cobweb, and with its order, spiders of different sizes in the nest pushed out of the queen’s delivery room like a tide.

Before leaving, these spiders completely sealed the hole with layers of spider webs. This was naturally to protect the safety of the queen before it started laying eggs. Unfortunately, this group of unlucky spiders did not know that before they sealed the hole, someone had been there long ago, watching eagerly aside…

“Do you want to do it now?” Xu Ziyan asked softly.

There was a sense of hesitation under Xu Zirong’s eyes. Originally, the best time to do it should be the moment when the queen gave birth, but he was worried to have his brother thinking that he’s too cruel…

“What?” Seeing Xu Zirong’s strange hesitation, Xu Ziyan asked in a puzzled way. Unexpectedly, before Xu Zirong replied, Zuo Shen suddenly added, “the best time should be when the queen is giving birth.”

“Uh…” Xu Ziyan paused for a while before nodding, “that makes sense.” He glanced at the queen, which was lying on the cobweb and ate happily, and silently lit a candle for it, “although it may be possible to do so, it doesn’t seem kind. Well, we’re destined to be enemies anyway…”

Xu Zirong breathed a sigh of relief, as his brother’s reaction did not exceed his expectations. In fact, he knew that his brother was not that kind of hypocrite. It’s only that he always hesitated as he didn’t want his image to be ruined in his brother’s mind.

(Xu Ziyan’s shocked look, “is there still a thing called image with my clingy brother? I’m already happy if you act normally.” →.→)

Xu Zirong glanced at Zuo Shen lightly. For some reason, his dull face became inexplicably pleasing to the eye…

After waiting for another three hours, the queen of the human-faced spiders’ abdomen had swollen to an astonishing level.

Seeing that the queen had begun to moan painfully, Xu Ziyan and the others looked at each other, “let’s do it!”

Thunder light, blood mist, whining…one after another sharp attack fell on the body of the queen.

The queen screamed in pain and was hit without any defense, and nearly a quarter of its body was already lost.


The angry queen let out a high roar, its whole body bounced off the spider web and climbed to the top of the hall along a spider silk as thin as a wrist.

Xu Ziyan and the others hadn’t carefully observed the top of the nest. They only noticed the dense spider webs and the remains of the severed limbs entangled in the spider webs. No one thought that the queen would still have the strength to escape after being attacked. It even climbed to the ceiling of the lair. Everyone started having a bad feeling about this.

“Let’s chase up!”

Xu Ziyan frowned and shouted loudly. No matter what, they couldn’t stand back at this time. No matter what was hidden on the roof, they had to kill the queen!

Ka Ka Ka!

The entrance to the nest that was originally sealed by the spider king began to be attacked frantically by those low-level human-faced spiders. Under the queen’s call, these low-level human-faced spiders were almost desperately biting the solidified spider web.

The originally sturdy spider web began to fall off under the reckless attack of the group of human-faced spiders, and even the edges became transparent. They could vaguely see the silhouettes of countless spiders from outside.

“Hurry up!” Xu Ziyan frowned so much that his eyebrows became a knot. According to the original plan, they thought that when the queen became extremely weak, they would be able to strike and escape leisurely, but they didn’t expect that the its defense ability far exceeded theirs. Although the first sneak attack seriously injured it, it wasn’t strong enough to kill it.

If they couldn’t take down the queen as soon as possible, once these human-faced spiders rushed in, the three of them would definitely be blocked. Mr. Little Square’s function of shielding divine consciousness was very useful, but it couldn’t hide their bodies. As long as they encountered a spider, they would be covered by countless spider webs in the next moment, then becoming the queen’s supper…

Xu Ziyan pursed his lips. He didn’t want to become food of this spider group at all. He had to kill the queen no matter what he tried!

The queen moved very quickly on the cobwebs on the roof. Using its eight chelipeds, it easily passed through the layers of cobwebs and quickly disappeared into the depths of darkness.

For this kind of sticky spider web, neither Xu Ziyan’s thunder light nor Xu Zirong’s blood mist was effective, and Zuo Shen’s Hundred Ghosts were even more helpless, the speed of the three dropped almost immediately.

“This can’t continue!” Using the layers of Aurora’s cobwebs, Xu Ziyan looked at the dark ceiling above with a worried look on his face.

The solidified spider web sealed below couldn’t last for long. If it was dragged down by the spider web again, the descendants of the queen would pile up and suffocate them…

“Is there any way to kill this spider king quickly?”

Xu Zirong frowned and shook his head. The cobwebs were thick and sticky, making them extremely difficult to damage. If Wei Qing was here, he could set fire to it and everything would be solved, but none of them were proficient in fire spells. It’s irritating to be dragged by something like this.

“I have a suggestion, but the movement may be too loud and it may alert other spiders.” Zuo Shen glanced at the spiders that had emerged below and suggested vaguely, “what I mean is, the spiders in the entire nest may hear it…”

“We’ll just ignore it. If we go on like this, we will all die here.” Xu Ziyan said decisively without second thinking it.

Zuo Shen took a deep breath and took out a thumb-sized red ball from his Qiankun bag. Although it wasn’t a big ball, the aura inside was so amazing that even Xu Ziyan became a little more careful.

“Please prepare yourself, master.” Since he had already decided to use this thing, Zuo Shen stopped talking so much. After reminding Xu Ziyan once, he threw the ball out.

With a magic spell in his hand, they heard the small ball explode with a bang, then released thousands of scorching lines of fire, and these lines of fire burst again, emitting more lines of fire, forming a huge fire net. It covered the entire roof, and in just an instant, those layers of cobwebs turned into pieces of flying ashes.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

These cracking sounds were really deafening, and the entire nest was shaken by the huge cracking sound, almost collapsing.


Even though they were so far apart, Xu Ziyan heard the queen’s whining again, but it was true that even if they were prepared, they were almost dropped from the air by the dazzling tinnitus of this world-destroying flame ball, let alone being unprepared to face the queen of human-faced spiders.

“Go!” Xu Ziyan took the lead and rushed in the direction of the sound, holding a longbow in one hand, while spreading the fingers of the other hand. Five thin lightning lines had been formed, he was clearly preparing before the big move.

Xu Zirong didn’t want his brother to be at the front at all, but his flying sword was not as powerful as Aurora. Even if he tried his best to urge him, he could only follow behind Aurora.

His expression was solemn, and the tips of his fingers were flashing with a faint light of blood. Forcing out ten drops of blood essence at one time was a huge burden on him, but the defense of the queen just now was really surprising. Just like what his brother thought, the longer this battle dragged on, the more dangerous they would be. It’s better to use all the big moves at once to solve it once and for all.

Zuo Shen followed closely behind Xu Zirong. His face looked pale, and the hundreds of ghost flags behind him continued moving without wind. One after another, the ghosts walked through the hundreds of ghost flags with their gritted teeth and clenched claws, making Zuo Shen’s face look even paler.


It was the familiar clicking sound again. This time, the queen seemed unwilling to be besieged and attacked first.

She attacked Zuo Shen, who had the lowest cultivation level. It was obvious that the queen wasn’t stupid, as it understood who to attack first.

Zuo Shen snorted coldly, his wrist slowly swayed, and the Hundred Ghost Flags behind him swayed gently with the movements of his hands, instantly releasing five black shadows which rushed towards the queen.


The queen opened its mouth and spewed out a spider king, attempting to cover the five black shadows, but these ghosts were all intangibles, and the spider web fell from the air. The five ghosts rushed to the front of the queen and bit it a few times.

The queen had never been attacked by these ghosts and it was caught a bit off-guard, but soon it found the weakness of these ghosts, and when it spat out a mouthful of venom, it corroded the ghosts and nothing remained.

“Pfft…” Losing five ghosts at once, Zuo Shen couldn’t help spitting out a mouthful of blood. His face looked as pale as a dead man.

Xu Ziyan pointed with a long bow. The five rays of thunder light thickened a little between his fingers. Just as he was about to shoot them, he suddenly felt a crisis coming and resolutely gave up the attack. Aurora immediately fled.


A fierce wind blade flew past where he stood just now. This wind blade was extremely insidious. From the very beginning, it was slow and barely made any sound. It only accelerated suddenly when it approached the target. Xu Ziyan would have been injured severely if he hadn’t sensed it coming just now.

“Wind blade? There are human cultivators!” Xu Ziyan was both shocked and furious.

He was shocked because of the existence of human cultivators, while he was angry as not only did the human cultivators resist to help them to kill the spiders, but they even launched a sneak attack!

Xu Zirong became more worried, as he was no longer going to launch his big attack. Instead, he released a blood monster, chasing behind that wind blade.


The blood monster plunged into the darkness, and soon there was an angry roar. Xu Zirong narrowed his eyes slightly, and his face showed a bit of surprise.

“What’s this about?” Xu Ziyan pulled Zuo Shen behind him and asked while watching out for the queen, which was now staring at him.


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