Chapter 258

Xu Zirong first gave Zuo Shen a murderous gaze (Zuo Shen, “I didn’t even see it.” ╮(╯_╰)╭), then showed a strange expression, “our acquaintance is here.”

“Acquaintance?” Xu Ziyan frowned, he didn’t think any of his acquaintances would attack them at such a time.

“Ka ka!”

The queen of human-faced spiders seemed to be dissatisfied with her being ignored. It opened her mouth wide and sprayed some other venom.

Xu Ziyan hurriedly dodged, but at this moment, a huge boulder suddenly appeared, blocking Xu Ziyan’s path, causing him a lot of trouble.

“Damn it!” Xu Ziyan scolded secretly. At this time, he had no time to dodge, so he could only use a lightning strike to force his way through.

Thunder out, stone cracks.

But after such an instant delay, the queen’s venom landed on Xu Ziyan’s shoulder, instantly melting away a large piece of flesh and blood, leaving behind a black bubble and a foul-smelling wound.

Xu Ziyan only felt that the poison was about to spread along the wound, so he made a decisive move and pulled out a dagger to cut off the black rotten flesh there.

Xu Zirong’s eyes narrowed, and three drops of essence blood turned into three blood monsters and rushed towards the darkness.


The previous blood monster and the three blood monsters that rushed out later let out a furious roar at the same time.

These blood monsters could be regarded as Xu Zirong’s puppets, so Xu Zirong could see what they could see.

Seeing those blood monsters disappearing into the darkness, there was a fierce fighting sound, Xu Zirong’s expression remained unchanged. He released another two blood monsters with the spells in his hand.

However, this time, the target of the blood monster was the queen, which was preparing for the next attack, while Xu Zirong seemed to give up attacking with the blood monster. Instead, after it approached the queen, they burst open and turned into two blood mists, trapping the queen in them.


The queen shrouded in the blood mist soon let out a shrill cry, then the human cultivator hidden in the darkness even let out a roar similar to a monster.

“What’s going on?” Xu Ziyan looked shocked.

The wind blade was a real human spell just now, but what was this strange roar about?

The corners of Xu Zirong’s eyes twitched, and there was a flash of surprise in his eyes, “It seems that…it’s not an acquaintance anymore.”

“What?” Xu Ziyan didn’t quite understand the meaning of Xu Zirong, but he soon did…

The two human cultivators who were hiding in the dark and attacked were forced out by Xu Zirong’s blood monster.

“Gao Yi!” As soon as the two sides met, Xu Ziyan couldn’t help yelling in shock and anger.

He never expected that this human being who, together with monsters, secretly attacked him would be Gao Yi!


But soon, Xu Ziyan realized something was wrong. He was not familiar with Gao Yi, and the human cultivator’s face looked dark blue at this time. His expression was hideous and twisted, and he didn’t look like a normal human being at all.

More importantly, Gao Yi was actually hanging upside down in the air. Xu Ziyan didn’t know how he maintained such a state. In short, Gao Yi was in such a peculiar and unexplainable state.


Gao Yi made a strange clicking sound in his mouth and kept attacking with his hand. He seemed very happy to fight with Xu Zirong’s blood monster. The human cultivator who was entangled with the three blood monsters also looked familiar, he was probably one of the cultivators who had been with them at the beginning.

His cultivation level was not as high as that of Gao Yi. While facing the three blood monsters, he was already at a disadvantaged position, and his face was covered with scars scratched by these monsters. However, the blood flowing out of the wound was not bright red, but it was dark as hell.

“What’s going on?” Xu Ziyan asked in shock, while he was controlling his spells and rushing towards Gao Yi.

The queen was trapped in Xu Zirong’s blood mist and couldn’t get out for a while, so it was a perfect opportunity to get rid of its claws!


It was the familiar and annoying clicking sound again. Xu Ziyan didn’t have to look up to realize that there were spiders of all sizes on the roof above them.

On the way there, they had already considered the queen’s various reactions, including the birth of a large number of low-level spiders in a very short period of time.

These low-level human-faced spiders wouldn’t cause them any harm, but the sticky spider webs could really delay their action to a great extent.

Cobwebs and streams of venom fell from their heads like rain. There were even quite a few spiders which simply jumped down from above, trying to use their mouthparts to bite off a piece of flesh from Xu Ziyan and the others.

The only mission of these spawned spiders was to protect the queen, so they were not afraid of death at all. They attacked Xu Ziyan and the others at all costs.

“Damn it!” Xu Ziyan scolded in his heart. They were not far from Gao Yi, but such a short distance was already covered by venom and cobwebs.

It was not impossible to break through, but it would definitely take a long time. Without the effect of a raid, it would be better to continue attacking the queen.


“Brother, I’ll deal with Gao Yi while you and Zuo Shen will kill the queen.” Xu Zirong suddenly grabbed his brother’s wrist and said.

Xu Ziyan gave him a deep look, nodded and held his hand, “you have to be careful and don’t be reckless. Try stalling a bit if you cannot kill him, and I’ll come help you after I kill the queen.”

Xu Zirong smiled lightly, “brother, am I this stupid in your eyes? Could this Gao Yi be less dangerous than the queen? Well, let’s make a bet. If I succeed faster than brother, then brother has to promise me to…”

Before Xu Zirong finished speaking, Xu Ziyan covered his mouth and looked helpless. His flattering look totally revealed what he was going to say.

Xu Ziyan slightly blushed and his expression was tangled beyond description. Although he already knew that his younger brother was clingy as hell, never would he have expected that Zirong to still think of that stuff at this critical moment.

Well, he admitted that with Xu Zirong’s reponse, he no longer felt as nervous as before. He was full of fighting spirit. After all—→. → Xu Zirong’s tricks were really shameless. In order to save his moral integrity, he couldn’t lose at all!

The queen of human-faced spiders! I’m going to take your life away!

Zuo Shen, who was watching from the side, felt inexplicably chilly from his master. What the hell did the master’s younger brother just say? How could he inspire the master to have such a high fighting spirit?

Perhaps he could try the same trick if it worked so well?

(Xu Ziyan: Hehe…)

The two brothers quickly separated and rushed in different directions.

Xu Zirong felt blood boiling in his body and his murderous intent made those low-level human-faced spiders shiver. Even about half of them shrunk into a ball and fell from the top of the rock.

Zuo Shen had just left not far away, and after he was agitated by that murderous intent, he suddenly felt chilly all over his body. He was even a bit clumsy when using his spiritual power and almost fell from the mid-air.

He looked back at Xu Zirong with a horrified look, who was shrouded in blood mist.

How many people did he have to kill to have such a strong blood energy and murderous intent?

Didn’t they say that these two were disciples of Liu Guang sect? Could it be that they had been practicing in the extreme west for many years at such a young age?

Zuo Shen couldn’t think of a place other than the extreme west where one could develop such a powerful murderous intent. His contempt for Xu Zirong disappeared completely at this moment. Instead, he really admired Xu Zirong, even a little more than Xu Ziyan.

Demon cultivators followed the principle of respecting the strong more than righteous cultivators. He believed that a strong man like Xu Zirong who survived from the mountain of blood and corpses should be respected by everyone.

Xu Ziyan still didn’t know that Xu Zirong was just revealing all his strength, and it almost took away his trust to his younger brother. At this moment, he was staring at the blood mist with a solemn expression.

Xu Ziyan understood very clearly about how powerful Xu Zirong’s blood mist was, especially when he and Zirong advanced to golden core, he found that he was completely immune to any attack of Xu Zirong because of the strange celestial phenomenon and the blending of their breaths.

At this time, Xu Zirong was dealing with those two strange cultivators. He couldn’t afford to be distracted to control the blood mist. Zuo Shen could only be left outside to help, so that he could avoid dying before everything even started. →. →

Xu Zirong blasted two blood monsters in one breath, forming a very wide range of blood mist.

The queen of human-faced spiders had been looking for a way out, but when the blood mist exploded, a simple array was formed.

The level of the array was not high, but it had become a big problem for a monster with a low IQ like the queen. Fortunately, it had high defense ability and it wouldn’t die while being trapped in the blood mist. Also, while it kept releasing venom, the blood mist got thinner and thinner, slowly breaking the array.

“Ka ka!”

The queen howled loudly, the spider web at the bottom of the seal was bitten by the low-level human-faced spiders, and a large number of them began to pour in from the gap. Fortunately, there were no high-level human-faced spiders at this time, or Zuo Shen wouldn’t be able to tackle with them alone.

“Stop screaming, your husbands have all been eaten by you, what else do you want?” Xu Ziyan bent his bow like a full moon, and a thunder spiritual arrow flashing with a faint purple light swooped out of the air, shooting the face of the queen.

The queen didn’t understand human language, but it was obvious that the disdainful look on Xu Ziyan’s face pissed it off, causing it to spurt out a strand of silver thread.

“Huh?” Xu Ziyan bowed, dodging the queen’s attack. Unexpectedly, this strand of silver thread did not turn into a giant web as he imagined, but it was stuck directly to the rock wall. Immediately after, the queen rushed over along this spider silk.

“Oh, I see.” Xu Ziyan suddenly realized what it’s about. Previously, he wondered how this queen of human-faced spiders got suspended in mid-air, he understood now that it was relying on this thin but extremely tough spider silk.


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