Chapter 259

“Kaka!” The queen of human-faced spiders quickly spewed out some spider silk, then used it to move back and forth in mid-air, constantly spewing venom and waving their cheetahs, trying to kill this enemy stopping it from giving birth.

Taking advantage of the speed of Aurora, Xu Ziyan was able to dodge back and forth very fluently. After shooting his thunder spiritual arrows for a few times, the queen lost a chelicera.

The queen whined again, her face showing a bit of determination while a black light flashed on her body. Her bulging belly shrank suddenly, her entire body became larger and her attacks became more and more fierce.

Xu Ziyan’s facial expression remained still, while he was shooting arrows faster and faster. Occasionally, he would mix some thunder snake cracking or thunder snake strangling into the thunder spirit arrows. The chelipeds of the queen were quickly blown off by most of them.

Xu Ziyan and the queen were fighting vigorously, but Xu Zirong was in a bit of trouble with Gao Yi.

Originally, Xu Zirong thought that he was completely capable in defeating a cultivator of Qi condensation, but when he faced Gao Yi, he found out that his body changes were almost like that of the queen – although his blood monster scratched through his skin, it didn’t really hurt him.

The corrosion of the blood mist didn’t bring much effect. What was even more depressing was that Gao Yi, who had a distorted expression, seemed to have lost his sense as a human being. Even when Xu Zirong cut off his arm, he didn’t show any fear or pain. He was still constantly releasing various wind spells with the hideous look.

Xu Zirong frowned slightly. Originally, he planned to deal with the two human cultivators as soon as possible so that he could help his brother, but he had been delayed by them.

His face sank and his disgust for this Gao Yi grew a little more. He was thinking, “you might as well just die instead of being turned into a puppet. Such a piece of trash.”

With a flick of his index finger, a small seed flew out from Xu Zirong’s fingers. The seed was only the size of a grain of rice, and it looked dark and dull. Only one side of the seed had a faint crack, which looked like an open mouth.

There was a slight curve on Xu Zirong’s mouth as he was teasing Gao Yi in his mind. Gao Yi had been turned into a puppet anyway, so he might as well be a helping hand of humans!

“Wu……” Gao Yi whimpered in the middle of the fight, while sullenness on his face faded a little. He looked at Xu Zirong in front of him and showed a hint of surprise on his face. His lips moved a little, “save…me…”

Xu Zirong raised his eyebrows. Hadn’t Gao Yi lost his consciousness?

Xu Zirong’s reaction made Gao Yi surprised and overjoyed – he moved his fingers vigorously, his whole body twitched violently, as if he was fighting something.

Xu Zirong’s eyelids jumped and he recalled the blood monsters.

The earth-type cultivator next to him had lost his entire right body under the siege of three blood monsters. Xu Zirong glanced at him casually and found that there was a strangely shaped spider on his back.

This spider was about the same size as the low-level human-faced spiders, but it looked very different. There were also eight chelipeds. The chelipeds of a low-level human face spider were about as thick as a child’s forearm, but this spider’s chelipeds were only about the size of a little finger.

The eight slender chelipeds tightly clasped the cultivator’s entire back, and on the spider’s back, there was a painful face of a human being – it was exactly the earth-type cultivator.

Xu Zirong narrowed his eyes cautiously, he had never seen such a type of human-faced spiders, that is to say, this spider should be a new variant.

The expression on his face gradually became more serious. Any kind of monster could mutate in the process of growth. This mutation was extremely dangerous, but once it succeeded, it means that this mutated monster had a kind of ability that surpassed its same kind.

Obviously, the owner of this slender human-faced spider could control the human cultivator’s talent, and it could even use his body to release spells directly!

If there were only one or two such mutant spiders, it would be fine; but if there were too many, it would be another catastrophe for humans!

“Save…Save…” Gao Yi’s face already showed a little pain, as if he was competing with the spider for control of his body.

The earth-type cultivator had basically lost his combat power, and the spider on his back seemed to have died along with the cultivator’s death.

Xu Zirong crossed his arms and looked at Gao Yi coldly and he was seemingly thinking about something.

“I…was wrong…sorry…save me…” Gao Yi seemed to have the upper hand in the battle for his body, and he seemed to be getting smoother in talking.

Xu Zirong’s expression remained unchanged, which was still as cold as a statue. The four blood monsters beside him waved their claws irritably in the void, seeming to be very unhappy that their master was calling them back.

“Please…I’m begging you!” Gao Yi’s distorted expression also returned to be somewhat normal, and when he was begging, he even showed a sense of guilt.

Xu Zirong raised his eyebrows and asked in a cold voice, “how am I supposed to save you?”

Gao Yi suddenly felt inexplicably surprised. His body trembled violently. Then, it shrank into a ball and he was twitching violently.

The spider that was entrenched on his back suddenly pulled out its two chelipeds and slammed into Gao Yi’s ribs.

“Hmm…” Gao Yi looked extremely painful. He was biting his lips and begged Xu Zirong for help. His lips moved a bit but the sound he made was so low.

Xu Zirong hesitated for a while, but finally walked over slowly and listened to Gao Yi, “I’m listening.”

Gao Yi forced a difficult smile, then turned his face even more painfully. He suddenly stretched out his hand towards Xu Zirong, as if he wanted to hold him for comfort.

Xu Zirong’s eyes flickered, and his fingers, which were hidden under his sleeves, were shifting slightly.

He took a few steps forward and stood beside Gao Yi, “You—”

Before he finished speaking, a mutation suddenly occurred!

He saw Gao Yi raising his head suddenly, showing a strange smile. There was no pain on his face, but his eyes were full of resentment.

He lunged towards Xu Zirong. At such a close distance, there was almost no possibility of any defense. The ‘dying’ spider lying on the earth-type cultivator not far away also stripped off its disguise at this moment. It spat out some spider silk and stuck it onto Gao Yi’s body. Then, it jumped up and onto Gao Yi’s head. Its two large compound eyes stared at Xu Zirong, and one could even notice a slight sense of covetousness.

Gao Yi locked Xu Zirong’s wrist with both hands, and smiled viciously, “you want to save me? Just wait to be possessed by this spider! Then we will be partners!”

He looked resentful and laughed wildly, “If you hadn’t chosen that path first, how could I have been forced to choose the other one! If I hadn’t chosen that path, how would I have met that damn monster! If it wasn’t for that monster, how could I be possessed by this spider??!!”

“Do you know how painful it is to be possessed by this spider? I am the favored son of heaven! I am a rare genius in this Xuan Yu realm, why should I suffer such pain?”

“But it’s okay… Hehe, although it hurts, I feel extremely powerful after being possessed by this spider!” His eyes suddenly lit up, looking more and more vicious while he smiled at Xu Zirong, “golden core? You’re just a piece of shit! These spiders are not yet complete, and as long as they mutate completely, I will directly break through to become nascent soul!”

“Are you done?” Xu Zirong said coldly, with such a calm look on his face that he didn’t seem imprisoned at all.

Gao Yi was stunned, then said bitterly, “what are you pretending? You’ll know how it feels to be possessed by this spider…”

Before he could finish speaking, Gao Yi’s eyes suddenly widened. He watched Xu Zirong calmly open his hands in disbelief, but he could not feel the existence of his hands at all.

“You! What have you done to me!” Gao Yi roared in panic.

“Nothing much.” Xu Zirong’s mouth curled up, revealing a cold smile, “since you like being a puppet so much, then you enjoy it as much as you can!”

Then, he said with a smile, “it’s time to bloom!”


Gao Yi violently spurted out a mouthful of black blood, and the spider on his back shook violently, as if his entire body was out of control.

With the spider’s twitching, its eight slender chelipeds were churning back and forth in Gao Yi’s body, making him suffer unbearably.

“You! How is it possible! How could you manipulate my body?!!” Gao Yi cried frantically, his face full of disbelief.

It’s not like this! It shouldn’t be like this! Obviously, this gorgeous guy was deceived by my acting skills, and he also became the carrier of spiders!

Why…why could he control my body?

“Surprised?” Xu Zirong raised the corners of his lips, showing a disdainful smile, “It’s all because I never believed in you. Before you begged for mercy, I had already planted the seeds of the thousand strands of silk grass in you, otherwise—” He glanced at Gao Yi coldly, “do you really think that I would be so stupid to approach you so easily?”

“Impossible! Impossible! You guys just depended on medicinal pills to cultivate your level, how could you be so cautious?” Gao Yi shouted in disbelief, or in other words, shouting was the only thing he could do, as his entire body was no longer under his control, not even by the spider on his back.

“Idiot.” Xu Zirong pouted and snapped his fingers lightly.

With a bang, half of Gao Yi’s body burst open, and countless thin and soft green grass threads sprang from inside his body. These grass threads were growing desperately with his nutrients, and along the spider’s chelicera, they even grew into the spider’s body.

“No!” Gao Yi wailed in pain, rolling all over, while the spider that jumped over the earth-type cultivator was desperately trying to get out of the grass.

This spider had a strong ability to manipulate the human body, but they had very low defense power and could be easily killed. If it wasn’t the case, the spider would have jump directly onto Xu Zirong’s body and possess him, instead of using Gao Yi to control him.


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