Chapter 260

Soon, the two spiders were smashed into pieces by the slender yet tough grass silk. For spiders like them, this purely physical attack was their nemesis.

Gao Yi, who had lost half of his body, managed to survive with the help of the fine grass. He looked at Xu Zirong with a terrified expression, as if he was watching the evil spirit crawling out of hell.

“Are you surprised that you didn’t die?” Xu Zirong smiled very sweetly at first, but then said with a sneer on his face, “my brother was injured because of you, and just because of this fact, I’m determined to let you suffer so much that you’d want to die!”

“Don’t worry, don’t you like spiders? I’ll keep you in this spider’s lair. This thousand strands of silk grass will not leave until all the energy in your body has been drained. According to my speculation, with your current level of cultivation, you can live for at least another three years. Hehe, I do hope that you can enjoy this as much as possible.”

Afterwards, Gao Yi’s eyes completely dimmed, and there was no more trace of vitality. Obviously, he’s still alive, but his spirit was already dead and he could only live in pain for the remaining three years…

The chuckle of Xu Zirong never faded away. He watched Gao Yi fall into despair with a cold gaze. With a wave of his hand, the fine thousand strands of silk grass suddenly grew wildly, and quickly wrapped Gao Yi firmly.

“It’s better not to let my brother see this disgusting thing.” Xu Zirong said softly, turning around and flying in the direction of Xu Ziyan. And behind him, a small grass mass formed by a thousand strands of silk grass hung in the air with a thin and tough spider silk, emitting a faint fragrance.

Below, among the low-level human-faced spiders which managed to break through the hole and poured into the lair, many spiders were attracted by the fragrance and swarmed towards the grass mass…

Just as Xu Zirong had dealt with Gao Yi, the battle between Xu Ziyan and the queen also came to an end.

Because it was about to give birth, its strength dropped so much that it had fell to the later stage of golden core, just before being promoted to nascent soul.

Xu Ziyan’s purple night divine thunder could naturally restrain any evil things. He was not very resistant to poison, but with the existence of purple night divine thunder, nothing could really hurt him unless the queen’s venom spurted directly onto him.

Without the greatest deterrence, the queen began to gradually fall into the disadvantage, and it became more and more irritable as the situation changed. Its move also became messier.


The queen was attacked by Xu Ziyan’s Thunder Spirit Arrow again. The Thunderbolt of Purple Night Divine Thunder contained the Thunder Spirit Arrow, which brought a great threat to the queen every time.

The queen roared angrily, its bulging belly constantly heaving and trembling.

Xu Ziyan looked at the queen with a solemn expression, he could feel that its moves were becoming less and less threatening, but any race would definitely fight to the death for its continuation, and he didn’t want to mess up before victory.


It was Xu Zirong’s voice, Xu Ziyan only had time to look back, and after confirming that Zirong was not injured, he immediately focused on the queen again.

The queen confronted Xu Ziyan from a distance, and there was a bit of resentment on its face.

Xu Ziyan became more and more vigilant, he stretched the longbow in his hand fully, and placed three Thunder Spiritual Arrows on the bowstring, ready to shoot at any time.

The queen hung upside down in the air quietly, its belly swelled and trembled slightly.

“She doesn’t want to give birth now, right?” Xu Ziyan wondered. Although they deliberately found such a time, the queen should be able to delay the time of delivery according to Xu Zirong’s speculation, and it would be impossible to give birth to the next queen on the battlefield.

It would only give birth to spider eggs, and it even took time to hatch. If it was really born on the battlefield, the enemy would not give her the time to hatch, and it would just directly attack the fragile spider eggs.

“It seems that something is wrong. Brother, do you think its belly seems to be a little smaller?” Xu Zirong observed for a while and had a vague bad feeling.

Xu Ziyan quickly made a distinction, and it seemed that the queen’s belly was really smaller than before. It even continued to get smaller.

“Crap!” Xu Zirong didn’t know what to think, his face changed suddenly, “hurry up and stop her!”

Xu Ziyan didn’t have time to ask why, he simply shot the arrow in his hand at the queen in three different directions.

“Ka ka!”

The queen suddenly opened her mouth wide and roared frantically, and as it roared, a layer of ripples appeared in its mouth that was visible to the naked eye.

The ripples spread, and Xu Ziyan’s Thunder Spiritual Arrow disappeared after touching them!

“What’s going on?” Xu Ziyan asked in surprise.

“She broke through!” Xu Zirong looked worried, and while releasing the blood monster, he explained to his brother, “this queen devoured its next generation which contributed to its evolution.”

“What?” Xu Ziyan was shocked. “Doesn’t she have to give birth to the next generation? How can she devour it?”

Xu Zirong smiled bitterly, he didn’t expect such a rare thing to happen.

“Brother, monsters are not stupid. It probably knew that there was no hope of giving birth, and it was in danger of falling, it wanted to bet once more. With its evolution, not only would it lose its next generation, but it also wouldn’t live for long. It means that we’ll be in big trouble.”

Xu Ziyan was speechless, he did not expect that this monster would have such a decisive means.

“Be careful!” Xu Zirong exclaimed suddenly, then controlled a blood monster to block in front of his brother.


A jet of black blood was poured onto the blood monster, and the tiger blood monster didn’t even have time to scream before being completely corroded by the venom.

Xu Zirong was panicking when he saw it. He didn’t expect that the queen would become much more threatening by the venom. If he was attacked, he would turn into ashes if he didn’t even take the medicinal pill. …

“I’m fine, but be careful too!” Xu Ziyan didn’t have time to say anything, so he could only tell Xu Zirong to be more careful.

Now that it became a matter of life and death, they had to kill the queen quickly if they wanted to survive.

It had already become hopeless for the queen to nurture its offsprings, and it’d even die soon. The queen hated these two human cultivators to the extreme!

She spat out venom and spider silk frantically, almost filling the sky above the entire lair. Xu Ziyan and the others had to be very careful to avoid the white spider silk that was everywhere. Once they were entangled in the spider webs, the venom that spewed out would definitely kill them.

The queen rushed up with its chelicerae, and its lower abdomen had completely returned to its normal state in this short period of time.

Its body that had been injured by Xu Ziyan before had also completely restored to its original state. The black spider body glowed with a light metallic luster, and the eight chelipeds became as sharp as knives.

The two brothers fought very hard, and the queen, which had evolved to the stage of nascent soul, made them both exhausted by dodging.

This kind of suppression couldn’t be resisted by their extraordinary attacks. Even if Xu Ziyan attacked sharply, he must be given a chance to make a move.

“We can’t go on like this!” Xu Ziyan looked angrily at the queen which was waving its chelipeds in the distance. Although they could still escape, their spiritual power was definitely not as high as that of the queen. Continuing on would only lead them to eventually run out of spiritual power and die.

“I’ll be the bait, brother, look for opportunities to attack!” Xu Zirong said decisively.

“No!” Xu Ziyan immediately disagreed.

“Brother! You must listen to me this time! I am better at escaping than you, and your attack is stronger than mine!” At this moment, Xu Zirong had a momentum that was no less than Xu Ziyan. No matter how he liked to act as a little sheep in front of his brother, he must show his strongest side at this critical moment, as he’d never let his brother become a bait.

Xu Ziyan bit his lower lip tightly and looked at Xu Zirong with a very complicated look. Even if Xu Zirong was right, he couldn’t think rationally at the thought of letting his brother take on such a dangerous task.

“Brother, you must listen to me this time!” Xu Zirong looked at him with determination, and there was no possibility of retreating.

Xu Ziyan once again secretly felt resentful that he was not strong enough to protect his younger brother.

“I…” Xu Ziyan was still trying to distinguish something, but the queen, which was still chasing them, let out a terrified scream.

The two turned their heads sharply and saw a blood-red giant dragon passing through layers of space, suddenly descending on the head of the queen.

The queen seemed to be slamming around in frenzy, but there seemed to be an invisible wall around it, which locked it firmly in that small space.

The blood dragon hovered in mid-air, and two flaming eyes stared greedily at the queen below, as if it’d seen the supreme delicacy.

The queen screamed in panic, and countless spiders swarmed up around it, yet it couldn’t get close to that small space at all, it would turn into flying ashes if it got a little closer.


The blood dragon opened its mouth wide and let out a deafening roar.

The queen’s pupils shrank suddenly, then twitched and shrunk into a ball, turning into a puddle of flesh on the white spider web.

A wisp of white ghost floated out from the queen, and the ghost struggled constantly, trying to return to its body.

The blood dragon roared again, and the ghostly soul of the queen trembled. It no longer had the slightest idea of resistance, and it was swallowed by the blood dragon.

After the blood dragon ate the ghost of the queen, it raised its head high and roared loudly. Then, it didn’t seem to notice the Xu brothers who were not far from him. It passed through the layers of space again and completely disappeared into the lair.

Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong looked at each other, their eyes were filled with horror. It only took a few breaths from the blood dragon’s appearance to the time it left, but in such a short period of time, the queen no longer resisted before being swallowed.

So, the queen had finally been killed…( ̄_ ̄|||)? This problem was finally solved…and they must face the Dragon Soul Furnace~~~


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