Chapter 261

“It’s terrifying. Xu Ziyan trembled involuntarily. The power of the blood dragon when it appeared was too frightening, it’s even more exaggerated than the high-level monsters he encountered in the Lang Yu Secret Realm.

Xu Ziyan couldn’t imagine what would happen to them if the blood dragon wanted to kill them just now. He thought that things might go the way like with the queen of human-faced spiders or even worse.

“Could it be a deity monster?” Xu Ziyan couldn’t help muttering to himself.

Xu Zirong’s facial expression was as stable as ever, and he was looking at the direction in which the blood dragon disappeared. Compared to Xu Ziyan’s feelings of shock, he was more puzzled. Why did he feel a familiar aura in the blood dragon’s body? It’s like…the blood dragon was transformed from the Blood Sea Heart Sutra!


Xu Zirong suddenly raised his head, trying to suppress his uneasy feelings while looking at his brother. So what if it was really created from the Blood Sea Heart Sutra?

This Xuan Yu Realm had been there for so many years, and there were not many people who cultivated the Blood Sea Heart Sutra. The Blood Dragon might be created by a certain senior and it had nothing to do with him.

“I’m fine.” Xu Zirong said with a slight smile, “But we are lucky.”

Xu Ziyan looked at the dead queen of human-faced spider and the black spider corpses on the ground, nodding embarrassingly, “yeah, we’ve been lucky…”


Zuo Shen, who had been killing small spiders on the periphery since the beginning of the battle, also flew over. He looked at Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong. After saying hello, he silently stood aside without saying a word.

Xu Zirong glanced at him and nodded in satisfaction. Although he didn’t resent that this guy became a follower of his brother, compared to Jiang Ying and Wei Qing, Zuo Shen’s silence undoubtedly won his favor.

Forget it, just let him stay by his brother’s side. Anyway, he wouldn’t talk much when he’s here or not, just treat him as a background image.

“Go and get rid of the body.” Xu Zirong instructed Zuo Shen.

Zuo Shen thought about the consequences of not obeying this order, and finally came to a conclusion that made him very unhappy. In desperation, he had no choice but to pick up the puddle of meat. He also picked out the tougher parts of the demon pill and the queen that could be refined.

Looking at the demon pill as big as a watermelon, Xu Ziyan couldn’t help twitching the corners of his eyes. Although the queen of the human-faced spider was huge, who would have thought that even the demon pill was much bigger than a normal monster? Also, they weren’t supposed to eat it directly, right?

“Brother, don’t worry, there are elders who are proficient in the art of alchemy. As long as we ask them sincerely, then elder Zhu will not reject us.” Xu Zirong said with a smile.

Xu Ziyan’s face twitched after hearing this. With the master’s “big name” in the Liu Guang sect, basically no one would reject him…After all, with his master’s thick-skinned way of doing things, even the leader had no way to tackle with it if he wanted to play tricks.

“Cough cough…then we shall see.” Xu Ziyan coughed twice and stuffed the huge demon pill into Mr. Little Square.

Unexpectedly, just before he put it in, he heard a loud burp…

Xu Ziyan:  …

He reached out and touched Mr. Little Square, and sure enough, the demon pill he had just put in was gone.

Xu Ziyan looked at his right hand with a blank face.

Mr. Little Square, who was hiding in the void, was trembling. The whole space shook, then a small sapling suddenly grew up in the next second, turning into a medium-height tree.

“Huh? What is this?” Xu Ziyan also noticed the change in space, so he set his eyes on the sapling that was suddenly growing.

The location where the sapling grew was the center of the spiritual field he had opened up, surrounded by some spiritual grasses such as spiritual grains and seasonings. These things were just planted to facilitate his own taste, but he never remembered that there were trees planted in the center of spiritual field.

The original small sapling had now turned into a big tree. It wasn’t that tall, but the leaves were shining and looking gorgeous.

The spiritual grains and grasses around the tree seemed to be trembling slightly, and the spiritual grains that were closer to the tree bent down directly, as if worshiping their ancestors.

“Have we ever gotten any seeds?” Xu Ziyan looked at the extremely familiar leaves and looked at Xu Zirong with a puzzled expression.

Xu Zirong shook his head and he suddenly thought of something, “the fighting tower!”

“Ah?” Xu Ziyan was stunned for a moment, then recalled the “fruit-like” thing that Xu Zirong obtained in the fighting tower earlier.

Since Zirong didn’t want to eat that thing anyway, it seemed that he just threw it into Mr. Little Square afterwards.

The corner of Xu Ziyan’s mouth twitched, and he carefully observed the big tree in the square. Sure enough, the fruit had disappeared, and the newly grown big tree, apart from being slightly smaller, looked exactly like another divine tree.

Then, something shocking happened. He saw that there were two huge branches being stretched out from the divine tree that had just been swollen, as if holding up the horns of a skirt, and suddenly pulled out its roots from the ground.

Xu Ziyan: =口= What the heck is this?

It’s obviously not a human being, but Xu Ziyan clearly saw the expression of disgust from the divine tree—of course, this might have something to do with the divine tree waving its branches in disdain…

The divine tree was holding the corner of the skirt, ah no, it should be the root of the tree. It took small steps and ran out of the middle of the spiritual field, then trotted all the way to the edge of the spiritual spring. In a relatively satisfactory location, it fell down hard, and the roots of the tree were firmly plunged into the soil, continuously absorbing the energy from the spiritual spring.

The numerous spiritual grains and spiritual grass in the spiritual field all looked at the divine tree with a longing look. (Don’t ask Xu Ziyan how he could see human emotions from a pile of leaves. He just could!)

The little divine tree slammed the tree branch in the spiritual spring, and the dense spiritual spring fell into the spiritual field like raindrops, as if unlimited vitality had been activated.

Xu Ziyan: =. = After looking at this new tenant, Xu Ziyan had no words. Was he supposed to just smile?

(╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻! The hell with your smile! There are so many domineering tenants in the Dantian, and they can’t even let Mr. Little Square alone!

Are all these strange things in this damn world related to him? One by one, they forcibly lived in his space without even asking. They even ate his demon pill. Was it all because he’s bulliable?

ps: Mr. Little Square, you worthless trash! How can you let anyone live and grow inside you so easily? Can you toughen up?!

Mr. Little Square: qaq

Secretly spurning the useless Mr. Little Square, Xu Ziyan looked at the little divine tree that looked like a master.

Through the induction between him and Mr. Little Square, the reason why the divine tree moved to the side of the spiritual spring was mainly because the five-element prism had been integrated with Mr. Little Square, and the main body was under the spiritual spring. The divine tree also tightly wrapped its roots on the five-element prism, that is to say, Xu Ziyan really couldn’t come up with a solution unless the divine tree took the initiative to let go of the five-element prism…

Wiping his face vigorously, Xu Ziyan was already desperate for this useless Mr. Little Square.

Mr. Little Square: tat

“Brother, what’s the matter?” Xu Zirong asked softly, realizing that his brother was worried about something.

“It’s alright.” Xu Ziyan looked a bit depressed, “it seems that the fruit given to you by the divine tree in the fighting tower has sprouted in Mr. Little Square, and it has eaten the demon pill just now…”

Xu Zirong recalled the illusion that had tortured him and there were slight changes on his face, yet it soon resumed normal.

With a faint smile on his face, he said, “if my brother doesn’t like it, we can just throw it away.”

The divine tree in the square seemed to have heard Zirong’s words and waved its branches furiously.

Xu Ziyan’s face twitched, “this divine tree is similar to Little Greenie and the others. They live inside like dominant tenants. They even wrapped the five-elemental prism with their roots. I’m afraid we won’t be able to get them out.”

Xu Zirong smiled slightly, but his eyes looked terribly cold, “this square doesn’t have much effect anyway, so we might just get rid of it altogether! I don’t think this thing can still act the way it wants without a place to live.”

(The innocent Mr. Little Square: …)

The divine tree in Mr. Little Square trembled when it heard so, and its entire tree crown shrank, looking very pitiful.

Xu Ziyan couldn’t help laughing, he patted Zirong on the shoulder, “forget it, they can just stay wherever they want. They might have amazing effects like Little Greenie.”

The corners of Xu Zirong’s mouth curved but there was no sense of smile in his eyes, “yes, if it’s useless trash, we naturally can’t let it live inside Mr. Little Square for nothing.”

The divine tree immediately regained its energy. The whole tree shone brightly, and the two arms-shaped tree branches waved up and down exaggeratedly.

“Huh?” Xu Ziyan’s facial expression froze and he wondered, “this tree is really…”

“How so?”

Xu Ziyan smiled, “wait for me.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he flew on his sword to the corpse left by the queen of human-faced spiders, and with a little space between his fingers, a thin tree root slowly protruded out under the cover of his sleeve, reaching into the puddle of flesh.

At this moment, a small crack on the rock wall not far away began to slowly flow out some sticky liquid, and there’s more and more liquid on the gap, finally forming a large shadow. This shadow hid in the darkness, soon forming a vague human figure.

Although Xu Ziyan and the others didn’t see the enemy, the low-level human-faced spiders below which were in a state of panic were extremely aware of the aura that didn’t belong to this lair. They began pouring themselves into the entrance of the lair.

Xu Zirong and Zuo Shen’s expressions froze, and they quickly flew to Xu Ziyan’s side, watching the darkness vigilantly…

“Guru…” The flesh monster made a strange grunt, and a cultivator’s face emerged from the humanoid monster.


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