Chapter 262

The face looked like a human being, but there were no white parts in the dark eyes. The dark pupils stared at the corpse of the queen of the human-faced spiders, and there was a look of horror and covetousness on his face.

Xu Ziyan narrowed his eyes, discerning the enemy in the darkness.

The spiritual power of the opponent fluctuated very vigorously. It was about the late stage of golden core, and it was close to the perfection of golden core as well. With Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong’s current strength, no one could beat them except for nascent soul, so there’s no need to worry too much.

However, Xu Ziyan’s facial expression soon changed and an extremely strong aura erupted from his whole body. Purple thunder and lightning entangled his whole body. He was vigilantly guarding against attacks from any corner of the surrounding, regardless of the loss of spiritual power.

“Be careful, it’s the fleshy monster.” Xu Ziyan reminded in a low voice.

Xu Zirong’s expression changed slightly, his Qi of blood rose and a thin layer of blood mist covered the area around them. His divine consciousness was not very useful here, but he could use the blood mist to detect the enemy’s traces in advance.

The fleshy monster hadn’t attacked them yet, but it was staring at Xu Ziyan and the others with those cold eyes.

Xu Ziyan also didn’t want to fight with this fleshy monster immediately. Once they really fought, he and Xu Zirong might be able to hold on for a while, but Zuo Shen would be at stake since his level of cultivation wasn’t high enough.

“What’s going on?” After waiting for a long time, Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but wonder as the monster hadn’t started moving yet.

This fleshy monster improved its own strength by assimilating other people’s bodies. Now there were so many people present, it could absorb a huge amount of energy. In fact, it was the queen of human-faced spiders which had just reached the level of nascent soul, yet died in the hands of the blood dragon.

Although its demon pill had been taken by Xu Ziyan and the others, the remaining corpse definitely contained extremely rich energy.

With the greed of the fleshy monster, there was no reason to leave the corpse of the queen there, so why wasn’t it moving yet?

The fleshy monster watched from a distance for a long while but finally suppressed itself. With those dark eyes, it slowly gazed at Xu Ziyan’s face, and finally its entire body turned into a pool of fleshy mud again and disappeared into the gaps of the rock wall.

“Is it leaving already?” Xu Ziyan still felt a little weird. With the special ability of this fleshy monster, it might be difficult to eat the three of them, but it was by no means impossible. There was no reason for it to leave like this.

Xu Zirong looked thoughtfully at the place where the fleshy monster disappeared.

At first, the fleshy monster was indeed staring at the corpse of the queen, but it was a thirsty yet fearful gaze.

It made sense that it’s thirsty since the corpse could help it increase its level fo cultivation, but why would it show signs of fear?

Xu Zirong lowered his eyes secretly, recalling that the queen was attacked by the blood dragon shortly after reaching the level of nascent soul, and a vague idea came to his mind.

“Brother, could it be because of the blood dragon?”

“What do you mean?” Xu Ziyan wondered.

Xu Zirong thought for a while and explained, “we fought so fiercely with the queen before, and the blood dragon didn’t appear, but as soon as the queen reached the level of nascent soul, the blood dragon suddenly appeared and absorbed its soul. We were there, but the blood dragon didn’t even look at us. Can  we assume that the blood dragon is only interested in souls above the level of nascent soul?”

“Do you mean that…” Xu Ziyan immediately understood with Xu Zirong’s reminder. That fleshy monster was already in the late stage of golden core. If it absorbed the corpse of the queen, it’d immediately advance to nascent soul.

It is very likely that in the Real Dragon maze, once a monster reached the level of nascent soul, it would immediately attract the attack of the blood dragon, otherwise the fleshy monster would never ignore the “ready-made food” and left.

“Forget it, no matter what the blood dragon is, it’d be better to leave it alone. We are only in the middle stage of golden core and we are far away from the stage of nascent soul. It is better to find a way out first.” After thinking for a while , Xu Ziyan realized that they couldn’t solve this matter at all.

Anyway, he and Xu Zirong were the only ones with the highest cultivation level. The others, who only had the level of Qi condensation, wouldn’t be the target of the blood dragon and they were thus very safe!

As for the fleshy monster – it was now in the late stage of golden core, and it’d never devour other cultivators so easily unless it wanted to die. Although this kind of monster, which could restrain itself, were more dangerous to deal with, it’s good news for Xu Ziyan as it meant that they had a chance to get out of the maze alive.

Otherwise, with the monster’s ability, even Xu Ziyan was not sure that he would be able to get out of the maze alive…

Without the threat of the fleshy monster, Xu Ziyan leaned down again, and the little divine tree that had just retracted into Mr. Little Square due to the appearance of the fleshy monster protruded a root again.

This root penetrated deeply into the corpse of the queen, and soon, the fleshy mud disappeared at a speed visible to the naked eye. Along with it, there were even the low-level human-faced spiders which died around the queen.

After all the corpses disappeared, the roots of the tree slowly returned to Mr. Little Square, followed by a faint silver light from the small divine tree next to the spiritual spring, and the leaves continued to sprinkle some starlight. Several colorful flowers soon opened in the center of the canopy.

In about a few breaths, these flowers disappeared quietly, and several colorful fruits appeared on the crown of the tree.

The little divine tree took the initiative to wave the branches to pluck the few fruits, and sent them to the entrance of the square with a “flattering” expression.

Xu Ziyan took the fruits in confusion and examined them carefully.

These fruits were only the size of a child’s fist, and their skins looked crystal clear, as if they were emitting a radiant brilliance.

Xu Ziyan picked out a green fruit at random and looked at it. It felt smooth and elastic.

He glanced at the little divine tree, which was waving itself proudly. The crown of the tree trembled slightly and was like a person laughing while supporting his waist…

Xu Ziyan silently stopped this disgusting thought and gently peeled off the outer skin of the fruit.

The green fruit had just been smashed open, and there was a kind of rich wood-type spiritual energy.

“Is it a wood-type spiritual fruit?” Xu Zirong said with a little surprise, feeling the strong spiritual power.

The so-called wood-type spiritual fruit was actually a general term. Most spiritual fruit and spiritual grass contained more than one kind of spiritual power. The pure spiritual fruits were very rare. If Xu Ziyan tried to sell the spiritual fruit that he had now, he could at least sell it for 3,000 top-level spiritual stones.

They usually didn’t have any special effects. Its only use was to act as a medicinal pill to improve one’s level of cultivation. It’s just that this kind of spiritual fruit not only had no poison, but they also wouldn’t cause any side effects. It was definitely the best product that all cultivators could have!

“Do you want to try?” Xu Ziyan handed the spiritual fruit to Xu Zirong, since he’s the most suitable person to try it with his three wooden spiritual roots.

Xu Zirong immediately took it and had a bite.

This spiritual fruit was tender, juicy and incredibly sweet. Xu Zirong felt that it’s not enough to have just one bite, so he ate the rest of it.

“How is it?” Xu Ziyan asked.

Xu Zirong stuck out his bright red tongue and licked the juice from the corner of his mouth, “it tastes delicious.”

“Who asked you this?” Xu Ziyan couldn’t help rolling his eyes.

Xu Zirong smiled slightly, “at least it’s a top-level spiritual fruit.”

Xu Ziyan’s eyes instantly flashed. There were different rankings for wood-type spiritual fruit, the best would be ultimate-level and the next one was top-level. It was such a big help for them that there were top-level spiritual fruits harvested on this divine tree.

He looked at the other fruits in his hand and showed a wide smile. This little divine tree was really something, since it could actually produce spiritual fruits of different attributes. What a cost-effective investment!

“Okay, you can stay here.” Xu Ziyan gave the little divine tree the green light very generously. It was too late to welcome such a high-quality guest!

“We should go now, as we need to check out how Wei Qing is.” Xu Ziyan said sternly.

Xu Zirong pouted secretly, but he showed a serious expression, “then let’s go back as soon as possible.”

Zuo Shen followed behind them expressionlessly, as if he had not heard or seen any actions between the Xu brothers just now.

After the death of the queen and the male spiders that were all eaten by it, the remaining human-faced spiders had completely lost their command, and the entire lair was densely occupied by low-level human-faced spiders.

Xu Ziyan didn’t want to kill all the human-faced spiders in this lair, since it was too time-consuming and unnecessary. Without the command of the queen and the male spiders, it would be impossible for these human-faced spiders to survive in this cave.

The group of mosquitoes that chased them before would not miss this good opportunity to kill their natural enemies.

They weren’t fast when they came, since they were followed by the spiders, but when they returned, the entire spider lair was already in a mess, and the three of them simply gave up on Mr. Little Square’s shielding function and went directly in the fastest speed to the first entrance of the cave.

The farther they went, the fewer spiders there were. When they came, they couldn’t even see the walls of the cave covered with spiders. When they approached the entrance of the cave, they even heard Wei Qing and the others talking.

“Well, we almost sacrificed our lives fighting against the queen and you guys are so relaxed here!” Xu Ziyan said viciously on purpose.

When Wei Qing and the others heard Xu Ziyan’s voice, they immediately greeted him with a look of surprise.

Xia Rongsheng smiled slightly, “I can understand how exhausting it was for you, cultivator Xu.”

Xu Ziyan waved his hand with a smile. He was simply kidding just now. He believed that he’d already completed the mission when everyone could gather safely again.

The two sides looked at each other. Wei Qing and the others looked a bit messy but they didn’t seem to be injured. Although Xu Ziyan was slightly hurt in the fight with the queen, he was already cured by Zirong on the way back. .


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