Chapter 263

After seeing this, everyone felt very fortunate that they had been able to survive such a dangerous situation unharmed. They were lucky indeed.

Xu Ziyan introduced Zuo Shen to them and specified that Zuo Shen had become his follower.

In order to take care of Xu Ziyan’s feelings, Wei Qing and the others did not make things difficult for Zuo Shen. Even Le Hu praised him for his smart vision of having become Xu Ziyan’s follower.

Later, Wei Qing pulled Le Hu aside by for communication but no one knew what they were talking about. Anyway, when he came back, although there was no superfluous expression on his face, Xu Ziyan noticed that his ears had turned red. →. →

In order to avoid wasting time, Xu Ziyan and the others described their encounters in the spider’s lair while flying down.

Everyone was terrified when they heard the story, especially when they heard that the queen of human-faced spiders had forcibly broken through to nascent soul, and they all took a deep breath.

“Then you…” Mao Er was impatient and anxious to hear the rest of the story.

In fact, everyone found it very strange that the difference between nascent soul and golden core can hardly be judged in terms of strength.

When one reached the level of nascent soul, he had actually cultivated to a completely different realm. With just one space spell, a cultivator of nascent soul could easily kill ten cultivators of golden core.

So everyone was very puzzled – how the three of them survive under the hands of the queen?

After Xu Ziyan described the blood dragon that appeared out of thin air, everyone fell silent.

A monster of nascent soul was already hard to kill, and there was now a blood dragon which could easily kill spiders of nascent soul, could they still get out of there alive?

Seeing everyone’s disappointment, Xu Ziyan hurriedly shared his follow-up development and told them his speculation.

“That is to say, that blood dragon only attacked those of nascent soul?” Wei Qing frowned.

“I can’t guarantee it, but if it wasn’t like this, I really can’t explain why the blood dragon regarded us as nothing. The fleshy monster even gave up the corpse of the queen.” Xu Ziyan said decisively.

Wei Qing nodded, feeling a little worried about the appearance of such a terrifying monster in his maze.

However, such a monster was not something that these cultivators of Qi condensation could kill. The only way would be to leave this damn place alive as early as possible, and report what happened here, so that those of higher level could think of a solution…

They rode on the flying swords and flew down slowly. After having learnt the lesson with the human-faced spiders, Xu Ziyan actively took up the leading role.

He and Xu Zirong spread their divine consciousness to the maximum. Although it was suppressed everywhere in this strange cave, they could at least ensure everyone’s safety when comparing to Wei Qing’s pathetic divine consciousness of Qi condensation…

Zuo Shen wanted to follow him, but Xu Zirong stared at him coldly and ordered him to stay. He could only wave goodbye to his master silently…

As their speed of descending was not fast, the two checked very carefully. Occasionally, there would be some openings on the rock wall similar to the nests of human-faced spiders, but Xu Ziyan learned his lesson and he decided to never go inside again.

If the blood dragon wasn’t there to kill the queen of human-faced spiders, they would have been killed or injured. Xu Ziyan didn’t think he would have such good luck every time, so he simply avoided entering and headed straight to the abyss.

“Help… help…”

Just as the two passed by an extremely narrow entrance, Xu Ziyan vaguely heard a very weak cry for help.

He stopped and looked around vigilantly: “Zirong, have you heard…”

“I didn’t hear anything!” Xu Zirong said without even thinking.

Xu Ziyan:  …

Why did he feel so guilty after saying this?

“Save me…” There was a slightly louder voice than before, and Xu Ziyan felt speechless.

Xu Zirong still pretended that he hadn’t heard anything and he even attempted to pull his brother away.

“Don’t be ridiculous!” Xu Ziyan rolled his eyes and followed the sound.

Sure enough, he knew very well how clingy Xu Zirong was. However, he rarely came across loyal people like Zuo Shen.

Xu Zirong looked pissed off. He looked coldly at Xu Ziyan, following the direction of the voice and slowly approaching the cave.

His fingertips trembled slightly, and a few drops of bright red blood tumbled back and forth between his fingers.

“It’s really disgusting, why is this woman so haunting! Why don’t you…kill…” There was a sense of blood in Xu Zirong’s eyes and he didn’t disguise his look of disdain at all.

His brother might just heard a cry for help just now, but he quickly knew the identity of that voice.

He originally thought that the woman had already died under the hands of those monsters, but she had escaped. He initially planned to let her be and he didn’t expect to see her there again…

Thinking of the things that woman did in his previous life, he couldn’t help but frown more and more tightly. He should have killed her long time ago to spare himself from worrying.

“Zirong, do me a favor.” Xu Ziyan called out.

The color of blood in Xu Zirong’s eyes faded slightly, but he still looked very impatient.

“Okay, it’d be better to save people than sitting there and wait, right? They are all human cultivators. We should help them whenever we can.” Xu Ziyan felt a bit speechless towards the fact that Xu Zirong didn’t want to help anyone except him.

He wasn’t an extroverted person, so except for Wei Qing and a few friends, he always minimized contact as much as possible to avoid accidentally pissing Xu Zirong off.

It’s just that it’s difficult for him not to save the others when they were in danger. If it was beyond his ability, he might still be able to walk away. Otherwise, he really couldn’t just see danger happening to the others without doing a thing.

Xu Zirong walked over with an expressionless look, looking at the female cultivator with a delicate face, and the corners of his mouth twitched, “brother, you’d better stay away from her.”

“Well, don’t worry, I’m on guard.” Xu Ziyan smiled when he heard so, and showed Little Greenie who was happily wandering between his fingers.

Little Greenie crackled triumphantly, fully expressing the central idea of ​​’whoever dares to touch my master, I will kill him’.

Seeing Xu Zirong’s expression softened, Xu Ziyan patted his head, “is your brother that stupid? Didn’t Zuo Shen say before that there is a female cultivator who is controlled by monsters? How could I approach her without any guard at all?”

Xu Zirong showed a bit of a smile, while staring at the female cultivator who was ‘in a coma’.

“What brother means is that this female cultivator might have been possessed by a monster, otherwise, let’s strip her naked and examine her.” Xu Zirong didn’t know why but he just suddenly suggested this.

As soon as he said this, not only Xu Ziyan was stunned, but Wei Qing and Xia Rongsheng, who had just caught up with them and had no idea what was going on, were also stunned.

Looking at the female cultivator who was curled up in the cave, with a pale face and blood on the corners of her mouth, Xia Rongsheng and the others didn’t quite understand why Xu Zirong said such a thing.

On the contrary, Zuo Shen immediately recalled what had happened to him before, turned his head and glanced at it, and said softly, “it’s not her. She is one of the people who persisted with me to the end and managed to escape.”

“Phew, that’s fine then.” Xu Ziyan breathed a sigh of relief, but did not relax his defenses.

He knew that Zuo Shen had met the female cultivator who was controlled by the monster, but who could guarantee that the monster would not be possessed by another person?

Xu Zirong pouted quietly, thinking that this woman had no other ability than escaping. If it weren’t for this, he would have killed her long ago with his temper in his previous life. How would he allow her to live?

“Brother, she was the apprentice of the ultimate demon woman whom we met in the hall before.” Xu Zirong couldn’t bear seeing this woman having such a smooth time, so he directly exposed her identity.

The female cultivator, who was in a coma, had the corners of her mouth twitched. Her movements were not obvious, but Xu Zirong noticed her.

Want to pretend to be a white lotus and rely on my brother? That depends on whether I agree or not!

The corners of Xu Zirong’s mouth twitched slightly, but no one saw that except Zuo Shen.

Zuo Shen’s cheeks twitched. He was also a demon cultivator. And he also heard the name of Xi Yanliu. Although this little witch was terrifying, it seems this younger brother of his master was even more terrifying…→. →

Except for Zuo Shen, everyone else was stunned by Xi Yanliu’s identity.

Especially Xu Ziyan, who had already heard from his younger brother about the “great achievements” of this ultimate demon woman, and when he mentioned the name again, he felt a sense of urgency.

At the same moment, not only Xu Ziyan, but Wei Qing also took a step back.

Everyone instinctively ducked back after hearing that this woman was an apprentice of the ultimate demon woman.

Xi Yanliu, whose body was still half-buried in the small cave, could no longer remain in a ‘coma’ state. She was very worried that if the situation continued, this group of people would simply leave.

She also knew that her master’s reputation was not very good, so she tried her best not to reveal her identity when she was outside, but who would have thought that she would be sold twice by the same person…

Speaking of which, she also found it strange. Obviously, her disguise spell was inherited from the ancient secret book, even her master often missed it, but this damned guy recognized her twice in a row, which was really unbelievable.

The eyelashes of the female cultivator, who was ‘in a coma’, trembled slightly, and she slowly opened her eyes.

Her bright black eyes looked a little confused, as if she didn’t know where she was.

After a while, she seemed to wake up from her memory. She blinked forcefully and she looked sad. She stared at Xu Ziyan, who was closest to her, with tears in her eyes, “cultivator, thank you for saving me…”


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