Chapter 265

Xi Yanliu knew that these people in front of her couldn’t be easily fooled, so she no longer pretended to be weak. Instead, she bent the corner of her mouth, revealing a very confusing smile, “I…”


A blood vine was drawn against Xi Yanliu’s cheek, and the wind blade it carried made a very small hole on her face.

“I remember warning you not to play with your little tricks in front of me.” Xu Zirong’s face turned cold.

Xi Yanliu’s hatred grow so much in her heart that she was about to crush her teeth. She had never seen a male cultivator who treated her so badly in her life! And there were even two of them!

Wasn’t it true that all righteous cultivators acted righteously? How come the two in front of her didn’t act like gentlemen at all?

This beautiful man wanted to ruin her appearance, while that handsome man even pretended not to see anything. They really made all the men in the world lose face!

If it happened before, there were countless ways for her to attract those hot-headed male cultivators to defend her. Even if she couldn’t kill these two, it would be annoying to them, but in this relatively closed environment, she didn’t even have a target to seduce.

She had to turn the situation around! She could only squeeze out a smile as much as possible, “sorry, I’m used to it.”

Xu Zirong glanced at her and said nothing, but he seemed to have accepted her explanation.

Xi Yanliu dared not show her usual way of seducing men. She just sat upright with a serious face, for fear of touching a certain nerve of that damn Xu Zirong again.

Zuo Shen watched everything happening with cold eyes, and praised his choice from the bottom of his heart.

For sure!

Even a witch like Xi Yanliu couldn’t please Xu Zirong, so it was definitely the best choice to act inferior in front of him before.

Xu Ziyan raised his eyebrows and did not speak. He just let Xu Zirong do the acting part. He firmly believed that with his brother’s acting skills, he could surely surpass that of Xi Yanliu…

_(:3∠)_, Hell, what’s with this proud feeling? He must have judged people wrongly!

Xi Yanliu wondered how much she was going to reveal. She knew that she was already under suspicion, and it was impossible to get that thing away quietly, but it was impossible for her to share such a great benefit either. She was also unwilling to give half of it to others. In desperation, she decided to reveal something in a limited way and strive to cooperate with these two brothers!

After realizing this, Xi Yanliu obviously looked a lot more relaxed. She smiled slightly, which matched her delicate face at this time, giving the others a particularly gentle feeling.

“I once saw an ancient book by chance, and there were some strange things recorded in it. I always thought that it was just the whimsical imagination of some cultivators, but after seeing the black river, I’m afraid that what was recorded in the ancient books are real…”

“Tell me about it.” Xu Zirong looked indifferent, and he didn’t give any feedback after what Xi Yanliu had said.

Xi Yanliu couldn’t help panicking a bit. She believed that she’d always been clever when facing men and all of them were manipulated by her. Unfortunately, not only was Xu Zirong completely indifferent about her looks, but he was also extra vigilant.

Like now!

She had already acted so well-behaved, but Xu Zirong still kept a distance with her, not giving her a single opportunity!

No matter how much she despised Xu Zirong for not being a man, Xi Yanliu maintained a very enthusiastic smile on her face.

She introduced everything about this “Nine Turns Styx River”—that is, this black water river—in “detail”. Obviously, she masked the key points, and she wasn’t worried that Xu Zirong had already found out about her doing so on purpose. It’s all because she wanted to use this stuff to force him to cooperate with her.

Of course, she didn’t reveal a single bit about the most important secret of the Nine Turns Styx River at all. At this time, she was extremely glad that the Styx carp would not show its face easily, otherwise it’d be really difficult to hide this matter.

“That is to say, the Nine Turns Styx River is the treasure of the underworld. Can the water of this river nourish the spiritual weapons?” Xu Ziyan concluded and asked.

“That’s right.” Xi Yanliu snapped her fingers, “both of you know the value of the river. I think we should be able to cooperate.”

Xu Ziyan looked at the dark river in front of him. To be honest, he never imagined that this gloomy river could have such an effect.

He frowned slightly, Xi Yanliu had a lot of ambiguity in the introduction just now, but she didn’t omit the most important point, that is, this river was a very special kind of treasure – it’s born and nurtured by the nature. It could only be spawned under certain circumstances.

Although this river looked very calm, there were countless vortexes hidden under the calm water surface. Once someone fell accidentally, he might lose his life.

Although it looked like a river, it was transformed from a nine-turn ghost beads in essence. It was beyond spiritual. If someone wanted to conquer the river, he had to first collect the ghost beads, and these beads were hidden at the most bottom part of the river, making it extremely difficult to collect them.

“So? What’s your decision? This river is a rare treasure. I am not asking you to give me the beads. I will be satisfied as long as you let me share some of the river water.” Xi Yanliu behaved very generously. Of course, the reality did not allow her to be inconsiderate, and she was also compelled to cooperate with these people. Personally, she’s not confident that she’d tame the Nine-Turn Styx beads.

Rather than taking the risk herself, she might as well encourage these two people to work hard. If they failed, she could naturally rest, but if they succeeded, she might have the opportunity to quietly get the Styx carp away!

Xi Yanliu looked anxious, and there was a hint of unwillingness in her eyes. It perfectly pictured how reluctant this woman was when it’s about sharing the news of treasures.

If this happened before the transmigration of Xu Ziyan, he could have been fooled. However, after so many times of practice with Xu Zirong, Xu Ziyan already made great progress in appreciating one’s acting skills.

From Xi Yanliu’s face, he perfectly noticed the anxiety and joy that were well hidden in her eyes.

“Hmm.” Xu Ziyan pretended to be thinking, as if he was analyzing the profit and loss, but his eyes were already drifting in Xu Zirong’s direction.

Since Zirong knew this woman, he could probably analyze her words and tell whether she was being honest.

Hearing what Xi Yanliu said, Xu Zirong couldn’t help twitching the corners of his mouth. Sure enough, Xi Yanliu was still the same Xi Yanliu. Even if he put so much pressure on her, she still had the courage to speak nonsense in front of him.

Well, it’s not strictly nonsense, as she actually hid a lot of critical information.

Which was actually normal. As soon as Xi Yanliu told the situation of the Nine-Turn Styx River, Xu Zirong knew that she was interested in the carp, but he also read the ancient book jade slip, and he naturally knew that at least 70% of the value of the river came from the carp. He was obviously reluctant in sharing this benefit with Xi Yanliu.

If he could, he wouldn’t even want to share a drop of the river water with her. Although the river seemed large, every drop of it required a lot of soul fragments to nourish.

If it weren’t for this special environment where those monsters were constantly fighting each other, it would have been impossible for them to nurture such a wide Nine-Turn Styx River every tens of thousands of years.

“Okay, I agree.” Xu Zirong agreed generously. Although Xi Yanliu looked so confident, he didn’t feel inferior. He was sure that he’d get the carp. He might not be so sure a few days before, but now…

Xu Zirong pursed the corners of his lips and showed a playful smile. He thought, “so this Xi Yanliu wants to play fishing, huh? Ok, then let’s see whose bait is better!”

“Okay, then it’s all set, but…” Seeing that Xu Zirong had no objection, Xu Ziyan naturally agreed, but he didn’t want to take the risk by himself, so he put Xi Yanliu on the shore to recover.

Only she knew how serious her injuries were. Regardless of how she appeared to be on the verge of dying from her injuries, she might be waiting to devour them once they were back.

Xu Ziyan was mentally prepared to go on an adventure. He knew clearly that you only get wealth from danger, yet somebody had to guard beside Xi Yanliu.

He and Xu Zirong looked at each other, and Xu Zirong immediately understood what he was thinking. They ignored Xi Yanliu’s protest and trapped her in a green cage.

“Hey! What do you mean by doing that?!” Xi Yanliu was furious.

“It’s nothing, I’m just worried that you will be attacked by monsters, so we’re trying to protect you.” Xu Zirong said lightly.

Xi Yanliu’s face twitched immediately, she thought, “why can’t you just say that it’s imprisonment?!”

Facts have proved that Xu Zirong really dared doing so…

“We are not as familiar with the situation of the Nine-Turn Styx River as you are. In case we go down and trigger some monsters, Zuo Shen will have no time to save you. With the cage, we can at least buy some time. Also, once this cage is attacked, then we’ll know and we’ll come back to save you. Don’t you agree?”

Xu Zirong smiled when he said this, and he sounded very kind.

Xi Yanliu couldn’t help cursing in her heart, but she still squeezed an ugly smile and uttered word by word, “ok, then thank you for being so kind!”

“You’re welcome.” Xu Zirong raised his eyebrows, then, as if he suddenly remembered something, he turned around and smiled mysteriously at Xi Yanliu, “Zuo Shen is a quiet person, I was worried that cultivator Xu would be bored, so I deliberately left you some companions.”

Xi Yanliu suddenly felt a bad feeling and this feeling became reality – there were a few pink flowers blooming on this cage surrounded by vines. They looked charming and cute, but they would be even lovelier if you could ignore those sharp teeth inside the petals…


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