Chapter 266

“Don’t worry, as long as you don’t move around, they won’t attack you. They will only take the initiative to attack regardless of my order when they are extremely hungry. Well, even if they do, it won’t be a big deal. They don’t have particularly strong attack power, but it’s just that they like eating people’s faces and leave some saliva afterwards. The person’s face would have a lot of pits and holes, but I believe that you won’t mind since you’ve got so many faces.”

“Ahhh! Xu Zirong, you bastard! Get them away!” Xi Yanliu was going insane. If there were other threats, she wouldn’t really care, but no female cultivator could ignore her appearance. Her spells could indeed help her change the shape of her face, but it was to a large extent an illusion. If she was really bitten by these little flowers, she would surely go nuts!

“Haha…” With a happy smile, Xu Zirong took his brother’s hand and walked towards the Nine-Turn Styx River.

Xu Ziyan looked at Xi Yanliu with sympathy, thought for a while and swallowed back what he was about to say.

He also saw that little flower before, and it’s not as evil as Xu Zirong had described. Its mouth looked scary, but it’s not really offensive. Also, that flower wouldn’t eat a person’s face at all, it’s simply a trick to scare Xi Yanliu……→. →

Zuo Shen looked at Xi Yanliu, who was staring at the little flower in horror. He silently lit a candle for her in his heart. He didn’t know if the flower could really disfigure her face at any time, he had to admit that Xu Zirong was aiming at her biggest weakness.

“Zuo Shen, if your level of cultivation is not enough and you are injured, don’t go down.” After listening to Xu Zirong’s introduction, Xu Ziyan had a deeper understanding of the danger of the Nine-Turn Styx River.

After looking at Zuo Shen’s pale face, he directly refused him to follow.

Zuo Shen originally wanted to find the way for his master, but Xu Zirong’s sharp gaze made him take back his request.

He touched his nose helplessly, “thank you for being considerate, master. Then I’ll heal here and watch Xi Yanliu while I’m here.”

“Very good, let’s go, be careful, don’t approach within three feet of her. The pull machine on her wrist is very troublesome.” Xu Zirong was very satisfied with Zuo Shen’s smartness and his tone was a little kinder.

Zuo Shen nodded, turned around and walked back to Xi Yanliu, then sat down three feet and one inch away from her…

Xi Yanliu, “…”

Hell, these damn men!!! When I get out, I’ll surely ask master to kill them all!!!

Xi Yanliu gritted her teeth and tried to kill Zuo Shen with her murderous gaze, and on the other side, Xu Ziyan had already heard a detailed introduction about the Nine-Turn Styx River from Xu Zirong.

“Are you saying that there is a fish in this Styx River?” Xu Ziyan looked at the pitch-black river, feeling a little weird.

“It’s not a real fish, but a kind of spiritual creature.” Xu Zirong thought for a while.

“Forget it…” Xu Ziyan rubbed his forehead, “it’s a good thing no matter what it is. Just stay behind me as the vortex is very dangerous. It’d be better for me to take the lead.”

Xu Zirong looked sad when he heard so, and he was about to refute. Xu Ziyan slapped him on the back of the head, “I’ll give you two choices, follow me or don’t go down at all.”

Xu Zirong, “…”

Xu Ziyan said sternly, “I know that you are worried about me, but I am your brother anyway, how could I let my younger brother protect me? There is absolutely no discussion on this point, and it has nothing to do with your rebirth. It is a fact that your attacking ability is not as good as mine. ”

Xu Zirong suddenly looked depressed, his brother’s thunder spells had the strongest single attack power among all kinds of spells, and his Blood Ocean Heart Sutra was very powerful, but it was mostly in defending and attacking in groups. There was indeed no space for him to discuss at all…

“Okay…” After a long while, Xu Ziyan became impatient. Only then did Xu Zirong reluctantly agree, “but brother can’t be too far away from me.”

“Okay.” Xu Ziyan agreed without hesitation. Surely, it’d be better to go down together, or they wouldn’t be able to ask for help if there’s any danger.

It’s a pity that—

Xu Ziyan’s voice seemed to echo in his ear, but at this moment, his figure had completely disappeared from Xu Zirong’s sight.

“Brother!” Xu Zirong looked startled. Although he also saw in the ancient book that the water of the Nine-Turn Styx River was turbulent, he could never have imagined that it took just a short moment for his brother to disappear in his sight.

“Brother! Can’t you wait for me?” Xu Zirong muttered with a gloomy expression on his face, and began to wonder what magic weapon he could use to bind his brother to him.

Although he could locate his brother with their blood contract and they could also sense each other mentally, it’s still better to bind each other than to look for each other after something happened.

Speaking of which, Xu Ziyan was actually quite innocent. It wasn’t that he didn’t wait for Xu Zirong, but as soon as he entered the water, he was involved in a vortex, and before he could react, he was already carried away by the vortex.

The surface of the river looked calm. When jumping down from the top, he had no idea if there would be vortices below. Fortunately, the vortices closest to the water were not very lethal. Xu Ziyan was just caught off guard and was swept away. Otherwise, something more serious might occur…

“Huh… what a rush of water.” Xu Ziyan muttered with a lingering sense of fear on his face.

The vortex under the river was really thrilling and unusual. He just felt something was wrong as soon as he entered it. Although he had prepared for it, he did not expect that the seemingly calm whirlpool had such an amazing suction power. Even though he’d reached the level of golden core, he was also carried far away.

Fortunately, on the shore, Xu Zirong had already introduced the characteristics of the Styx vortex in detail, so that he could get out in time. If he was trapped in the vortex, it would spin faster as it went down, and things would get totally out of hand if he reached the bottom of the river.

Seeing the vortex gradually receding, Xu Ziyan patted his chest in remaining fear.


Where is this place?

Xu Ziyan reluctantly expanded his divine consciousness and found that it could be released at most a few dozen meters away, barely able to avoid some nearer vortices. It’d be impossible to get further.

Previously, in the cave, his consciousness was greatly suppressed, and now the scope was further reduced after entering the river. Fortunately, before entering the river, he was already mentally prepared and he was not too disappointed at this time.

The only problem now was Xu Zirong’s clinginess disease which might get exploded after being separated from him…

Gently stroked his heart, Xu Ziyan tried to contact Xu Zirong with the blood contract.

The two sides had a general exchange, but because of the darkness in the Styx river, Xu Ziyan couldn’t even tell the difference among different directions. He could only rely on his divine consciousness to identify the general direction. However, there’s a huge vortex blocking Xu Zirong’s direction, which was much thicker than the previous one that Xu Ziyan saw. Xu Ziyan was worried that he’d be torn into pieces once he got a little closer.

“I can’t make my way through…” Xu Ziyan was helpless. It’s also because the blood contract sent him extremely violent feelings.

“Uh…you mustn’t attack now.” Xu Ziyan rolled his eyes helplessly and hurriedly searched up and down, left and right, trying to find a way to bypass the vortex, but unfortunately, he was almost surrounded by vortices and it’s really hard to find a way out.

Xu Ziyan swam for a few laps and his scalp felt numb. He didn’t know where the vortex just dragged him. There were dense vortices around him. Most of them were fixed, but in those fixed ones, there were still some moving vortices appearing from time to time.

These vortexes appeared irregularly. Xu Ziyan tried to throw a low-level magic weapon just now, but it was directly swept in by a vortex that appeared suddenly and quickly became a pile of fragments.

Seeing the dull broken magic weapon, Xu Ziyan was silent for a while. He compared the hardness of the two sides and thought that his body might not be able to withstand this kind of tearing, so he could only silently find a corner and squat down.

_(:3∠)_Well, how exactly can I get out now?

“Bo!” A small blister exploded beside him.

Xu Ziyan was startled, but when he turned around, he saw a small black fish staring at him with wide eyes.

They looked at each other for a long time, but Xu Ziyan reacted abruptly, raising his hand and almost threw out a thunder arrow.

The little black fish was also taken aback by his sudden action, it flicked his tail, almost disappearing in a swish…

Xu Ziyan stood there dumbfounded, the thunder arrow between his fingers still shone with a faint purple light, but it’s not useful anymore now that the fish was gone.

“What the hell is this Styx carp doing?” Xu Ziyan withdrew his spiritual power and couldn’t help scratching his head, looking in confusion at the direction where the Styx carp disappeared.

According to Xu Zirong, this Styx carp was like the soul of the Nine-Turn Styx River. Therefore, it shouldn’t be friendly at all.

Just now, the Styx carp quietly came behind him. If it wanted to attack Xu Ziyan secretly, he would definitely not be able to escape, but the little carp just spit out a bubble, making Xu Ziyan hesitate before making a move. All of a sudden, the little carp simply swam away, leaving Xu Ziyan standing there stupidly and not knowing what to do.

“Forget it, let’s get out first… uh…” Just when Xu Ziyan was about to give up on the Styx carp and leave, the little carp unknowingly swam to his behind again.

They stared at each other for a long while and the little carp was very cautious. Its tiny tail was swaying left and right and it’s ready to swim away if something went wrong.


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