Chapter 268

The little carp wagged its tail at Xu Zirong, and Xu Zirong looked at it without any facial expressions…

The little carp shook its head at Xu Zirong, and Xu Zirong still looked at it blankly…

Feeling aggrieved, the little carp swam to Xu Ziyan’s side and rubbed his arm with its body.

This time, Xu Zirong was not expressionless anymore, but he’d become extremely ferocious, and his body emitted so much cold air that it’s getting scary.

The little carp ran in tears, this person next to the new owner is so annoying, I really want to complain to my best snail friend…

With a puffing sound, the phantom turned into black smoke and disappeared, leaving Xu Zirong with his raised eyebrows, standing proudly in place.

Xu Ziyan held his forehead silently. Sometimes Xu Zirong’s behavior really made him speechless.

Xu Zirong dared to compete for affection with a carp…could he be more childish?

Besides, even if he wanted to do so, couldn’t he wait until the little carp fixed all those vortices?

Xu Ziyan felt that his face was paralyzed, and he pointed at the vortices without saying a word.

Xu Zirong, “…”

Oops, it seems that he did something wrong…

Perhaps Xu Zirong also realized that his behavior was inappropriate, so he just silently leaned over to his brother’s side, rubbing his head against his arms.

Xu Ziyan pushed him a few times but didn’t succeed in pushing him away, so he simply ignored him. Anyway, it wasn’t the first time that Xu Zirong did this…

It’s just that…

Seeing those vortices, Xu Ziyan was still a little worried. The passage that Xu Zirong had just come over was opened, but the path that he wanted to continue going down to get the Nine-Turn Styx bead was still blocked by those vortices.

These vortices were of different sizes, and each had various extent of power. Some of them were like the one that dragged him in at the beginning. The power was increasing little by little, thus he had time to escape.

But the one that Xu Zirong bypassed was the one with astonishing power, and if they were hurt by it, it could already cause big damages.

“Brother, you can try to communicate with it. Now that you are its owner, you should be able to use its power.”

“Oh?” Xu Ziyan nodded his head suddenly, then concentrated on communicating with the little carp in his Dantian.

The little carp was very easy-going, and without hesitation, it taught Xu Ziyan a trick to control the vortex, but after Xu Ziyan took it and looked at it, he was suddenly a little worried. He was just trying to use this magical spell, but it had a high demand on the divine consciousness. He could still manage it in other times, but in this peculiar place, his divine consciousness shrank to the maximum. It was impossible for him to extend it for a few dozens of meters, let alone to the whole river.

After realizing this, Xu Ziyan tried to trick the little carp to do the hard work, but it was having a good time with the little snail, and he was frightened by the cold air released by Xu Zirong just now, so it refused to go out no matter what.

“It’s not easy.” Xu Ziyan scratched his head and told Xu Zirong about the situation.

Xu Ziyan rolled his eyes and smiled slightly, “brother, there is actually another way.”


“Brother and I can…” Xu Zirong smiled and whispered something in his brother’s ear.

Xu Ziyan’s face immediately flushed red. After glaring at him, he replied in a low voice, “if this method doesn’t work, you’ll see how I will deal with you!”

Xu Zirong was not frightened at all, but his smile even became wider, “brother, let’s not waste a minute more…”

Xu Ziyan blushed, but he finally gritted his teeth and ripped open the front of his shirt, revealing his broad chest.

Xu Zirong’s eyes flashed red, and he also unbuttoned his clothes and hugged his brother in his arms. The two of them were slightly staggered, yet their hearts were tightly pressed together.

Boom! Boom!

The heartbeats of the two quickly converged, and a layer of magnificent pink color slowly emerged from Xu Zirong’s fair skin.

“Are you sure that you won’t harm your body with this secret method…” Xu Ziyan suddenly became worried.

“Brother, don’t worry.” Xu Zirong’s breath lightly hit Xu Ziyan’s ears, making his heart itch. “This is actually not a secret technique. The Blood Sea Heart Sutra can be transformed into a sea of ​​​​blood when you have cultivated it to a certain extent. It’s just that I have used your power to advance a little bit earlier. Even if there is some damage, it will not hurt the root…also…”

Xu Zirong smiled sweetly, “brother, if you want…we can also make it up with a lot of dual cultivation.”

Xu Ziyan: … Hell! Can this kid behave normally once? Haven’t they done dual cultivation enough? If they really had to count, they’d already surpassed the times when the Emperor missed his morning meetings…

Ahem…and if cultivators didn’t generally have better health, they would have died long ago!

Xu Ziyan tightly closed his mouth, he shouldn’t have asked that stupid question!

Who is Xu Zirong? That was lord of blood in his previous life! He’d been vigilant at all times, and if it’s not a matter of life and death, never would he use those tricks which might get himself hurt.

Little by little, his body turned into a sea of blood, and Xu Ziyan watched Xu Zirong disappear in front of him, feeling incredibly strange.

Even if he knew that the sea of blood in front of him was Xu Zirong, it was still terrifying to watch such a big living human being slowly melt away.

Fortunately, he could still feel the location of Xu Zirong’s blood core, otherwise this scene would have made him devastated…

Following Xu Zirong’s instructions, he slowly merged his pathetic divine consciousness into this sea of blood.

The two brothers had already been connected by a blood contract, and they also had the blessings of multiple contracts of the destiny red rope and dual cultivation, which made his divine consciousness almost melt into this sea of blood without any hindrance.

The sea of blood slowly spread, and Xu Ziyan’s divine consciousness also continued to spread as the sea of blood spread, and he soon came into contact with the first vortex.

It was a very small vortex, only less than the thickness of a bowl, but Xu Ziyan witnessed how his magic weapon was cut into pieces by it…

He used his divine consciousness to make contact and his spells to control, and soon, he moved this vortex away little by little, revealing a very narrow gap.

Xu Ziyan used the sea of blood to continue contacting other vortices, and soon he opened up a passage that’s wide enough for him to pass through alone.

The ever-spreading sea of blood slowly shrank back, but it did not change back into a human form. Instead, it wrapped around Xu Ziyan’s body and quickly passed through the passage that had just been temporarily cleared.

Since the vortices at the bottom of the river were constantly moving, after they passed through, the passage was blocked by other vortices. The further down he went, the faster these vortices moved, and Xu Ziyan was almost hurt by those that came in later.

Fortunately, Xu Zirong’s sea of blood was powerful enough, and Xu Ziyan was rolled out from the edge of the vortex several times.

After they passed through that large area with dense vortices, Xu Zirong’s face turned terrifyingly pale after returning to his human form.

“How are you?” Xu Ziyan was taken aback. He ignored his half-naked body and kept stroking and checking on Xu Zirong’s body.

“Hmm…” Xu Zirong looked a little painful and he responded weakly, “I’m fine…”

“You’re lying!” Xu Ziyan was angry, “how come you’re like this if you’re fine?”

“It’s really not a big deal.” Xu Zirong tried his best to squeeze a smile, “it’s just that I lost too much essence blood as I was trying to protect you…”

“Then what should I do? Do you want me to share some essence blood for you?” Xu Ziyan was anxious, he naturally knew the extent of danger just now, but Xu Zirong was moving very fast at the time, and he didn’t realize about the big loss of essence blood.

“No…Actually…we have other methods.” Xu Zirong said in a weak tone, grabbing his brother’s wrist.

“What methods?”

“Brother…” Xu Zirong took his hand and slowly, pressed it on his bottom part…

Xu Ziyan, “…”

! ! !

“Brother… I’m seriously hurt…” Xu Zirong covered his chest and looked at his brother with sad eyes.

Xu Ziyan was resolute and speechless. He was thinking that perhaps Xu Zirong’s behavior was a bit of a show, yet he could never fake his pale face.

The expression on Xu Ziyan’s face changed several times, and in the end, he gritted his teeth and tore off his robe…

…I am a dividing line of harmony, you know that well…

After about an hour, Xu Zirong dissipated the surrounding blood curtain, there was an  indescribable contentment on his face.

Xu Ziyan’s face turned slightly red, and he tugged at his shirt in embarrassment. He didn’t know what method Zirong was using, but he left a lot of marks on his body that couldn’t be removed by magic.

Xu Ziyan felt that his head was going to explode when he thought about how Xu Zirong kissed his neck hard when they were doing it. They were initially there to get a treasure yet they ended up leaving such a trace, was he going to announce to everybody what they’d been doing?

He glared at Xu Zirong fiercely, and received a sweet blowing kiss from him.

Xu Ziyan, “…”

In the end, Xu Ziyan still had to use violence, forcing Xu Zirong to remove the two most conspicuous hickeys on his neck, as for the ones under the clothes—→. → just let them be…

In a corner that Xu Ziyan couldn’t see, Xu Zirong narrowed his eyes slightly, looking at the inconspicuous mark behind his brother’s ear, smiling with extreme satisfaction…

The process of subduing the Nine-Turn Styx bead went smoothly. Although they encountered several attacks, they managed to survive in the end.

The entire river included three parts – the river water, the Styx cars and the bead. Among these three, the Styx carp was the soul of the river. Since the soul had already surrendered to Xu Ziyan, there was naturally no problem in conquering the bead as well.

“So, is this thing the legendary Nine-Turn Styx bead?” Xu Ziyan still felt a little weird when he was looking at the dark and inconspicuous bead.

Xu Zirong had never seen the real Nine-Turn Styx bead, but according to the one mentioned in the ancient book, it was indeed supposed to be “black and dull, like an ordinary item”.

After subduing the Styx carp and the Nine-Turn Styx bead, the entire Nine-Turn Styx River belonged to Xu Ziyan.

In the past, they still needed special techniques to control those vortices, but now he only needed a simple thought to move those vortices away, so that they could make way for Xu Ziyan.


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