Chapter 269

“Wait a minute.” Xu Zirong suddenly stopped Xu Ziyan, who was about to leave.

“What’s the matter?” Xu Ziyan raised an eyebrow.

“I don’t know what will happen next. This Nine-Turn Styx River is still safe for us. Brother, why don’t you refine the artifact spirit and the gilt horn bow together?”

Xu Ziyan was stunned for a moment, as he hadn’t expected that Xu Zirong would choose this time to let him improve his strength.

However, it seemed normal after thinking about it. They still needed to improve their level of cultivation, and Xu Ziyan wouldn’t dare doing so without some spiritual fruits.

The fate of the queen of human-faced spiders still looked vivid in their eyes, and who could guarantee that the blood dragon wouldn’t lower its standard and end up devouring cultivators of golden core?

It was a very dangerous thing to raise one’s cultivation base nowadays, but they could also do so through upgrading their weapons.

“Are we going to refine here?” Xu Ziyan looked at the surrounding environment. Since he had already controlled the entire Nine-turn Styx River, the surrounding black water would no longer limit his vision, and since he was in the river, he’d already understood the situation of the whole river like the palm of his hand, and he didn’t have to worry about anyone disturbing him.

After hesitating for a while, Xu Ziyan agreed. Although it would take some time to refine the tool spirit, it’s still worth having an increased extent of strength.

Regarding that Xi Yanliu, who had been waiting for him so bitterly, it wouldn’t hurt to let her wait for a little longer. →. →

After placing the gilt horn bow and the magical treasure shard containing the tool spirit beside him, Xu Ziyan picked out some of the materials he had collected before to upgrade the gilt horn bow from Mr. Little Square.

Wutong wood, Thunder stone, Hundred-refining red sand, the back tendons of four-winged owl…There were a dozen or so materials of different types.

Some of these materials could be used to upgrade bowstrings, while others could be used to upgrade bow bodies. However, since Xu Ziyan hadn’t decided which way to upgrade the gilded horn bow, it all depended on how he’d choose based on their attributes.

Xu Ziyan sat cross-legged and picked up the gilt horn bow first.

This longbow was the first weapon he used, and the only one. Actually, he refined it with his hands bit by bit, starting from the bow tire.

Xu Ziyan didn’t have any talent for refining weapons, but the jade slip that recorded the nine transformations of Purple Night specifically provided a refining method for this gilded horn bow.

It was a simple method, and the materials needed at the beginning were also very cheap. Nonetheless, as the refiner’s strength increased, the materials required would get more precious in order to increase the power of the bow.

Xu Ziyan picked up the horned bow and slowly stroked it. Although this horned bow had accompanied him for nearly a decade and it didn’t produce any artifact spirit, he felt connected with it.

After putting down the horn bow, Xu Ziyan picked up the piece of the artifact spirit again, which had already lost the protective function. Also, since it hadn’t received spiritual power for so many years, the artifact spirit has fallen into an extremely weak state, let alone resisting any attacks. If it dragged on for a few more years, the artifact spirit would probably be annihilated by itself.

Xu Ziyan calmed down and probed his divine consciousness into the fragment of the magic weapon. A small bead of light shrank in the corner of the fragment and did not move. Xu Ziyan’s divine consciousness extended over and touched it lightly, but the bead of light was just like a thirsty traveler in the desert, rushing towards Xu Ziyan’s divine consciousness as if it’d seen the water source.

As soon as his divine consciousness came into contact, Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but twitch the corners of his mouth…

There was no resistance, no struggle at all. The artifact spirit was almost actively attached to Xu Ziyan’s divine consciousness, and it was very happy to be “caught” .

“Zirong!” Xu Ziyan shouted in a low voice.

Xu Zirong immediately stepped forward knowingly and released real fire.

With Little Greenie in Xu Ziyan’s body, he couldn’t use other spells, so every time Xu Ziyan refined the gilt horn bow, he had to work with Xu Zirong.

Putting the horn bow on the flame, the golden horn bow was soon melted into a golden ball by the bright red flame.

Xu Ziyan divided his divine consciousness into two strands, one wrapped around the artifact spirit, and the other plunged into the liquid gold to observe the refining of the horn bow at any time.

Every once in a while, he put one of the surrounding materials into the gold liquid, which continued to tumble and change on the flame, and the color also deepened with the increase of materials.

When he threw in the last bit of ingredient, the golden stuff boiled violently and the color turned dark golden, which almost spattered from Xu Zirong’s hand.

“Be careful!” Xu Ziyan was instantly shocked. It wasn’t the first time he and Xu Zirong cooperated in refining horn bows, but it was the first time such a situation had occurred.

“It’s alright, just continue, brother!” Xu Zirong’s expression did not change, but he increased the speed of his output of spiritual power, causing the flame in his hand to jump up by a large chunk, almost encasing the dark golden body in it.

Xu Ziyan glanced at Xu Zirong. Although Xu Zirong didn’t say anything, he could see from Zirong’s slightly wet hair that his spiritual power was not sufficient to last for too long, and he had to speed up.

Xu Ziyan took a deep breath and moved faster on his hands.

One after another, purple thunder snakes were bounced into the ball, and they slowly merged with it. In this way, the horn bow could perfectly carry his power. After all, this thunder spell was extremely destructive and had extremely high requirements for the carrying capacity of the weapon.

Xu Zirong’s forehead was sweating a little, but his hands did not tremble at all. The fiercely burning flames did not weaken in the slightest.

Xu Ziyan constantly adjusted the shape of the longbow with his divine consciousness, and at the same time seized the opportunity to punch the artifact into it before the bow tire was formed.

After entering the bow tire, the weak artifact spirit immediately fell into a state of frenzy. It desperately absorbed the energy in the bow tire to strengthen itself, and almost caught Xu Ziyan by surprise, making this refining effort fall short.

Fortunately, Xu Ziyan reacted so quickly that he couldn’t be bothered about wasting the medicinal pill, so he swallowed a bottle of nourishing essence pill in one go…

“Huh, how dangerous.” Holding the already formed dark golden longbow, Xu Ziyan let out a sigh of relief.

It was a dangerous moment when the artifact spirit entered the bow tire. Although he had made preparations, he did not expect the artifact spirit to absorb so much energy.

However, the more energy it drew, the more powerful it became before it was damaged, and it was able to digest so much energy. Xu Ziyan started looking forward to seeing the kind of strength that the artifact spirit could demonstrate.

He clenched the dark-gold horn bow, and gently pulled his fingers on the bowstring—

There’s no response.

Let’s pull again!

Still not responding.

Xu Ziyan suddenly felt uncomfortable. Even if there was no artifact spirit, he should be able to inject his spiritual power into the horn bow, but what was going on then? Why couldn’t he even inject his spiritual power? This dark golden horn bow just seemed to have become the most ordinary bow.

He worked hard to collect so many materials, and even came up with an artifact spirit. He even almost fell short when he added the artifact spirit, and there’s finally such a result?

Are you kidding me?!

“What happened, brother?”

Xu Zirong asked with a frown after seeing the reaction of his brother.

“My horn bow doesn’t respond. I can’t inject my spiritual power.” Xu Ziyan’s face looked gloomy. He originally wanted to increase his strength but the result didn’t meet his expectations.

Xu Zirong frowned even more, “is there something wrong with the process just now?”

Xu Ziyan thought for a while, then shook his head, “no, it’s the same as usual, and in the end I clearly felt that the artifact spirit had entered the bow body.”

Xu Zirong’s eyebrows twitched, and he squinted after having thought of something, “could it be that the artifact spirit is playing with us?”

Xu Ziyan was stunned for a moment and he replied slightly blankly, “no way, what’s the benefit of doing this?”

Xu Zirong’s mouth twitched, “who knows? As there is no problem with the refining process, the only problem that may arise is naturally the artifact. Brother, try to communicate with him first.”


Xu Ziyan closed his eyes and tried to communicate with the spirit in the horn bow. After a while, he raised his head in disbelief and looked at Xu Zirong with a strange expression, “it…it actually dislikes my low strength and thinks that I am not worthy to control it. .”

Xu Zirong’s gaze turned cold after hearing so, and even Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but shiver after seeing his look.

Oops! This little brat will go nuts soon…

“Not worthy?” Xu Zirong smiled playfully and his eyes looked frightening, “there is nothing that my brother is not worthy of.”

Xu Ziyan blushed – he didn’t know how to react with his younger brother admiring him so much…

Xu Zirong looked at the bow even more coldly, “you’re just an artifact spirit and even half-crippled. Without my brother, you would be destined to be annihilated in that piece of debris. Now that you have a new body, how dare you refuse your master’s control? What’s the use of keeping useless stuff like you?”

Before he finished speaking, he opened his hand slightly and held the dark golden horned bow in his hand. He started releasing blood mist and he was going to destroy this longbow altogether.

Xu Ziyan looked at his reddish eyes and gave up on the thought of persuading Xu Zirong.

Destroy it! Destroy it!

They might just collect new materials and start the whole refining process again. It’d be better not to have a disobedient artifact spirit.


The dark golden horn bow struggled violently in Xu Zirong’s hands, and the dark red blood mist had begun to corrode the smooth bow body.

Without the protection of the master, the weapon was just a weapon in the end. Even if it possessed the spirit of an artifact, it wouldn’t be able to escape Xu Zirong’s deliberate destruction.

The artifact spirit in the bow tire was completely dumbfounded. Originally, it thought that with the preciousness of the artifact spirit, the new master would definitely treasure it. It hadn’t expected that the new master was so difficult to deal with and didn’t even give a chance for negotiation.

After staying in that fragment for so long, it finally obtained a new shelter. Of course, this artifact did not want to be destroyed like this, so it could only beg Xu Ziyan for mercy, hoping to keep its life. It even guaranteed that it’d follow all of Xu Ziyan’s instructions in the future…


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