Chapter 271

After looking at Xi Yanliu’s delicate face, then at Xu Zirong’s astonishing appearance——

The little girl, “…”

Wei Qing and the others, “…”

It’s completely impossible to refute…

Xi Yanliu thought, “ (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻Damn it! How is it possible? My real looks are not inferior to his one bit, okay?”

The little girl looked confused, as she really wanted to refute Xu Ziyan, but after looking at Xu Zirong, she started assuming that nobody would really be interested in that sister anymore…

Ahem, of course! She was by no means saying that the older sister didn’t look gorgeous, but it’s still not enough when comparing to that of Xu Zirong…

There was a kind of weird silence. Wei Qing and Le Hu didn’t say anything, they both knew about the relationship of the Xu brothers for a long time.

Although Xia Rongsheng found the two brothers a little strange, he only regarded it as one of the means of Xu Ziyan…

Of course, Mao Da would not take the lead in this kind of thing. He merely stood silently on the side. Only Mao Er couldn’t help but whispered, “so what if he’s good-looking? He’s still a guy after all…”


Mao Da slapped Mao Er’s head with an expressionless face, and Mao Er pouted, looking in grief.

On the contrary, the little girl’s eyes suddenly flashed, “oh! That’s totally right! He’s a guy and of course he cannot be compared to sister!”

Mao Da’s cheeks twitched, and he twisted his brother’s waist fiercely. He was really puzzled, as he couldn’t understand why his brother could be stupid like that while they were raised by the same parents…

He’d better teach him a lesson before bringing him out next time, or his brother would bring him more troubles!

“I’m sorry, I failed in teaching my brother. He was too rude.” Mao Da nodded apologetically towards Xu Ziyan, turned and raised his hand to cast a spell, blocking Mao Er’s mouth.

Mao Er, “…”

Xu Ziyan smiled and didn’t care too much. Originally, he didn’t expect to fool the little girl with just words.

He smiled at the little girl, and he’d gained a good impression thanks to his good looks.

“Little girl, do you actually know her identity?” He pointed to Xi Yanliu.

The little girl paused and shook her head slightly.

“Then why do you trust her so much? Didn’t your master tell you that you can’t trust the others easily when you’re outside?”

The little girl suddenly showed signs of hesitation. It seemed that her master was not so unreliable. He had obviously reminded her before she went out, yet she still got fooled by Xi Yanliu because of her lack of experience.

“Hey, look, your master has already said so. How can you still trust this woman so easily? You should pay attention to it. Although we locked her up, we didn’t treat her unreasonably. See, all of her clothes are still there. If we really want to abuse her, why would we go through the trouble of putting her in a cage?”

The little girl hesitated for a while, then looked at Xi Yanliu and Xu Ziyan, her wrist holding a sword was obviously moving downwards.

After seeing so, Xu Ziyan hurriedly continued his effort, “also, see how numerous we are, if we’re really evil people, could we still be bothered to tell you so much? We might as well arrest and detain you since it’s a lot easier.”

The little girl’s wrist dropped a little further, and her eyes were full of suspicion when she looked at Xi Yanliu.

Xi Yanliu looked at her expressionlessly, she knew that her plan had completely failed, or that she had basically given up when Wei Qing and the others appeared.

Her original plan was to let the little girl control Zuo Shen, so that she could take advantage of this opportunity to escape from the damn cage. She hadn’t expected Wei Qing and the others would return so quickly, sabotaging her plan entirely.

Her actions later were just supposed to add more obstacles to Xu Ziyan. Her reputation was already jeopardized as she’s a demon cultivator and with Wuji Demon Woman as her master. However, the Xu brothers were righteous cultivators of the Liu Guang sect and they couldn’t afford bearing the blame of having raped a female cultivator.

Things sometimes go against a person’s wishes. The Xu brothers had already seen through her plan earlier. It’d be redundant for her to pretend any further, since the little girl was already hesitant.

“You…how could you do this?” The little girl’s face turned red with anger. Judging from Xi Yanliu’s actions, she knew that she’d been lied to even though she’s still inexperienced.

For a little girl who grew up under the care of her master and had never been exposed to shady stuff, it was hard for her to imagine that there would be a female cultivator deceiving her.

“So what about me? Little sister, I didn’t say anything!” Xi Yanliu smiled lightly and spread her hands open.

The little girl didn’t know what to say. After recalling Xi Yanliu’s previous actions, she had to admit that Xi Yanliu really hadn’t said that she became their target of rape, yet her expressions, gestures and movements all implied the same.

“You…you…” The little girl was furious. It was a big blow for her since she was deceived for her righteousness.

“Bitch? That’s what you wanted to say, right?” Xi Yanliu raised her eyebrows and kindly completed the second half of the sentence.

“You…you…” The little girl stammered, as if she didn’t expect Xi Yanliu to say that.

Xi Yanliu pursed her lips, raised her hand and straightened her hair, “little sister, you are still too naive! God knows how much worse stuff I’ve already heard of. You’d better return to your sect as you might be trafficked away if you wander around alone.”

Little girl, “…”

Xi Yanliu didn’t have the patience to appease the aggrieved little girl anymore. She hated the type of girls who were always cared for and protected.

“Hey! Now you should let me out too.” Xi Yanliu looked at Xu Ziyan with a displeased expression. After they came out of the Nine Turn Styx River smoothly, it meant that they had taken control of the bead, but she wasn’t sure whether they’d seen the carp. She might still have a chance if they hadn’t…

“Let you go? I think you were quite happy inside, why would you want to come out?” Xu Ziyan said coldly. Nobody would look nice when he’s accused of being a rapist.

Xi Yanliu rolled her eyes, “come on, I’m a demon cultivator, do you still expect me to stay here obediently? Besides, didn’t I run out? Now that you guys are out too, you should let me out too. Right?”

Xu Ziyan pouted, he didn’t like this woman who was full of lies at all, but he really couldn’t keep her trapped forever. After thinking about it, he discussed with Xu Zirong and decided to let her out.

“Stingy man.” Xi Yanliu bit her lip and glared at Xu Zirong hatefully.

Xu Zirong was extremely vigilant. While letting her out, he actually hid a trap. Although she managed to escape, her dress was almost totally torn by those intractable thorns. Now that her clothes were all tattered, she looked just like a beggar and it really made her mad.

“How is it? Wei Qing, cultivator Xia, have you found out anything?” Xu Ziyan ignored the woman and turned to ask Wei Qing and the others.

Xi Yanliu showed an angry look, but she was approaching the black river without leaving any traces.

Xu Zirong glanced at him with a sarcastic smile. The woman was probably still interested in the Styx carp, but she didn’t know that the entire Nine-Turn Styx River was already under his brother’s control, and the little carp already entered his brother’s dantian for a long while. Still, he’d like to see what tricks the woman would use to attract the Styx carp!

Xu Ziyan and Wei Qing were discussing the way out, while Xu Zirong and Zuo Shen had been monitoring Xi Yanliu closely.

The little girl, who had been ignored since just now, bit her lower lip in embarrassment. She wanted to say something, but she felt really shy.

In this dangerous secret passage, she had also experienced a lot of hard battles to survive. If she hadn’t been deceived by Xi Yanliu, she would have hoped to be with these people, but with the experience just now, she really didn’t have face to make such a request…

After angrily kicking the soil with her toes, the little girl was extremely depressed at this time. If she could return to her sect, she’d really argue with her master, as female cultivators could be as unreliable as the male ones!

“Are you saying that there’s a large cave in the west, and there is a huge aura coming from it?” Xu Ziyan asked with a frown.

“Yes.” Wei Qing nodded, “but that aura is very strange. I feel that it is a surge of cold air but Le Hu told me that it felt hot and strong.”

After a pause, he continued, “I found that aura so peculiar that I dared not approach at all. I just decided to come back and discuss with you before making a decision.”

Xu Ziyan nodded and looked in the direction of Xia Rongsheng and the others.

Xia Rongsheng shook his head, “there is nothing in the direction we were exploring.”

“In other words, we can only go there…” Xu Ziyan frowned.

“No matter what, let’s take a look first,” Xu Zirong suddenly suggested.

Xu Ziyan nodded, “alright, no matter what, this is still a way out. I just don’t know what is waiting for us at the end of it.” He showed a wry smile, as it really felt bad having to find ways of survival in desperation.

They decided to go to that strange cave. Xu Ziyan just wanted to turn around and ask Zuo Shen to tag along, but he suddenly felt a thought from Xu Zirong.

He raised his head in surprise and looked at Xu Zirong, who winked at him.

Silently turning his face away, Xu Ziyan held back his smile and manipulated the water of the Styx River with the Nine-Turn Styx bead, forming a small vortex under Xi Yanliu.

There was a green leaf hidden in her palm. She seemed to be washing her hands with the river, but she was actually constantly using her spiritual power to stimulate the extremely pure wood-type spiritual power on the leaf.

In that ancient book, it was mentioned that the Styx carp had almost no resistance to pure five-elemental spiritual power. The purer the five-element spiritual power was, the higher the chance to attract the Styx carp.

The leaf on Xi Yanliu’s hand came from a ten thousand-year-old tree that was about to die. This ancient tree condensed all its essence on this leaf. The wood-type spiritual power contained in this leaf was at least ten or twenty times stronger than that of the wood-type spiritual fruit that Xu Zirong had previously eaten!


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