Chapter 272

Originally, Xi Yanliu would definitely hide away such a good thing, but for the sake of the Styx carp, she could only act ruthlessly and take out this treasure at the bottom of the chest.

“Hope you won’t let me down!” Xi Yanliu whispered, fiddling with her wrist in the water, creating layers of waves, trying to make the wood-type spiritual power spread further.

Xu Ziyan listened to Xu Zirong and secretly rubbed a tiny vortex under Xi Yanliu’s hand. This vortex was only the size of a palm, but it was in very high speed. Xi Yanliu’s eyes became a lot brighter, as if she had discovered some kind of rarest treasure on Earth!

Feeling the touch on the back of her hand, Xi Yanliu was instantly ecstatic, but she didn’t dare to show the slightest bit of joy on her face.

She lightly scratched the leaf with her fingertips, and a trace of green juice flowed out from the scratches, exuding a more intense kind of wood-type spiritual power.

Xi Yanliu found it a little pitiful, but this leaf had condensed the essence of ten thousand years. The juice that was flowing out was as worthy as many Yuan replenishing pills, and it was a pure elixir with no side effects. However, in order to get the carp, something’s got to give!

Xu Ziyan looked embarrassed. As the current master of the Nine-Turn Styx River, he knew exactly what Xi Yanliu was attempting to do. Since it was so clear, he couldn’t help but start cursing this woman!

Those juices wouldn’t go wasted if there was really a carp inside, but there was only a small vortex that he simulated, and all the scattered wood-type spiritual power was wasted!

In Xu Ziyan’s opinion, instead of letting Xi Yanliu continue to waste the spiritual power on the leaves, it would be better to leave him to Zirong to increase his level of cultivation!

So let’s just do it!

At this time, Xu Ziyan didn’t intend to use that little vortex to seduce her anymore, so he expanded it directly and rolled Xi Yanliu’s palm into it.

“Ah!” Xi Yanliu exclaimed and pulled out her hand abruptly.

The slender and beautiful palm was dripping with blood, and the green leaf simply vanished!

“How could this be?” Xi Yanliu exclaimed, covering her hands.

It was only mentioned on the ancient book that the Styx carp liked pure five-elemental spiritual power, and one could use the five-elemental spiritual fruit to control it, yet it wasn’t mentioned that it’d bite people.

“What’s going on?” Xu Zirong looked over impatiently, pretending to look puzzled.

“It’s alright.” Xi Yanliu gritted her teeth angrily. Not only did she fail to attract the carp, but she also lost a treasure. It was also beyond torturing that she couldn’t tell anyone what it was!

“Damn little bastard, wait ‘til I catch you!” Xi Yanliu naturally blamed her encounter on Styx Carp. From her point of view, it was clearly the Styx carp who had eaten her treasure and refused to admit. Not only did it rob her treasure, but it also refused to recognize her as the master!

(The little carp in Xu Ziyan’s Dantian sneezed suddenly and looked around blankly. The little snail patted its head with its tentacles, and they continued to play happily…)

After furiously releasing several attack spells towards the river, Xi Yanliu was desperately hoping to kill that damn carp!

Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong watched aside with cold eyes and snickered secretly. As soon as the small vortex swept away the leaves, they instantly moved the thing away. Now the side in front of Xi Yanliu and under the water was completely empty!

“Have you created enough troubles?” Wei Qing asked with a serious look. Shouldn’t this woman know what place it was? Wasn’t she worried to attract some powerful monsters by having such vigorous movement?

Xi Yanliu bit her lower lip, staring at the river angrily. No matter how unwilling she was, she could only turn her head and follow Xu Ziyan and the others to leave.

After seeing them leave, the little girl hesitated for a while and finally followed. She chose to keep a distance, so that she wouldn’t lose sight of them nor make them become cautious of her.

Wei Qing frowned, looking at Xi Yanliu with lots of doubt in his mind. He didn’t think this woman was a fool, meaning that there had to be reasons for her actions.

He narrowed his eyes, stared at the calm river and had a lot of doubts in mind. He turned his head and glanced at Xu Ziyan, who gave him a reassuring look in return.

Raising his eyebrows slightly, the corners of Wei Qing’s mouth raised. He thought that perhaps something good was going to happen…

“Why are you having such a disgusting smile?” Le Hu had been following Wei Qing, he had goosebumps all over his body after seeing Wei Qing’s weird smile.

It’s that smile! Whenever Wei Qing had bad intentions, there would be such an expression! As an unlucky guy who once suffered from it, he had no idea how many times he’d been dragged into troubles. It had even become an automatic reaction for him to cover his butt first, no matter what…

Wei Qing withdrew his gaze on Xi Yanliu, turned his head and looked at Le Hu up and down. Then, the corner of his mouth raised slightly again…

What the hell! Something must have gone wrong!

The expression on Le Hu’s face froze. He turned his face sharply, strode forward, and quickly caught up to Xia Rongsheng’s side. He ignored the enthusiastic gaze on his back as much as possible, and chatted with Xia Rongsheng about cultivation.

(Xia Rongsheng: = = Strange, why do I feel so cold on my back?)

After walking for a while, the group then saw a huge cave. As Wei Qing and the others said, the entrance of this cave was wide enough to accommodate more than a dozen people when they entered side by side. The breath escaped from the depths of the cave made them feel really uncomfortable.

“Is this…” Xia Rongsheng frowned and carefully distinguished, “why do I feel that there is some phantom-like energy in it?”

“What? Phantom? I don’t think so. I think it is a very strong earth-type spiritual energy.” Mao Er was also carefully distinguishing, but his feeling was completely different from that of Xia Rongsheng. Mao Da nodded when he heard so, and it seemed that he shared the same feeling of Mao Er.

“I think it’s the cold air.” Wei Qing felt it again, and he still thought that he’s right.

“No, it’s the energy of the fierce Yang.” Le Hu shook his head.

“What about you? What do you think” Wei Qing looked at the Xu brothers.

Xu Zirong’s expression was quite normal – under normal circumstances, he kept his facial expression unchanged and he wouldn’t show any unnecessary expressions. However, Xu Ziyan looked quite abnormal. He looked really stiff and the corners of his eyes seemed to be twitching as well.

“Brother?” After noticing his brother’s abnormality, Xu Zirong grabbed his hand and asked.

“I’m fine.” Xu Ziyan rubbed his forehead forcefully, he really didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

It’s strange to say that entering this True Dragon maze turned out to be a big crisis for everyone, but Xu Ziyan indeed gained a lot of benefits from the beginning to the end.

They included the little divine tree, the materials from the queen of human-faced spiders of nascent soul, as well as the Nine-Turn Styx River and the small carp that he’d just acquired, all of which would cause quite a bit of trouble outside, but he’d got them all unintentionally.

On his way, he had already put the Nine-Turn Styx River into the bead. If they suddenly returned to the original place, they would probably see that the black river had completely vanished, leaving a dried course…

Originally, he had wanted to put the Nine-Turn Styx River into Mr. Little Square, but as soon as he put it in, the Nine-Turn Styx River would spontaneously spit out the water of the river, which really shocked Xu Ziyan.

This river water could nourish the artifact spirits, but it couldn’t nourish other things. Besides, there was not even a container in Mr. Little Square at this time. If the river water was integrated into the land, it might even flood Mr. Little Square, causing a huge loss.

Although Mr. Little Square didn’t seem useful besides its use for planting (Mr. Little Square: qaq), it was still Xu Ziyan’s golden finger. He really wouldn’t want to see it destroyed.

The changes that followed shocked Xu Ziyan even more. Before the water fell to the ground, there was a huge deep pool inside Mr. Little Square.

The jet-black river water all fell into the deep pool, and even the Nine-Turn Styx River sank to the bottom of the pool spontaneously, leaving no movement at all.

Xu Ziyan: …Damn it! Mr. Square is just too smart, right? It even took the initiative to dig a hole for the new river…

(Mr. Little Square:…)

Immediately afterwards, the small sacred tree that had been living next to the spiritual spring also gave birth to a thick root system, which went through all the thorns and extended from the underground to the side of the Styx River.

Xu Ziyan was shocked by the huge changes that happened in Mr. Little Square, as he didn’t expect that it would undergo such a big change after the evolution.

Anyway, he had never heard of any cultivator’s space that could evolve. Usually, it could only be made larger after the cultivator used various heaven and earth treasures to expand it. None of those spaces would adapt to its owner’s needs so proactively like Mr. Little Square!

Xu Ziyan couldn’t contain the excitement in his heart!

Of course, Xu Ziyan wouldn’t show such a weird expression if those were the only changes, but just after he came into contact with the breath in the cave, the little divine tree in Mr. Little Square immediately danced with excitement and kept waving its branch, proving its existence in front of Xu Ziyan!

I want! I want! I want!

There’s good stuff in there!

These two thoughts kept repeating in Xu Ziyan’s mind, the tender voice kept shouting, giving Xu Ziyan a headache. It’s just like a spoilt brat crying for a gift, making Xu Ziyan really want to beat it.  = =

The little divine tree: qaq

“Okay, why don’t you tell me what’s in there?” Xu Ziyan scratched his head in distress, communicating with the little divine tree in his mind.

The little divine tree was confused. It only knew that the content in it was of great benefit to it, but it didn’t know what it was. ╮(╯_╰)╭

“Is there any danger inside?” Xu Ziyan continued to ask. After all, this little divine tree was separated from the divine book. Even if the divine tree was not talented, it was supposed to have inherited a lot of knowledge.


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