Chapter 273

After Xu Ziyan dismissed the little divine tree and told others what he knew, he immediately attracted their attention.

Who doesn’t want a piece of treasure? Also, it must be an extremely powerful treasure since it was emitting such great power.

Of course, Xia Rongsheng and the others were also very self-aware, and they would definitely not get the treasure given their level of strength. However, Xu Ziyan wouldn’t have any issues acquiring it.

Wei Qing, on the other hand, showed his true character as a local tyrant, and he didn’t care about treasures at all. Besides, with his good relationship with Xu Ziyan, he would definitely get a good share too if Xu Ziyan got hold of it.

Everyone walked in and discussed with great interest, as they were wondering what kind of treasure could exude such a powerful five-elemental force.

However, Xi Yanliu looked twisted, as she knew very well that she could never get this treasure given how soar her relationship with these people were.

“Ziyan.” Wei Qing pulled Xu Ziyan’s sleeve, while Xu Zirong rolled his eyes at him.

Wei Qing thought, “can we still get on well with each other or not? I was only pulling his sleeves, why are you staring at me already?”

“What?” Xu Ziyan looked up at him.

Wei Qing winked, and both of them slowed down.

“About that woman, what do you intend to do about her?” Wei Qing raised his chin towards Xi Yanliu’s back.

Xu Ziyan frowned. In fact, he was also thinking about the same issue.

It was originally not a big deal to save Xi Yanliu, he could simply treat it as a daily good deed, but Xi Yanliu wasn’t a woman with good intentions. Now she already knew that they had an important treasure, she’d definitely want it if she could ever get out.

Xu Ziyan didn’t want to be remembered by such a woman, but he couldn’t let her keep the secret either as she’s got no credibility.

Under the dilemma, Xu Ziyan didn’t know what to choose.

“Of course the best way is to shut her up forever.” Wei Qing said coldly, “but this woman’s teacher is the Wuji Demon Woman, and she must have a life-saving treasure. Besides, even if we manage to kill her, her master must have asked her to light up the soul lamp and she’ll see how she dies. That will give us enough troubles.”

“That’s what I’m worried about as well.” Xu Ziyan was also very distressed. The spell of soul lamp in the world of cultivation was an annoying one. All the scenes of Xi Yanliu dying would be seen by her master unless they could kill her without a trace.

It’s a little troublesome to be remembered by Xi Yanliu. After all, there was the threat of her master, and if she ever paid attention to them, it could get catastrophic. Also, if they didn’t handle it well, it could lead to the elimination of a whole sect.

Although Xu Ziyan despised Xu Xiao’s attitude towards his disciples, he had no resentment towards Xu Xiao. Anyway, after he was raised by the Xu family for so many years, he still had the consciousness of not bringing troubles to the Xu family.

“In this case…then only…” Wei Qing’s eyebrows twisted, he was searching inside his Ring of Nothingness and took out a little black worm.

Xu Ziyan: =?=

What the hell! The Blood Oath Worm! How could Wei Qing have such a thing?!

Wei Qing’s mouth twitched and he lowered his voice, “which big family wouldn’t hide away some treasure? This Blood Oath Worm is nothing crucial.”

Xu Ziyan:  …

Well, it would indeed be a compulsory lesson for sects to learn how to manipulate those whom they couldn’t kill. It’s only that there weren’t many families like the Wei’s who would deploy the Blood Oath Worm so directly.

This worm lived up to its name. Once someone took it, he would be considered to have made an oath. If he ever intended to betray the oath and tell some secret, then the worm would bite his heart and die with him.

However, there were also advantages with this Blood Oath Worm. That is, except for the secret that was set at the beginning, it would not hinder the cultivator at all. Many cultivators didn’t have any disgust towards it. However, it’s extremely hard to raise one, and small families usually couldn’t afford it.

“So, do you want to use it or not?” Wei Qing asked softly, holding the insect in his palm.

Xu Ziyan nodded without any objection. It would be the most suitable method to use this worm to effectively keep the secret without irritating Xi Yanliu.


Xu Zirong, who was paying attention to his brother, suddenly interrupted.

Wei Qing glanced at him, then saw a red dot fly down and merge with the little black worm.

Wei Qing was startled. Before the blood oath entered the body, it had extremely high requirements on the environment. It would die if the environment wasn’t suitable. Nonetheless, thanks to some secret method that Xu Zirong used, the Blood Oath Worm, which had integrated with the red dot, didn’t die. It also turned into bright red and got much thickened. It was crawling with excitement on Wei Qing’s palm and looked eager to try.

Wei Qing: …Damn it…how did Xu Zirong mutate my Blood Oath Worm?

“Okay. I gave that worm a drop of blood essence. Its power is now at least three times that of the past. If someone wants to forcibly remove it…hehe…” Xu Zirong wore an extremely ominous smile.

Wei Qing heard Xu Zirong’s laughter and silently lit a candle for Xi Yanliu in his heart.

Although this worm became so powerful, it wasn’t entirely impossible to remove it. It’s only that it’s extremely troublesome to look for its natural enemy and it required some luck. After all, Xi Yanliu was the only disciple of Wuji Demon Woman, and if she really had the enemy of the worm, then their secret would be exposed.

Wei Qing didn’t know what Xu Ziyan had gained just now, but he knew that a treasure that could exude such a strong power of the five elements must be something that even a deity cultivator would lust after.

Although those high-level cultivators usually didn’t look greedy at all, it’s only because the quality of the item wasn’t high enough.

If there was an Anti-Tribulation pill now, even Mahayana cultivators would fight to death for it…

So, if Xi Yanliu really got rid of the Blood Oath Worm and told her master about the five-elemental treasure, it would be the biggest trouble for them all!

However, with Xu Ziyan’s blessing, everything would be different now. The Blood Oath Worm had limited strength, and even if Xi Yanliu really got hold of the item, no one could be sure who’d lose in the end…

“Okay, let’s go. We’ll see when we see the treasure.” Xu Ziyan instructed Wei Qing to put away the worm that had grown in size. He turned around and left with Xu Zirong.

Wei Qing looked at the Blood Oath Worm and stared at it for a long while. In the end, he dared not put it back to its original nest.

This Blood Oath Worm looked ready to fight at first glance, but there were more than a dozen ordinary Blood Oath Worms in the nest. If they were all killed by this particular one, then he would be in big trouble.

After a few steps to catch up with the people in front of him, Xu Ziyan glanced at the back seemingly inadvertently.

The little girl who had a strong sense of justice disappeared at some point, which surprised Xu Ziyan. He thought that she would definitely follow them all the time. After all, no matter which aspect it was, she would surely survive if she followed them!

(At the entrance of the cave, the little girl, who was blocked by three blood monsters and a cluster of white flowers swaying back and forth, was crying without tears: qaq, didn’t you say that you guys are not bad people? Why did you block me outside? Bastard!!! I’m going to tell my master!!!)

Xu Zirong had been in a great mood ever since he entered the cave. Although Xu Ziyan didn’t know why he looked so cheerful, he somehow felt that it had something to do with the little girl who disappeared…

The group approached quickly, since they had already explored the way when they arrived. Mao Da and Mao Er had been holding the shield, walking in front of them.

Xu Ziyan expanded his divine consciousness to the max. He was wondering whether it was his illusion, but the intensity of his divine consciousness seemed to have increased after integrating with Xu Zirong’s blood sea under the water.

“Stop!” Xu Ziyan frowned and yelled.

Everyone immediately took a defensive array, and the tiger head on the shield of Mao Da and Mao Er had already trembled slightly, with a tendency to roar out of the shield.

“There is no way ahead.” Xu Ziyan said to everyone.

“I’ll go take a look.” Xia Rongsheng suggested that he explore the way. Since they entered this secret passage, they hadn’t exerted their maximum strength as casual cultivators. They had been the ones to get protection since the beginning, and if they still didn’t act more proactively in front of a great treasure, they couldn’t allow themselves to just take the share if Xu Ziyan offered them later.

“Go ahead, be careful, there seems to be something wrong with that rock wall. It repels my divine consciousness.” Xu Ziyan nodded. He also understood what Xia Rongsheng meant by doing so and he didn’t want to dissuade him.

Xia Rongsheng smiled, turned and walked towards the front. Mao Da and Mao Er looked at each other and Mao Da shook his head gently. Mao Er suppressed his thoughts and squatted in front of his brother with his shield upright.

After a while, Xia Rongsheng came back with a solemn expression, “there are no traps around, the rock wall that blocks the way is just covered with a layer of stone, and the material of the facade is neither gold nor jade. I can’t really see what it is.”

“In that case…” Xu Ziyan pondered for a while, “then let’s go over and have a look together.” Afterwards, he winked at Wei Qing.

Wei Qing nodded and quietly stood three feet and one inch away from Xi Yanliu.

Xi Yanliu was already extremely sensitive, and now she instantly had goosebumps after she felt being watched at.

She glared at Wei Qing vigilantly and gritted her teeth for his vigilance.

No one got close to her when they were walking together, and now someone actually took some distance from her, he must have been sure that her killing range wouldn’t be far enough!

In fact, Xi Yanliu really didn’t have any plans to plot against them. First, she was also very curious about the treasures in this cave, though she might be able to hold one or two people as hostages, she would have to face the siege of other people.


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