Chapter 274

It would still be fine if it happened outside. After taking the hostages, her safety would then be reassured. However, their biggest enemy would be the monsters in this secret passage.

Those monsters wouldn’t care if they had hostages, as they were both food anyway…

Xi Yanliu felt resentful as she couldn’t snatch it herself, neither could she lower her level of vigilance.

Ever since she became a cultivator, she had been able to manipulate her male counterparts. It was her first time getting controlled by a man even more beautiful than her!

“What are you doing?” Xi Yanliu stared at Wei Qing and asked in a bad tone.

Wei Qing maintained an arrogant expression (that’s how he looked for outsiders anyway), “Ziyan is worried about your injury, so in order to prevent the battle that may happen next, he let me ‘protect’ you!” He also deliberately emphasized on the word “protect”.

“Thank you so much!” Xi Yanliu squeezed these words out of her teeth. Just admit that it’s surveillance! Obviously, they really wanted to prevent her from taking any further action.

“You’re welcome!” Wei Qing didn’t even have the slightest expression on his face, and he almost said, “just don’t bring more troubles to me.”

Le Hu noticed their conversation and slowed down his pace. He hesitated for a while, then leaned over, walked beside Wei Qing and asked casually, “what are you doing here?”

Wei Qing turned his head, his expressionless face instantly turned into a smile and he said, “Ziyan is afraid that this woman doesn’t act obediently and he asked me to watch her.”

Xi Yanliu heard them very clearly and she instantly understood everything!

(╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻Damn it, I’ll certainly revenge when I have a chance! You bunch of stinky guys!)

Xi Yanliu believed that she had discovered the truth about these stinky men!

No wonder no one treated her with compassion, and no wonder these people turned a blind eye to her appearance. It turned out that everyone there was gay!

(Xia Rongsheng, Mao Da and Mao Er suddenly had a knee pain…)


Xi Yanliu snorted coldly and turned her face to the side abruptly. She thought that it’s normal for these scumbags not to appreciate her softness as a woman.

Wei Qing glanced at her, feeling confused for her sudden cold attitude.

But he didn’t care too much, as she was already under their control, so there weren’t many tricks that she could play with.

“It’s here.” Xia Rongsheng’s words attracted everyone’s attention.

Xu Ziyan looked up and saw that the rock wall blocking their way was covered with a thick layer of stone, and one of the places where Xia Rongsheng had stripped away the stone revealed an extremely smooth material.

Xu Ziyan walked over and touched it. The material radiated a lustrous light. It felt a bit like jade, but the smooth feeling that it gave wasn’t like jade.

Xu Ziyan walked over and touched it. The material radiated a lustrous light. It felt a bit like jade, but the smooth feeling was not right.

“Zirong, come and have a look.” Xu Ziyan didn’t find any traces of the arrays on it, but as Xu Zirong was an expert in arrays, maybe he could discover something.

Xu Zirong stepped forward, stretched out and touched the jade-colored rock wall lightly. A little spiritual energy spread out like a ripple on his fingertips, and it soon covered the entire rock wall.

“There is no array.” Xu Zirong said softly.

“I’ll take a look.” Wei Qing looked at the strange jade-colored rock wall with a very weird expression. The treasure that brought everyone’s spiritual power fluctuations seemed to be hidden behind the rock wall, but for some reason, Wei Qing had an inexplicable feeling for this rock wall.

Everyone stepped aside and let Wei Qing step forward. Le Hu took the initiative to take his place and he stared firmly at Xi Yanliu without moving his eyeballs.

Xi Yanliu: A bunch of bastards…!

Wei Qing gently stroked the rock wall, feeling the smooth touch, and he suddenly had a sense of loss.

“Uncle Meng Xian…” Wei Qing looked stunned, he actually felt the breath of uncle Meng Xian from the rock wall.

“Meng Xian?” Xu Ziyan was stunned for a moment, then realized that he’s the ancestor of the Wei family they had met in the secret room of Shenlong Island. Did it have something to do with him? “Is this what he’d left?”

Wei Qing shook his head slightly, “I’m not sure actually, I just felt the breath of Uncle Meng Xian from this rock wall, but there is nothing else.”

Xu Ziyan thought for a while, “hmm, let’s clear this rock wall first, perhaps we’ll have other clues then.”

Wei Qing nodded silently. The strange things that they encountered in the maze and the rock wall with the breath of Meng Xian were both exceptional, especially those places were all related to the Wei family. This made him feel very uneasy.

After confirming that there were no traps around, they cleaned up the rock wall very quickly. Several people started to work together and soon the real face of the rock wall was revealed.

The white and lustrous luster was like a streamer swimming on the rock wall. When one chased the light, he wouldn’t find its source.

The whole rock wall and the surrounding rock walls were tightly joined together. If it weren’t for the huge difference in color, no one would be able to see a huge rock wall hidden there.

“The Rock of the Creation of Gods…” After the entire rock wall was revealed, Wei Qing’s look became extremely complicated. He muttered to himself in a low voice, everyone only heard him whispering very softly except these few words.

“The Rock of the Creation of Gods?” Xu Ziyan looked at him.

“Yes.” Wei Qing cheered up and replied, “I was told that this was once the treasure of the Wei family’s ancestors, even comparable to an immortal-level spiritual treasure.”

“Once?” Xu Zirong found the loophole in Wei Qing’s explanation.

“That’s right…it was in the past…” Wei Qing gently stroked the rock wall, as if recalling something, “in the records of the Wei family, this rock seems to have been brought to the Immortal Realm by Uncle Meng Xian, how could it be…”

“And can you open it?” Xu Zirong didn’t care about the records of the Wei family. He had two lifetimes of experience and he knew very well that many aristocratic families would beautify themselves in certain things. It didn’t matter to him how the Wei family recorded it, the most important thing now would be to open the wall, then get the five-elemental treasure and get out of there.

“I think that I can…” Wei Qing nodded, raised his hand and cut open his palm.

Bright red blood poured out, Wei Qing waved his hand and painted with blood on the stone wall. A smear of blood stained the white rock wall, then gradually faded, and finally disappeared into the wall.

rumbling rumbling…

After a few loud noises, the rock wall slowly moved away, showing a dark passage.

They entered the passage vigilantly, and after walking not so far away, the vision suddenly became clear, as if they had entered a huge cave.

Wei Qing released two fire dragons to illuminate the passage, but it made two miserable screams as soon as it took off, quietly disappearing into the void.

After a few muffled sounds, dozens of permanent lamps were lit in the cave, and the constantly blinking firelight illuminated the entire cave. The people standing at the entrance saw the scene and breathed nervously.

There were stalactites on top of the cave, and the bottom was covered with dense stalagmites.

The group was standing on a slightly protruding platform at this time, and a huge icicle stood a few dozen feet in front of them.

This icicle was cone-shaped. If one didn’t looked carefully, it would be like a large stalagmite. What shocked Xu Ziyan and the others was that among this huge icicle, there was a very handsome man.

The man looked slender, with white clothes and black hair. He was holding a black sword, and there were even a few drops of bright red blood on the tip of the sword.

There was an extremely powerful wave on his body. Unlike the rock wall just now, the wave was very clear at this time, and almost everyone felt the strong power of the five elements.

“Who is this…?” Xia Rongsheng looked at the man in shock. It was obvious that this man had his eyes closed, and he might even be dead, but Xia Rongsheng still felt an immense from his body, even making it a bit hard to breathe.

“I don’t know…” Wei Qing also looked confused. He had never read anything about this man in the family records.

“What are we going to do?” Le Hu scratched his head. At first, their goal was to get the treasure that exuded the power of the five elements, but now it’s obvious that this treasure was on this man.

It’s not clear what it was, but they really had to get the man out first.

But the problem is – how?

The huge icicle wouldn’t be easy to deal with. It was definitely a huge problem for them to break the icicle and get the man out.

“I’ll try.” Wei Qing was the only one having fire-type spiritual roots and he volunteered.

He released nine fire dragons in one go, forming a nine-dragon flaming array. The huge icicle was surrounded by nine fire dragons, and the dragons flew up and down, constantly spewing flames in high temperature.

It lasted for an hour, but the icicles didn’t even show any signs of melting.

“It isn’t working!” Wei Qing withdrew the fire dragon, and since releasing nine fire dragons at the same time was a huge burden for him, he could only sustain it for an hour at most.

“Who else has another way?” Xu Ziyan looked around, but all the others looked helpless.

“It’s quite hard.” Xu Ziyan rubbed his hands. It felt really bad that they couldn’t get the good thing in hand.

“I’ll try.” Xu Zirong suggested suddenly. He ignored their surprised looks and released three blood monsters at the same time. Then, he used the blood mist from these monsters to cover the huge icicle.

“Is it blood-type?” Xia Rongsheng frowned without getting noticed.

Blood spells had always been a very controversial trick. Since they were mostly based on blood, they were usually classified as a spell of demon cultivation. Xia Rongsheng didn’t know what to say after seeing a disciple of Liu Guang sect using it.


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