Chapter 276

The atmosphere became a little stagnant, and the rest of them involuntarily put their hands on their weapons when they saw this happening.

Xu Ziyan narrowed his eyes slightly, his fingers hooked reflexively, and he could take out the dark golden horn bow at any time and enter the fighting state.

“Senior, don’t be nervous.” Xu Zirong smiled very softly, “I just feel that you will not regret giving us a gift, but we juniors are all rough people, and we don’t have enough confidence in seniors, so why don’t you make an oath or something, so that we can feel more at ease. Otherwise, once we get nervous, it may hurt our senior…”

The man in black had no expression on his face, but he was cursing hard in his mind.

What does this little bastard mean? Is this because he is worried that he will trouble them after he goes out? They really underestimate his extent of generosity!

But on a second thought, if he encountered such a situation, he would surely be doubtful as well. After all, the treasure in that box was so invaluable. For this kind of thing, it was possible for brothers to turn against each other, and it was also possible for a father and son to kill each other, not to mention that he was simply someone rescued by them!

In this world of cultivation, there were too many shameless people, and sometimes good intentions may not be rewarded!

Thinking of this, the man in black became calmer.

He couldn’t help thinking – if he could also take revenge with the heart of a villain, he might not be sealed in ice for thousands of years.

After he figured it out, the man in black simply and neatly swore in his mind. The situation simply went out of hand, but those who managed to preserve their sanity after cultivating the Blood Sea Heart Sutra were all incredibly tough ones.

Although he seemed to be insulted since he was forced by a few cultivators of Qi condensation and golden core to make an oath, he’d been through the same scenario many, many times when he was weaker. It’s thus not really a big deal for him.

The man in black was very cooperative, and Xu Zirong was naturally relieved. Although he was sure that he could trap the man in black, it was always better to avoid violence.

Leaving the weak man in black behind, Xu Zirong happily brought the jade box back to his brother to present him the treasure.

“Brother, here it is.” Xu Zirong tore off the seal on the jade box and slowly opened the lid.

A burst of extremely dazzling five-color light suddenly erupted from the gap of the lid. As it was opened, the treasure hidden inside gradually revealed its true appearance——

“Is this—” Xu Ziyan’s eyes widened suddenly, looking at the jade box in disbelief.

There were two dews in the jade box, one was the size of a child’s fist and it exuded colorful brilliance, while the other was a ghostly one that exuded phantom-like aura!

“Master!” As soon as Zuo Shen saw the ghostly dew, his face flushed with excitement, but he immediately realized that it was a treasure of ghost-type cultivators, and he could not afford the risk at all.

Even though Xu Ziyan was a thunder-type cultivator and Xu Zirong belonged to the blood-type, they wouldn’t use this thing either. It’s however possible that they use the value of this ghostly dew to exchange it for a treasure of the same level.

As soon as Zuo Shen said so, he immediately knew that he was reckless. He quickly took a step back, lowered his head silently, and never dared to take a look at the treasure that interested him so much.

“What is this?” Wei Qing admitted that he had a lot of knowledge about all kinds of strange things, but he had never seen dew that could display five attributes at the same time.

“This is the Five-Elemental Condensation Dew, my brother is really lucky today…” Xu Zirong spoke slowly, looking at the five-colored dew with excitement.

“The Five-Elemental Condensation Dew? Have you ever heard of it?” Mao Da looked at Xia Rongsheng in confusion.

Xia Rongsheng shook his head. Although he was quite knowledgeable, he had never heard of the Five-Elemental Condensation Dew. But it was not surprising. Judging from Xu Zirong’s actions just now, this thing must be one of the most rarely seen treasures.

Something with a level like this wouldn’t be reachable for casual cultivators like Xia Rongsheng. If he got such an item alone in a secret realm, then he might hide it, but if he saw it with so many witnesses, then he would rather send it back then keep it for himself!

Without the corresponding strength, this treasure would only become something that could kill him.

“Just don’t talk for a while, I’ll just take whatever Xu Ziyan gave us.” Xia Rongsheng thought about it, then still decided to remind Mao Da.

Mao Da was a bit stunned, and he nodded again and again. He was really worried about the others learning the news of the treasure. If it was targeted by a high-level cultivator, they would fall into trouble. If Xu Ziyan killed all of them for safety’s sake, they would have nowhere to seek justice.

“It’s good that if you understand.” Seeing that Mao Da had understood what he meant, Xia Rongsheng sighed in relief. He didn’t want to see his friend die because of some temporary greed.

He thought very clearly that even if Xu Ziyan gave him something like this, he would not dare to accept it!

It’d be better to take something that could protect him.

“I, Xia Rongsheng, swear by my inner demon that I will never reveal anything about this treasure to others. If there is any violation, I’ll never be able to advance as a cultivator!” Xia Rongsheng raised his hand decisively without waiting for others to react.

Afterwards, Mao Da and Mao Er also hurriedly made an oath, saying that they would never reveal what had happened there.

Both Wei Qing and Le Hu were good friends of Xu Ziyan, they naturally understood what he wanted and they didn’t want to make things difficult for him.

Even Xi Yanliu made an oath reluctantly under the witnessing of everyone.

Although she was full of resentment, she knew what she had to do at such a critical moment. Under such circumstances, if she insisted on not making an oath, then she’d undoubtedly get killed. Even if she was the most favored one of the Wuji Demon Woman, no one could save her at that time, and it wouldn’t bring any concrete use either even if her master took revenge for her. Therefore, she’s still a very smart person after all – she knew when she could test the other party’s bottom line, and when she should just suck it up and act by the rules!

Everyone made an oath, and Xu Ziyan felt normal about it. Only Xu Zirong showed an expression of exceptional satisfaction.

These people really knew the right thing to do!

Xu Ziyan sealed the jade box and threw it into the box. Before he retrieved his divine consciousness, he saw the little divine tree lifting its skirt corners…oh, its tree roots, then rushed to the jade box as fast as it could…

Xu Ziyan: …what the hell, I really cannot watch this scene!

Although he couldn’t see what happened in Mr. Little Square, Xu Zirong knew what was happening from his brother’s look.

He suddenly lowered his voice, “brother, if someone or something steals your treasure without your permission, it’d be better to kill it as soon as we can!”

With excitement, the little divine tree held the Five-Elemental Condensation Dew with its roots. Suddenly, it froze, then slowly put the dew on the ground, lifted the roots and cried like a baby. As it ran back to the big hole where it had just pulled out the roots, it appeared to be sluggish.

Xu Ziyan turned his face away silently. Well, only Xu Zirong could handle these strange things. He seemed to be the real owner.

Just thinking about it made his heart ache!

“Brother, don’t worry.” Xu Zirong said affectionately, pulling the corner of his brother’s clothes, “this Five-Elemental Condensation Dew is the treasure of the five elements. Every day, a five-color flower can bloom on it, then a drop of five-elemental dew would be condensed on the five petals. Such a good thing should be used for a long time, and it is too wasteful to feed it to that small tree that is not smart at all.”

“And…” Xu Zirong’s tone changed, “this Five-Elemental Condensation Dew can also be used to condense spiritual roots.” Xu Zirong’s voice was so low and no one except Xu Ziyan could hear the last four words.

And when Xu Ziyan heard these words, his eyes suddenly flashed…

The treasures of heaven and earth that could condense spiritual roots would be the most valuable at any time, not to mention that the Five-Elemental Condensation Dew could be used to condense the spiritual roots of five different attributes. Although it was less efficient, it’s more stable and long-lasting.

No matter which sect ended up having it, it would be an absolute treasure. Including a major sect like Liu Guang Sect!

But Xu Ziyan didn’t think that far. The only thing he thought of was that Xu Zirong could then possess the aptitude of heavenly spiritual roots!

In the world of cultivation, the two most important qualities of every cultivator were the power of understanding and spiritual roots.

The power of understanding meant the perception and understanding of various practices, while spiritual root was related to the speed of absorbing spiritual energy.

A cultivator with heavenly spiritual roots would be three times better in absorbing spiritual energy than and a cultivator with three spiritual roots. If Xu Zirong hadn’t cultivated the Blood Sea Heart Sutra and that he often shortened his differences with Xu Ziyan through dual cultivation, he could at most reach the level of Qi condensation. Never would he reach the level of golden core with Xu Ziyan despite all those precious and rare experiences!

Now, the acquisition of the Five-Elemental Condensation Dew meant that Xu Zirong’s speed of cultivation might be a bit faster than Xu Ziyan, implying that they could reach the level of nascent soul even sooner!

Well, Xu Ziyan now had a real sense of crisis!

As he always that this war between humans and demons would soon get the Xuan Yu realm involved.

Although he had already decided to kill the blood-sucking female worm in advance in the fighting tower, he had not found any trace of the female worm.

Maybe it’s a little depressing to say it, but Xu Ziyan did have some kind of ominous premonition. He felt like he would never be able to return home, just like when he first entered this world. He couldn’t explain why he suddenly had this feeling.

The battle between two golden core cultivators was already a relatively high-level battle in the Xuan Yu realm, but once the war between humans and demons broke out, a golden core cultivator could only serve as a team leader.


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