Chapter 277

In the fighting tower, he and many cultivators in other realms also communicated about the battle between humans and demons. According to those people, once a battle between them broke out in a certain realm, the entire realm would be destroyed in a very short period of time. The cultivators in the entire realm would be involved, and even other neighboring realms would send combat power to participate in the battle.

The Xuan Yu realm was indeed a closed realm at present, but it couldn’t stay closed forever. The recent global all-realm competition also the product of communication between these big sects, and the purpose was to deal with the attacks of the demons.

Since the Xuan Yu realm was vast, who could guarantee that there were no demon spies? And who could guarantee that this place would never be discovered by the demons?

Once the closed realm was invaded by the demon race and that there wasn’t sufficient high-end combat power, it would face its extermination. Those big figures behind the sects dare not bet on the future of their sects!

The big guys all had a sense of crisis, and Xu Ziyan, who had a naturally accurate instinct, undoubtedly felt the same way.

Although he accidentally transmigrated into this world, he never wanted to become sacrifice of some battle for no reason. Therefore, enhancing his strength had become an urgent issue!

Golden core cultivators could only be a small team leader and obey the command of others, but a nascent soul cultivator could lead a squadron. Although he also had to obey the above orders, there were many more places to choose from.

Xu Ziyan knew that it wasn’t a big problem for him to advance to deity stage based on his aptitude and understanding, but he didn’t have enough time now, so he could only improve his skills as much as possible within a limited time. All for the preparations of preserving his life!

“Brother, it’s time for us to go!” Xu Zirong suddenly suggested and looked at his brother.

“Let’s go, this is indeed not a place to stay for a long time.” Xu Ziyan nodded, and the rest of them naturally had no objection. Even the man in black didn’t say a word. He just silently followed behind them.

“Hey! You…you guys wait a minute!”

At this moment, there was a clear voice of a woman from a distance behind them.

Xu Ziyan turned his head in confusion, and it was the girl who had accused him of being filthy, chasing after him. At this moment, she was blushing and panting, and there were a few drops of sweat hanging on her forehead. Most importantly, there were actually a few wounds on her body. Judging from the bloodstains, she had clearly fought not so long ago.

“What’s going on?” Xu Ziyan asked sharply.

The girl was startled and replied instinctively, “behind us…There are a lot of worms in our back!”

Xu Zirong frowned secretly, as he really found this woman annoying. She actually brought the enemy here! If it wasn’t for the fact that his blood monster had already died after being attacked by those worms, he would really wish to kill this woman without thinking twice.

“What?” Xu Ziyan was taken aback. There seemed to be no other exit from the cave they were in. They could still hold it if they were blocked by insects for a short while, but once it dragged on, then their spiritual power would be all consumed and they would become someone’s food!

He understood very well that most of the creatures in this secret passage lived in groups, and every time there was an attack, they would do it in at least a few hundreds…

“Follow me!” The man in black said suddenly.

Xu Ziyan glanced at him, then looked at Xu Zirong again.

Xu Zirong narrowed his eyes to observe for a while, then nodded to his brother.

He believed that as long as those blood monsters of previous generations weren’t stupid, they surely wouldn’t want to become food of those worms.

Xu Ziyan bowed his hands, “then I’d have to trouble my senior to lead the way.”

The man in black snorted, turned around and walked towards the back of the icicle. It wasn’t a lie when he answered Xu Ziyan that he didn’t know the way out. It was because he was seriously injured at the time, and he wasn’t thinking straight. He was also relying on his instincts to freeze himself into solid ice to delay the aggravation of his wounds. If he was not in a desperate situation now, he probably really couldn’t remember how he had escaped into this cave.

“Eh…that…that…I…” Seeing that these people were about to leave, the girl stammered.

Xu Ziyan glanced at her. Although he was very dissatisfied with the girl’s behavior of attracting monsters, there was only one way out at the bottom of the abyss. It was normal for the girl to flee towards their direction and it couldn’t be considered as intentional.

Besides, this little girl might have a little less experience, but her combat power should still be okay. Otherwise, it would be impossible to survive in this dangerous secret passage.

With the thought of saving as many lives as possible, Xu Ziyan replied lightly, “follow if you want.” Then, he left.

The girl was overjoyed, completely ignoring Xu Zirong’s icy look and followed Xu Ziyan happily. Sometimes, she wanted to get close and chatted for a little bit, but Xu Zirong killed all the chances and firmly blocked her from a certain distance…

(Girl: qaq, master, didn’t you tell me that everyone’d love me? You’re lying!)

Following the footsteps of the man in black, the group quickly came between two stalagmites. The two stalagmites were very thick and overlapped, just blocking a small piece of rock wall.

On this rock wall, there was a small hole that was blocked.

“I was forced to climb in from here when the Wei family was chasing me back then.” When the man in black said this, he looked beyond sarcastic. He almost had to squeeze the word “climb” between his teeth.

Xu Ziyan didn’t say anything. He didn’t know what kind of grievances this senior had with the Wei family, but for safety’s sake, he didn’t reveal Wei Qing’s identity from the very beginning.

No matter what happened back then, it was bound to be irrelevant with Wei Qing. Xu Ziyan couldn’t guarantee whether the man in black would shift his anger on Wei Qing, so he’d better keep his mouth shut…

After removing the blockage and widening the entrance of the cave, and with the combined efforts of several people, the narrow passage, where the man in black had escaped, was quickly widened into a passage large enough to accommodate two people in parallel.

Xu Ziyan didn’t expect that the Mao brothers, who were skilled in defense, were also quite talented in punching holes. With a few simple spells, the passage was already widened by a large extent.

“Hey, it’s my family’s ancestral craftsmanship, we usually use this method when we visit some secret realms…” Mao Er scratched his head and smiled very honestly, but unfortunately, he was slapped by Mao Da before he finished speaking.

Mao Da’s face turned slightly red and thought, “don’t tell anyone what secret deals we were doing man!”

Mao Er was at a loss:  …

Xia Rongsheng coughed twice, and looked at Xu Ziyan with an embarrassed expression, “as casual cultivators, we don’t belong to any sect. If someone knows that we have something good in our hands, it will be dangerous for us, so what the Mao brothers did were indeed meant for casual cultivators. Cultivator Xu, please do not mind.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Xu Ziyan smiled, “actually, I think that cultivator Mao is very proficient in this. If I wasn’t an expert in thunder-type spells only, I’d really like to learn it too.”

Mao Da laughed and diverted the subject. If the disciples of these major sects learned this skill, what would the casual cultivators depend on in the future?

Xu Ziyan just smiled and did not continue discussing this topic.

They continued walking in the passage for a day and a night, and since they repeated the same actions for a long time, even if everyone could talk about some topics at first, almost everyone became quiet when time went by.

This invisible passage was full of darkness and loneliness. Even if they were all cultivators, walking in such an environment for so long was a bit overwhelming mentally.

Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but glance at the man in black again. Back then, he was seriously injured and climbed all the way through this dark and gloomy passage. It is simply unimaginable how strong a mind must be for a person to not only climb out of the passage under such conditions, but to also think about freezing himself to delay the deterioration of the injury.

Such a person must have been extremely talented in that era. If he hadn’t been trapped in ice for so many years, he would have already ascended to the Immortal Realm…

Just when Xu Ziyan was thinking that the man in black had a tenacious character, a delicate face suddenly appeared in front of him.

“Brother, who are you looking at?” Xu Zirong narrowed his eyes, reached out to hold his brother’s palm and drew a circle in it flirtatiously.

Xu Ziyan:  …

(╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻, What the hell, can you get rid of this clinginess disease?! Even in this darkness, I know what you’re doing instantly! Are you a bat or do you have a radar system???

No matter how much he complained about Xu Zirong’s clinginess, for the sake of his lower half, he just quietly pouted, “nothing.”

Xu Ziyan didn’t see Xu Zirong’s slightly curved mouth in the darkness and the cunningness hidden in his eyes!

In fact, every time he saw his brother speak inappropriately in order to appease him, it would make Xu Zirong feel a different kind of pleasure!

“We’re very close to the exit.”

In the darkness, the man in black suddenly said so. Everyone was shocked and they couldn’t help getting faster.

“You…better be careful.” The man in black seemed to remember something, but his tone was a little uncertain.

“What? Is there anything out there?” Xu Ziyan asked in confusion.

“I’m not… sure.” The man in black hesitated, “at that time… Forget it, after so many years, it should be gone already.”

Xu Zirong’s eyes turned cold he she heard so, “It’s not up to you to decide whether or not it’s still there. If there is something, you’d better warn us in advance. Otherwise, if there is an emergency, none of us could escape.”

The man in black frowned and said reluctantly, “In order to defend myself back then… I left something behind, but I don’t think that thing could live for that long.”

The man in black sounded very vague, but everyone knew immediately that this senior must have left a trap for those chasing behind him.

However, thousands of years went by, he was also uncertain as to whether that trap would still work.


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