Chapter 284

“No, this guy is crazy!” Xu Zirong’s expression changed drastically. He had never expected that this blood demon of the previous generation would act so extremely. He had to crush the fleshy monster even knowing that he’d lose his essence blood.

The man’s phantom on the sword slowly opened his eyes after bathing in the blood of the man in black.

His profile still looked blurred, but his bloody eyes filled with murderous intent made everyone shiver.

The expression on the fleshy monster’s face became more solemn, and it even panicked a little bit.


The man in black started attacking! He gently and skillfully waved, and the man on the heavy sword screamed, and opened his hands and rushed towards the fleshy monster.

The fleshy monster screamed in horror, turned around and wanted to run away.

“Hmph, you want to run?” The man in black snorted coldly. He crossed his arms and looked at the monster with sarcasm.

Just as the fleshy monster turned around and was about to run, the phantom of the sword spirit suddenly jumped, breaking through the void and appearing in front of the fleshy monster, slashing on its body.

“Ouch!” The fleshy monster screamed in pain, and the entire rear half of its body was almost cut into half.

The wings on its back were twisted into a large mass of flesh and blood, and its huge body fell straight to the ground.

“How amazing!” The rest of the crowd exclaimed in unison, looking at the man in black with a bit of awe.

The righteous girl really admired what was happening. As a sword cultivator, she was very sensitive to sword spirit, and after studying with her master for so many years, she already had a hang of sword spirit.

Her master cultivated the sword spirit of destruction, and every sword strike would carry an aura of annihilating the sky and destroying the earth. And the man in black in front of her was definitely not below her master’s strength, and might even be more advanced than her master.

“This idiot!” Xu Zirong couldn’t help scolding in his mind.

Although the man in black looked very powerful when hitting the fleshy monster, Xu Zirong knew very clearly that he’s just barely holding on.

Since he also cultivated the Blood Sea Heart Sutra, he was very sensitive to any traces of blood. He knew exactly that the man in black had extremely weak sense of blood at that moment, and it’s even less than half of just now.

Xu Zirong silently sighed, as it’s useless to say anything further. Since the man in black already provided such a good beginning for them, Xu Zirong didn’t want to waste it.

“Let’s do it together!”

Seeing that the fleshy monster was heavily injured, this group of people certainly needed to act faster.

“Roar!” The fleshy monster kept roaring in pain, and its eyes instantly stained with blood.

Its huge body couldn’t stop squirming, and the severed wound began to produce a large number of granulation, and the wound was restored at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“Oops, it’s going crazy!” Xia Rongsheng noticed something wrong when he saw the fleshy monster’s eyes. Those bloodshot eyes full murderous intent were completely aroused by the sword.

“Roar!” The fleshy monster roared up to the sky, and all the muscles in its body began to creak.

Soon, its body changed again and the shape seemed to be the same as before, but the power of seemed to have increased a bit.

“Everyone, hurry up and attack!” Xia Rongsheng’s facial expression changed suddenly, and his entire face turned pale.

Although he didn’t know the situation of the man in black, he could see that a sword like the one just now would consume a lot of spiritual power. Combined with the physical state of the man in black, he knew that such an attack method couldn’t be used for the second time soon.

Originally, their attack was just like tickling on the fleshy monster, and now their spells might just all go useless…

As a casual cultivator, Xia Rongsheng had been hunting outside all year round. He had seen many monsters go mad when they were seriously injured or in a desperate situation.

Every time they became mad, the strength of these monsters would increase by 10% to 30%. Although these monsters would become extremely weak after the process of maddening, they wouldn’t be afraid of death in this state and it would become extremely hard to beat them.

Thinking about the original strength of this fleshy monster, and the fact that it’d entered a state of madness, Xia Rongsheng could even feel his heart shiver.

Could it be that they really stood no chance to get out alive?

“Concentrate!” Xu Ziyan pulled away Xia Rongsheng who was in a daze, just to avoid the tail flick attack of the fleshy monster, but he was attacked by its claws, drawing a deep wound.

“What are you thinking about at this time!?” Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but yell at Xia Rongsheng. Even the man in black vomited blood after being hurt. If Xia Rongsheng hadn’t escaped just now, he already died!

“Sorry!” Xia Rongsheng hurriedly apologized to Xu Ziyan, and immediately focused on the battle.

It’s weird enough. As a casual cultivator, it was very rare for Xia Rongsheng to have such a high level of cultivation without any support of a sect. He’s supposed to be extremely tough. How could he fall into desperation so easily?

“Be careful, among the groups that were eliminated, there was a phantom butterfly!” The man in black hadn’t joined in the fight because of the sword and he was just watching aside coldly. After noticing something wrong with Xia Rongsheng, he immediately recalled the creatures which had many missing body parts when they’d just entered.

When Xia Rongsheng was reminded by the man in black, he suddenly realized that he’d been in a daze because of the effect of the phantom butterfly.

The ability of this phantom butterfly was to use the black spots on its wings to induce any negative emotions of its enemy, but it wasn’t a very strong effect, and the fleshy monster hid those black spots on its skin very cunningly.

Its skin was black initially, and no one noticed those spots with illusory effects. Xia Rongsheng ended up the unlucky one having fallen victim to this effect.

If it wasn’t for Xu Ziyan’s rescue, he would have completely withdrawn from the battle just now.

“Such a cunning guy, it actually knows how to disguise!” Le Hu couldn’t help smacking his tongue. If it wasn’t for the reminder from the man in black, maybe more people would have fallen victim. They hadn’t expected this fleshy monster to have the ability to disguise.

“Have you noticed that this monster has never been able to use its devouring ability?” Since the man in black was always watching the battle, he naturally saw a lot more than Xu Ziyan and the others. And the most important point was that this monster had not divided any pieces of its integrated flesh.

According to Xu Ziyan’s speculation, the biggest threat to cultivators from this monster would be this kind of integration. Then why hasn’t it used this trick yet?

In the eyes of the man in black, if he had similar skills, he would immediately divide dozens of integrated flesh, then manipulate these pieces of flesh to approach the enemy quietly, and let the flesh stick to them while he was attacking, eventually turning the enemy into its own sustenance.

But after fighting for so long, the fleshy monster showed almost no trace of integration except when it was repairing its wounds.

Without Xu Ziyan’s reminder, the man in black would have never thought that this monster could integrate cultivators into its body.

Almost everyone at the scene knew that this monster had such a skill, and they’d obviously be more cautious. Then, there’s only one reason why it hadn’t used this skill yet – it couldn’t at the moment!

The eyes of the man in black suddenly flashed. After his attack, the fleshy monster’s strength didn’t dramatically increase even after madding, he showed a smile on his face, “…I see.”

“You guys must pay attention. It seems that the strength of this creature has reached its maximum and it can no longer do any integration!” The man in black yelled at the crowd rushing towards the fleshy monster.

The man in black pointed to the fleshy monster, “you guys said that this thing can integrate people and other kinds of energy into its body, but for so long, it has not used this trick. Besides, I injured it just now, if it has that kind of power, it should have devoured more energy to heal itself. But you see, it just shrunk the rest of its body to treat the wound, which means that its body has reached its limit and cannot absorb anymore.”

“What’s more…” The man in black curled his lips and smiled. “It has obviously gone mad, but it has not become more powerful. This also proves that in order to treat the wound just now, it consumed too much energy and hasn’t got much potential left.”

After hearing this explanation, Xu Ziyan’s eyes lit up. Everything has a limit. Even if this fleshy monster had incredible ability of integration, it couldn’t absorb without limits. It all seemed that it’d reached this limit and its body cannot carry more energy. The only it could heal itself was to mobilize the energy inside.

“I’ll give it a try!” An idea suddenly popped into Xu Ziyan’s mind, and he took out a lot of low-level medicinal pills from Mr. Little Square…

These things were all used by Big Foot Luo to improve his level of cultivation before he went to Wuti City. He hadn’t expected that after arriving there, all kinds of miracles happened and his level of cultivation raised so much…

These pills for building base were no longer effective for them, and Xu Ziyan naturally forgot about them…


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