Chapter 287


Just after Xu Ziyan fired another shot of Purple Night Divine Thunder, the blood dragon let out a painful howl.

Everyone couldn’t help shuddering when they heard this cry, as it sounded like a human scream.

“Hmm…” The man in black, who had been protected by everyone, almost completely lost his power of combat and wailed mournfully at this moment.

Although he separated another ray of divine consciousness, he did not expect the pain of that divine consciousness could influence him in such a long distance.

“Are you alright?” Since he wanted to control the big array and the entire battle, Xu Zirong never took action from beginning to end. Therefore, he was the first one to find out what was wrong with the man in black.

“I’m alright.” The man in black held his head tightly, trying to restrain the pain which made him feel like someone was cutting his head in half with a saw. He was squeezing these two words bitterly.

Xu Zirong’s remained expressionless. He just glanced at the man in black lightly and suddenly asked, “how can you stay unaffected by the backlash of Blood Sea Heart Sutra?”

The man in black was stunned for a moment, then the sharp pain in his head instantly brought him back to his senses. He looked at Xu Zirong suspiciously, as if he didn’t understand what he was talking about.

Xu Zirong raised his eyebrows, “if you don’t want to answer me, forget it.”

The man in black was silent for a while, “I just don’t know what you’re talking about. Why would there be any backlash?”

Xu Zirong was stunned. His meaning was self-explanatory – there was no backlash with the Blood Sea Heart Sutra that he’d cultivated.

Could it be that the kind that Xu Zirong had cultivated wasn’t a complete one?

With this doubt in mind, Xu Zirong once again turned his attention to the battle at the scene.

Being hit by eighteen soul-devouring needles in one go, even a creature as aggressive as the blood dragon couldn’t bear this pain.

The damage caused by these eighteen soul-devouring needles was not physical, but spiritual. That divine consciousness of this blood dragon was based on the ray of divine consciousness of the man in black back then.

Even if it was the residual mind of the dragon soul that was controlling the blood dragon’s mind, the one that fitted the body the most was the divine consciousness of the man in black.

Over the years, this divine consciousness had been oppressed by the dragon soul. If the divine consciousness hadn’t collapsed, the blood dragon’s body would still have collapsed, and the dragon soul would have devoured it long ago.

However, no one would have thought that in such a battle, the originally inconspicuous divine of consciousness became the key in it.

No matter how powerful the blood dragon was, it couldn’t hide the fact that all its strength came from the original body of the blood monster.

In other words, no matter how tall and majestic a building is, it must first have its foundation consolidated.

And now…

The foundation of the blood dragon was already attacked by Xu Ziyan. As a result, its collapsed in several places. There were a lot of areas that became pitted, and even the tail looked collapsed.

“Hmm…” The man in black struggled in pain and he bit his lips until they started bleeding.

“Can you still persevere?” Xu Zirong was not moved by his pain at this time. He didn’t know how many times he had experienced similar situations in his last life. In this life, no one could bring him any emotions except his brother.

In fact, if it wasn’t for the fact that the man in black had something to do with him, he probably wouldn’t even bother to ask.

“I’m okay…” The man in black gritted his teeth. His forehead was covered with pea-sized sweat, his expression was grim with pain, but his dark eyes were incomparably calm.

Xu Zirong glanced at him and nodded, “senior, please try and see if you could control the blood dragon.”

“Control the blood dragon?” The man in black was stunned for a moment, then suddenly realized that since the damage suffered by the divine consciousness can be fed back to the original master, it meant that there was something between him and the divine consciousness that he wasn’t aware of.

Therefore, perhaps he could really take this opportunity to control the blood dragon.

It was definitely impossible to control it for a long time, but as long as it could be effective at the critical moment, then they could send this blood dragon into defense mode.

“Okay, I’ll try.” The man in black stopped talking nonsense. He closed his eyes silently, and concentrated on communicating with the wisp of divine consciousness that he had separated.

Xu Zirong looked away, this was just an idea that came to him suddenly, it was hard to say whether it could be effective. If it was, then it was a good thing for everyone. If not, then they still needed to think of ways to finish that blood dragon.

At that moment, Xia Rongsheng, the Mao brothers and Xi Yanliu had lost their combat power, and they could only give some advice aside.

Le Hu had always been accustomed to close combat, but his life could easily be compromised by judging the blood dragon’s attack power. Therefore, he could only make use of his chain beads and helped with defense when the others were in danger.

Although Wei Qing was injured just now, after a period of treatment, he basically recovered. However, since he had only reached the level of Qi condensation, he almost couldn’t cause any damage to the blood dragon.

At present, they mainly relied on the righteous girl and Xu Ziyan to attack. Needless to say, Xu Ziyan’s Purple Night Divine Thunder Arrow was definitely a powerful weapon to restrain the blood dragon, but no one would have thought that the righteous girl, who seemed useless, would use her unexpectedly sharp and powerful sword skills. There was a slight intent of sword there.

Xi Yanliu’s set of soul-devouring needles was definitely a life-saving skill. Once someone was stabbed by them, there was no way to stop them.

Up to now, under the influence of Xi Yanliu, only five soul-devouring needles were consumed, and the remaining was sufficient for them to cause a few more injuries to the blood dragon.

As the battle progressed, the blood on the blood dragon became darker and darker.

There were almost no wounds on its body except the part of its body which collapsed after its divine consciousness got hurt.

No matter what kind of attack it was or what kind of damage it caused, the blood dragon would immediately make up for the wound with the blood from the other parts of its body. It seemed that the attack of the group had absolutely no effects on it.

Of course, that’s just what things seemed like…

No one understood the shortcomings of blood dragon except Xu Zirong. No matter how powerful it was, it couldn’t get away from the fact that it got evolved from a blood monster.

The entire body of the blood dragon was made from fresh blood, and there was unlimited spiritual power in the blood.

Just like the fleshy monster – although it could heal its injuries, it had to use the flesh and blood from the other parts of its body.

And this blood dragon could also repair its injuries, yet it had to consume the spiritual power in its blood.

What would happen to the blood dragon, which had lost so much spiritual power?

The answer is obvious. It would have less strength.

Everyone felt that.

As the blood dragon continued to fight, the frequency of its attacks began to gradually decrease.

Because of the pain in its divine consciousness, the blood dragon’s body occasionally made some very strange convulsions. No matter how powerful the dragon soul was, it couldn’t control this instinctive reaction.

“Everyone pay attention, bring it to the battle!” Xu Zirong’s words lifted everyone’s spirits.

They all planned to retreat, luring the blood dragon little by little into the center of the Nine Royal Profound Thunder Array.

Although the blood dragon fought miserably, the dragon soul in its head wasn’t stupid. It instinctively sensed that there was something terrifying there, so it struggled to step back before it could go far.

“Oops, it’s going to run!” The righteous girl immediately became anxious when she saw what’d happened. On the surface, it seemed that they had beaten up the blood dragon furiously, but everyone knew that they hadn’t hurt its core yet.

Once the blood dragon persisted until all the soul-devouring needles ran out of effects, all of them would become its dinner after losing so much spiritual power.

“It can’t run away.” Xu Zirong said coldly, his eyes fell on the man in black.

The man in black nodded with difficulty, indicating that things were handed over to him.

Just when everyone was puzzled, a shocking thing happened.

The blood dragon seemed to be hit by something in the head suddenly, its whole body swayed and moved slightly towards the center of the array.

“Everyone, concentrate!” Xu Zirong shouted loudly, flipping his fingers and quickly forming several seals.

The man in black looked more and more painful. The connection between him and the divine consciousness would make him more sensitive to the soul-devouring needles. At this time, his divine consciousness was torn apart, and the extent of pain was just like he was being hit. If he hadn’t already experienced so much bitterness in those thousands of years, there was no way for him to hold on.

The blood dragon seemed to be in an extremely tangled state. Its dragon head turned left and right and seemed to be struggling constantly.

But no matter what, the huge dragon body was still walking towards the center of the array little by little.

After several moments of struggle, the blood dragon walked into the center of the array finally. Although the man in black was already pale like a dead man at this time, his dark eyes looked incredibly sharp, and he even looked a bit relieved while staring at the blood dragon.

Once, he left this ray of divine consciousness in order to leave a hope for himself. If he still had an opportunity and if he could see that person again, he would certainly ask him why he’d trap him that way.

And now, he survived successfully, so he was definitely going to ask him and find the truth!

And this divine consciousness, that carried his last wish but had been in a deep sleep because of the suppression of the dragon soul, became no longer necessary. In this case, he might as well send that person to death himself!

“Nine Heavens Profound Thunder! Execution of all demons and evil!” Xu Zirong shouted loudly, and when the blood dragon entered the center of the array, he activated the ultimate killer move of the Nine Royal Profound Thunder Array.

At this moment, the golden threads connecting everyone began to tremble wildly. All the spiritual power in them was evacuated, and a huge black thundercloud condensed above the blood dragon along these threads.

“Ow!” Although its body was out of control, the dragon soul’s instinct was still there. It sensed the destructive power contained in the thundercloud above and began to struggle frantically.


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