Chapter 288

“Greenie!” Xu Ziyan’s eyes narrowed. He didn’t want to waste the moment, so he directly took out a thunder-type spiritual fruit from Mr. Little Square and swallowed it to replenish his spiritual power. Then, he raised his hand and grabbed little Greenie who was still playing beside him.

And little Greenie also sensed Xu Ziyan’s inner call. At this moment, it acted very cooperatively, and without hesitation, it turned itself into a cyan arrow at once.

This arrow was dim in color and looked very inconspicuous, but after Greenie’s brother joined, some purple lightning-like patterns began to appear on this arrow.

Xu Ziyan was very surprised. Initially, he just wanted to rely on little Greenie, who had devoured Purple Night Divine Thunder, to inflict another damage on the blood dragon, but he didn’t expect Greenie to become so powerful. Even its little brothers were adding extra strength to it.

After taking a deep breath, Xu Ziyan slowly carried the arrow that had condensed the power of little Greenie and that of Purple Night Divine Thunder onto the horn bow. A hazy phantom appeared above the horn bow and it looked like a fat octopus.

Xu Ziyan:  …

Holy shit! How could my artifact spirit look so ugly?

The first time he used it, he already wanted to cry since it looked so ugly…

However, with the arrow on the string, Xu Ziyan didn’t have time to pay attention to how ugly it looked. He could only shoot the cyan arrow towards the blood dragon while struggling mentally.

The arrows condensed by Greenie were naturally powerful, and it might have been mixed with Aurora for too long – after the arrow was shot, it even stimulated the effect of breaking the air. After a few flashes, it appeared in front of the blood dragon immediately.

At this moment, Xu Ziyan’s ugly artifact spirit also exerted its unique effect.

He kept waving his eight tentacles, and eight arrows identical to Greenie appeared again beside the tentacles, which quickly bent into a bow shape, and the eight arrows were shot out by the longbow formed by the eight tentacles.

These eight bows and arrows did not inspire any air-breaking attributes, but they were already fast enough. Judging from the fluctuations of spiritual power, although these copied arrows were not as powerful as Greenie, they were already very extraordinary.

The most important thing was – all of them had the same evil-breaking attributes as Greenie, and it can even be said that they were only a thin line apart from the arrows condensed by the Purple Night Divine Thunder.

Little Greenie had already rushed in front of the blood dragon after several times of breaking through the air. Although the blood dragon was out of control, he could still dodge in a small area.

It turned its head slightly, and Greenie walked past it. The blood dragon gave Xu Ziyan a contemptuous look, but did not expect that his original target was not its head.

“Ow!” The blood dragon cried out in pain, and when he looked back, he found that one-third of his dragon’s tail had been firmly nailed to the ground by the arrow. Not only was it nailed to the ground, but the thunder-type power attached to Greenie had rushed into its body, and almost its entire tail had lost consciousness.

Xu Ziyan smiled slightly – he was aware that with his level of cultivation, even if he used Greenie, he would definitely not have the chance to kill the blood dragon directly. Instead of wasting his energy, he might as well find a way to make it stay in place, so that it could enjoy the blow of the Nine Heavens Profound Thunder later!

Whoosh Whoosh!

The eight arrows shot by the fat octopus hit the body of the blood dragon. Compared with the damage caused by Greenie, these arrows did not achieve the same effect, but their landing points were extremely delicate. They hit exactly on the five claws of the blood dragon.

In other words, aside from its head which could still move flexibly, the other parts, including the claws, were nailed to the ground by these arrows. Although this kind of control was short-lived, this inability to move was enough to kill it especially when it’s under the threat of the Nine Heavens Profound Thunder.

“Nice job.” Xu Ziyan smiled at the fat octopus with admiration.

The fat octopus spat out two bubbles proudly. Although it was intimidated by Xu Zirong before, the fat octopus still had confidence in its own strength.

It’s very obvious that it’s like a new owner exhibiting its power.

He believed that, with his ability, his new master would definitely not treat him badly.

Feeling satisfied, it disappeared into the dark golden horned bow. Seeing that the thundercloud above the blood dragon was fully formed, Xu Ziyan put away the dark golden horned bow.

This battle basically ended the moment when the Nine Heavens Profound Thunder took shape. Unless someone suddenly appeared at this time and rescued the blood dragon, it could never survive the attack of the thunder.

The facts were just as Xu Ziyan had imagined.

Obviously, this blood dragon wasn’t as lucky as the male protagonist. At the critical moment of its life and death, no one would suddenly appear to save him.

The Nine Heavens Profound Thunder was such a mysterious formation handed down from ancient times. Although it had drained almost everyone’s spiritual power, it had such amazing power. The blood dragon didn’t even hold on to a breath. The moment it touched the Nine Heavens Profound Thunder, it completely disintegrated and turned into a cloud of blood.

The replica of Greenie shot by the fat octopus wasn’t more powerful than the blood dragon under the attack of the thunder, and it dissipated at once. However, not only wasn’t Greenie afraid of the Nine Heavens Profound Thunder, but it also turned into the originally body of Purple Night Divine Thunder and rushed towards the Nine Heavens Profound Thunder.

Xu Ziyan was about to kneel to Greenie.

He decided that he’d change Greenie’s name if it could still survive later on!

It might as well be called the Victory Buddha!

It could simply fight anyone it caught! Given the tiny body of the Purple Night Divine Thunder, how could it defeat the Nine Heavens Profound Thunder?!

Luckily, both the Purple Night Divine Thunder and the Nine Heavens Profound Thunder were thunder-type powers. Although they contained different kinds of spiritual power, they were from the same kind.

In the end, Greenie was sluggishly smashed back by the Nine Heavens Profound Thunder, and even the group of younger brothers with it also lost their energy.

Xu Ziyan was even worried that this group of little guys would never recover…

However, facts had proven that Xu Ziyan was simply thinking too much…

Just after Greenie returned to his Dantian, the Dantian immediately became lively, whether it was a small snail, a small carp or the sadistic Aurora all surrounded Greenie and asked how it was doing.

The very depressed Greenie, which was just hit by Nine Heavens Profound Thunder, suddenly regained its spirits and described about the battle outside with excitement!

Xu Ziyan, who saw this scene with his divine consciousness, turned his face away silently. Forget it, just let these fools do whatever they want…

Not only did the Nine Heavens Profound Thunder kill the blood dragon, but it also taught Greenie a lesson and sucked out all the spiritual power of everyone inside the array except Xu Ziyan.

He supplemented most of his spiritual power with a thunder-type spiritual fruit, but the arrow just now also pushed him to the brink of exhaustion of his spiritual power.

The nine people looked at each other and couldn’t help but smile bitterly. At this time, they were like completely boiled down. If someone appeared at this time, they——

“What are you going to do?!” Le Hu roared, immediately attracting everyone’s attention.

The only person in the entire array whose spiritual power wasn’t drained was the man in black. He was staggering and walked in front of Wei Qing.

Le Hu stared nervously at the man in black. The chain beads in his hand had all shattered a while ago, and at this time, he was also weak and had no spiritual power in his body.

He knew that the man in black was holding grudge against the Wei family, so he never revealed the relationship between Wei Qing and the Wei family along the way. However, just when everyone became weak, the man in black, whom they thought had been seriously injured and incapacitated, stood up and even walked in front of Wei Qing.

The man in black glanced at Le Hu lightly. His eyes looked very plain and there’s not a single hint of killing in it.

Le Hu was stunned for a moment, but he still did not relax his guard and he firmly guarded Wei Qing behind him.

Not far away, Zuo Shen, who had been hiding in the passage, suddenly stood up. Several black shadows appeared from the hundreds of ghost flags behind him, staring at the back of the man in black with his teeth and claws.

Speaking of which, Zuo Shen had quite tragic experiences. Among all these people, only the Hundred Ghost Banner he cultivated was restrained by Nine Heavens Profound Thunder. That is to say, if he was put into the array, then he would be attacked as well when the Nine Heavens Profound Thunder started attacking the blood dragon.

In addition, his hundred ghosts did not have much effect when facing the blood dragon. Under the discussion of everyone, he simply let him hide, so as not to sacrifice for nothing.

Of course, everyone was also wary of the possibility that after they lost their strength, a monster would come out and take advantages. In this sense, Zuo Shen could be seen as everyone’s assistant.

As the only person who still retained a certain amount of combat power, when Wei Qing faced the threat of the man in black, Zuo Shen stood up without hesitation. He didn’t flinch a bit even though he knew that he’d certainly die if he started fighting with the man in black.

“Cough cough…” The man in black coughed twice, wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, glanced at Zuo Shen, turned his head and said to Le Hu, “You don’t have to be so nervous.”

Passing by Le Hu’s shoulder, he fixedly looked at Wei Qing, “don’t worry, although you are from the Wei family, I won’t do anything to you just because you have his mark on your body.”

Wei Qing supported Le Hu and stood up slowly, looking at the man in black with a complicated expression. From the vague description of the man in black, he had already learned part of the truth. Especially when it’s about the “God Sealing Rock”, the identity of the person mentioned by the man in black had become very obvious.

Wei Mengxian, as a rising immortal, should have a very respectable position in the Wei family. However, for some reason, many records about this uncle in the family were mostly vague, as if he was deliberately downplaying his existence.

There was even a little dissatisfaction with this non-holy ancestor in the notes of some elders.

It’s like he had done something against the interests of the Wei family.

Wei Qing was not stupid. He was able to let the elders of the family leave such an obvious record in his handbook. Apparently, uncle Meng Xian must have offended this group of people.

It’s just that it’s none of his business, and uncle Meng Xian had died for many years. Wei Qing would naturally not be stupid enough to dig the truth of this kind of thing.

Wei Qing showed a wry smile, well, he knew that uncle Meng Xian might have something to do with the man in black, yet he hadn’t expected the man in black to reveal his identity at this time.


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