Chapter 289

“What do you want?” Wei Qing asked helplessly.

A series of violent fluctuations appeared on the face of the man in black, with hesitation, entanglement, and even some relief. But in the end, he remained calm.

“I want to know where Meng Xian went.”

Wei Qing secretly sighed in his mind, “sure enough!”

He spread out his hands and looked innocent, “uncle Meng Xian already died several thousands of years ago.”

“What!” The pupils of the man in black shrank suddenly. He helped Wei Qing’s neck and yelled, “what did you just say?!”

Wei Qing was almost strangled half to death, and Le Hu, who was next to him, couldn’t stand it any longer. He forcefully ripped apart the hands of the man in black, “don’t you mess with him!”

“Impossible…Absolutely impossible…” The man in black seemed to be in some kind of confusion. His eyes lost focus and he kept repeating “impossible”.

Wei Qing glanced at him sympathetically, “Uncle Meng Xian has indeed ascended thousands of years ago…I even saw a wisp of consciousness left by him.”

“Where?!” The man in black suddenly shouted, raising his hand to grab Wei Qing’s neck again.

Le Hu instantly took a step forward and firmly guarded Wei Qing behind him.

The man in black looked at Le Hu’s firm expression and his hands that were tightly clasped with Wei Qing. There was a strange kind of brilliance in his eyes.

He seemed to calm down gradually and said to Wei Qing, “you lied to me.”

Wei Qing frowned, “why should I? Uncle Meng Xian ascended a thousand years ago, and this has been recorded in the Wei family.”

The man in black shook his head and he just continued to ask, “where did you see his ray of consciousness?”

Wei Qing thought about it for a while. Since there weren’t many secrets in Lang Yu Secret Realm, he decided to just say it out loud.

Unexpectedly, after hearing about the environment of Lang Yu secret realm, the man in black actually showed an expression like crying and he kept muttering, “he’s waiting for me…”

Wei Qing didn’t know what the man in black meant by that. What was left there was only a wisp of consciousness of Uncle Meng Xian. Would he want to stay with that wisp of consciousness forever?

Perhaps it was a satisfactory answer, and the man in black didn’t bother looking for Wei Qing again.

Or the man in black hadn’t used any violent means against Wei Qing, and he only seemed a little excited while asking about the whereabouts of Meng Xian.

Seeing that the man in black had regained his calmness, Xu Ziyan breathed a sigh of relief.

Now he didn’t have much spiritual power in his body, and even with Zuo Shen, he had no confidence in beating against the man in black who’s heavily injured.

All in all, the man in black was a cultivator of nascent soul. Although he’s heavily injured, no one could tell which party would win once they started fighting.

After the episode just now, everyone began to take more medicinal pills and meditate.

The actions of the man in black just now taught everyone a profound lesson – never assume that you’re already safe after killing the blood dragon, as there’re many more monsters inside the cave.

They would be ashamed to death if they were killed by other monsters after finishing the blood dragon, just because they’d consumed all of their spiritual power…

After about half an hour, everyone regained more than 80% of their combat power.

Except for the unfortunate Xi Yanliu, who had been in a weak state after taking too many pills, the others hardly suffered too much damage.

However, thanks to the overwhelming action of Xi Yanliu just now and the huge damage caused by her soul-devouring needles, everyone’s attitude became much better towards her. Even Mao Er had no problems carrying her on his back.

Of course, Xu Zirong still looked as pissed off as usual. It really confused everyone as none of them knew what Xi Yanliu had done to offend him…

“Let’s go.” Xu Ziyan looked at the large pool of blood on the ground and shook his head with lingering fear.

This battle against the blood dragon was the closest to Xu Ziyan’s death in history. Although he looked very calm, he was actually no less nervous than Xi Yanliu.

This was a blood dragon that could just squeeze and eat the monsters of nascent soul. Among them, the person with the highest level of cultivation was a golden core, and it’s such a miracle that they could kill the blood dragon!

Apparently, it’s also because they had already prepared well and that the man in black could control the blood dragon without issues. In any case, they won and the blood dragon lost. They could walk out alive and the blood dragon could only turn into a pool of blood…

The man in black habitually took the lead, and the others followed him one after another. Xu Ziyan winked at Xu Zirong and he calmly slowed down. When the figures of the others disappeared in a tunnel, he quickly released the roots of the divine tree in front of that pool of blood.

The little divine tree happily waved its branches in Mr. Little Square and it seemed extremely satisfied with this feast.

As the little divine tree continued to absorb, there was less and less blood on the ground. In the end, there was only a mass of black sludge.

“Huh? What is that?” Xu Ziyan noticed that there was actually a small metal block in the sludge. This block was only the size of a thumb, but there were countless intricate patterns carved on it.

“Am I really supposed to be the male protagonist my whole life?” Xu Ziyan mocked at himself. No one had discovered this thing before, and he really hadn’t expected to pick up this kind of thing after absorbing the residual energy of the blood dragon.

The metal block looked dim, but the pattern on it was faintly flashing, and it looked very unusual at first glance.

Xu Ziyan threw the block into Mr. Little Square casually. Now, there were already quite a lot of items in Mr. Little Square. Some of them might be useful for the future, while he wasn’t sure of the use of the others.

There were so many items in it. He bought some of them, while some others were given to him by the elders in the fighting tower. He had accumulated all these things in the corner of Mr. Little Square and he even threw the small block to the top of the huge pile…

It didn’t take much time to absorb the remaining spiritual power of the blood dragon. Xu Ziyan hurried a few steps before catching up with the rest. Under the leading of the man in black, the crowd walked through the dark corridor and walked upward for about two hours, when the man in black suddenly stopped.

“It’s there, in front of us.”

Xu Ziyan signaled towards Zuo Shen, and Zuo Shen released a few dim ghosts.

After kneeling for a while, the ghost returned. Zuo Shen explained the situation in front of him, and everyone suddenly showed a surprised look.

It turned out that, according to the description of the ghost, there was the hall where they had stayed before entering the dark passage.

It’s just that the hall at this time had long lost its magnificent momentum, and it had been destroyed in a bad way. The bluestone bricks on the ground seemed to have been poured over by lava, looking pitted and uneven.

And the eighteen pillars were also completely damaged and fell to the ground.

The only thing that made everyone a little uneasy was that the stone dragon sitting on the eighteen pillars, which disappeared. Above the hall, there was a huge pill stove with the words “Dragon Soul Furnace”, hanging very high.

Xi Yanliu and the others didn’t know about it, but Xi Ziyan learned from Wei Qing that all their encounters were caused by the Dragon Soul Furnace. The furnace in the hall looked really like a soul furnace from every perspective.

“What are your thoughts?” Xu Ziyan looked at the others.

Le Hu smiled and said, “we have come so far, what else can we think about? Let’s just check it out.”

Wei Qing pondered for a while and said, “its name is Dragon Soul Furnace but I don’t think there’s a dragon’s soul inside.”

Xu Ziyan smiled and nodded, “I think so too.”

“Why?” the righteous girl asked curiously.

Xu Ziyan glanced at her and smiled, “do you think things like dragon souls can be seen everywhere?”

“Of course, it’s impossible.” The righteous girl suddenly widened her eyes, “I guess there is only one dragon soul in Xuan Yu realm, right? How is it possible… Oh! I got it! You mean that even if there’s a dragon soul here before, it must have been eaten by that blood dragon. Correct?”

“That’s right.” Xia Rongsheng responded with a smile, “dragon souls are a rare treasure in this world. It’s surprising enough that the Wei family can have one dragon soul. I will never believe it if someone tells me that they have two.”

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s get out quickly! My master must be waiting outside!” The righteous girl was immediately excited when she heard that there was no dragon’s soul in the dragon soul furnace, and she was thinking of going out to complain to her master immediately.

“There’s no need to rush.” Xia Rongsheng looked at the righteous girl with a funny look, “we still don’t know the function of the dragon soul furnace. If it is used to nourish the dragon’s soul, it’s fine. In case it is used to suppress the dragon’s soul, then who can promise that it won’t suppress us now that the dragon’s soul has gone?”

The righteous girl was at a loss for words. Xia Rongsheng did make sense. There was once a cultivator who accidentally switched on a forbidden button on a pagoda that was used to suppress evil creatures while exploring a secret realm.

The evil thing imprisoned in the pagoda took that opportunity to slip away. Before slipping away, it even made sure to breathe on the cultivator. As a result, he was sucked in by the pagoda as an evil thing. Later, he was suppressed until his lifespan was exhausted. Later, someone stumbled into the place and saw the blood book and jade slips that he’d left behind. He then took the unlucky guy’s corpse back to his sect.

Since then, this incident had become a joke in Xuan Yu realm, but many cultivators had become more careful with switching on forbidden buttons.

They had just fought a blood dragon before, and no one dared to guarantee that there was no breath of blood dragon on their bodies. If the dragon soul furnace was too sensitive and caught them in, they’d really have nowhere to complain to.

“Then…what should I do then?” The righteous girl was dumbfounded and looked at Xu Ziyan as if she’s pleading for help.

Then, someone instantly blocked her. Xu Zirong looked at her coldly and blocked his brother completely behind his back.

The righteous girl: …

Everyone: ……

Xi Yanliu: Hahaha!

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