Chapter 312

When he touched his head just now, he only felt a headache. However, after a while, he also noticed that the newly produced horns were extremely sensitive and he’d tremble whenever he touched them just a little bit.

Xu Zirong didn’t say anything and simply took back his hand.

However, judging from his calm expression, Xu Ziyan felt like something big was coming. He felt that the ideas created from this guy’s mind mustn’t be great! _(:3∠)_

“By the way, what’s going on outside now?” Xu Ziyan didn’t want to waste his energy thinking what Xu Zirong was thinking, so he quickly changed the topic.

Xu Zirong’s eyes flashed and he looked a bit helpless, “brother, why don’t you see for yourself?”

Xu Ziyan: ? ? ?

With the particular nature of Mr. Little Square, Xu Ziyan didn’t need to go by himself. He could just open a crack and peek inside with his divine consciousness.

It was very dark outside with no light at all. Xu Ziyan retreated after just a short while. Afterwards, his expanded his divine consciousness totally after making sure there wasn’t any accident.

And then…

Xu Ziyan looked at Xu Zirong without any facial expressions, “don’t you tell me that…”

“Hmm, you were right.” Xu Zirong looked helpless as well.

Xu Ziyan looked up at the sky silently, and pointed his middle finger to the sky in his mind.

This damn heaven! Can we have a happy experience of cultivation or not?!

He really wanted to know whether God wanted them to all get killed by those damn worms!

What else could he do if all of them were swallowed into the worms’ stomach?

Mr. Little Square was attached to Xu Ziyan. No matter how Xu Ziyan entered it, he’d end up in the same position when coming out!

However, this position was still relative – as he entered Mr. Little Square the moment he was swallowed, he did not stay in place. Instead, he ran wildly with the worm and he had no idea where he’d ended up now.

If he went out now, he would directly land in the mouth of the worm, which only needed to swallow one more time for Xu Ziyan to say adieu to the world.

“Brother…is there any other way?” Xu Zirong also looked helpless. The position they entered into Mr. Little Square happened to be in that big mouth. When Xu Ziyan sensed it with his divine consciousness, he could even feel the different layers of fangs…

Those fangs were a bit smaller than those in the worm’s mouth, but they were sharp enough to chew on two humans.

“How unfortunate.” Xu Ziyan scratched his hair in depression. Although he was safe in Mr. Little Square, it could at most act like a prison with nice view if they couldn’t get out.

Xu Ziyan had no interest in being a prisoner, nor did he want to live in the belly of a worm all his life. In order to escape from here, he had to rack his brain to come up with a solution.

However, neither setting fire in the mouth nor using spells could cause any harm to the worm. It would at most suppress that tiny uncomfortable feeling and get on with it.

“What can we do about this?” Xu Ziyan was really helpless, he didn’t seem to come up with an effective way.

Xu Zirong frowned tightly. He was actually fine being trapped there, but his brother wouldn’t like it.

For the sake of his brother, there was only one way to get out and he had to use it!


“Huh? Do you have any idea?” Xu Ziyan noticed that Xu Zirong looked less worried, and he reckoned that he had a feasible idea in mind.

“I thought of a way.”

“Oh?” Xu Ziyan’s eyes flashed.

“Tell me now!”

“It is actually a very simple method.” Xu Zirong smiled slightly, “as long as we break through and reach the level of nascent soul, we can then get out after understanding the rules of space!”

The smile on Xu Ziyan’s face froze for a while and he rolled his eyes, “how could you make it sound so easy? Many nascent soul cultivators haven’t even figured out how the rules of space work. Do you think we can understand them right after reaching that level? I’m not that confident yet.”

Xu Zirong raised his eyebrows, “brother, don’t you worry. I noticed some signs of me reaching that level a few days ago. Brother, I’m sure you felt the same, right?”

Xu Ziyan was immediately at a loss of words.

The higher the cultivation level one had, the stronger he would sense the heaven. They usually couldn’t sense it at the level of golden core, but once they reached the level of nascent soul, almost every cultivator could sense when they would break through again.

Generally speaking, the duration of sensing this would be one month. And within this month, the cultivator could prepare himself and choose a perfect timing for the breakthrough.

By doing so, they would also have a higher chance to reach the level of nascent soul!

However, Xu Ziyan had never sensed it before. That’s why he didn’t know what to say when Xu Zirong suggested this.

“Are you going to break through?” Xu Ziyan asked in surprise.

Xu Zirong shook his head and corrected, “it’s ‘us’ who’re going to break through.”

“Isn’t it too fast? Since when did we perfect our level of golden core? How come we’re going to break through again?” Xu Ziyan was utterly shocked, as cultivation in itself is a difficult task, and it usually took almost a hundred years of hard work to reach the level of nascent soul. If he and Xu Zirong could do that so easily, those who were still stuck at golden core would be extremely jealous.

Wait…perhaps it hadn’t been that easy after all.

When he thought of what he and Zirong had gone through, Xu Ziyan seemed to have understood something. What he and Xu Zirong had experienced previously was equivalent to those of ordinary cultivators after a few hundred years.

No other cultivators of the same age had gone through the same.

After thinking about all these more thoroughly, both had experienced those secret realms non-stop and they had a break for at most half a year. They spent all their time on all kinds of adventures.

Of course, each of these adventures brought them a lot of benefits, and the stuff that they had obtained also allowed them to improve their level of cultivation a hundred times faster than the others.

They had actually lived a really intense life by experiencing what the others would in a span of a few decades. Others might have time to relax, yet it’s completely different for them as their lifestyle was continuously stressful.

But it’s not like there’s anything they could do. ╮(╯_╰)╭

Xu Ziyan had always had a sense of urgency since the beginning of the journey. At first, he had to cultivate hard in order to protect Xu Zirong from Bai Hua, but after solving Bai Hua’s issue, he had to face the demon race all of a sudden.

It turned out that the big boss in the novel (that is, the blood-sucking worms) became the vanguard of the demons. If even the vanguard could defeat those in the Xuan Yu realm, then the whole realm would go into extinction if the demon race really came.

Xu Ziyan didn’t want Xuan Yu realm to fall, and he didn’t even want to become a slave of the demon race! In order to achieve this goal, he could only cultivate more assiduously, and strive to kill those blood-sucking worms as fast as he could!

And before he realized it, he’d already come that far!

_(:3∠)_ He had never gave it a really thorough consideration, but now Xu Ziyan felt surprised as well. He had become so strong and was even going to reach the level of nascent soul. It’s a bit unbelievable for him.

“So? Can my brother not feel it coming?” Xu Zirong came over at some point, gently stroked his brother’s dragon horns and asked in a hoarse voice.

Xu Ziyan jerked violently, pushed him away instinctively and looked at him vigilantly, “just tell me what you want to say, there’s no need to come so close.”

Xu Zirong licked the corner of his mouth, “brother…we just need to stimulate our golden core a bit more to break through.”

“How to stimulate?” Xu Ziyan asked suspiciously.

Xu Zirong blinked, showing an innocent smile, “of course we need to use our spiritual power!”

“Spiritual impact? So you mean we should charge our golden core directly with spiritual power?” Xu Ziyan was stunned for a moment. Wouldn’t that mean self-destruction? Wait, he was actually told before that he had to crush the golden core to reach nascent soul.

“Okay, I get it now.”

Xu Ziyan nodded and sat down to use his spiritual power to charge the golden core. Unexpectedly, Xu Zirong suddenly fell towards him, then pressed him firmly on the grass with both hands.

“Brother…” Xu Zirong’s eyes were as bright as a star, and the smile on his face…still looked malicious no matter how sincere he was trying to fake!

“Brother, are you going to charge your golden core directly? You will fail if you don’t make sure the extent of it first.”

“Then what should we do?” Xu Ziyan asked sincerely, ignoring how flirtatious their position looked at the moment.

“Of course…” Xu Zirong smiled softly, “we need to charge it in a more gentle way.”

Xu Ziyan raised his eyebrows and asked with a blank face, “excuse me, what is the so-called gentle way…?”

“Dual cultivation!” Xu Zirong smiled very happily, “what could be gentler than the power of dual cultivation?”

Xu Ziyan: … Haha!

Damn, he knew that Zirong’s clinginess disease would act up at some point!

“Stop fussing around!” Xu Ziyan tried his best to keep his face as stern as possible, not paying attention to the thing on his lap, “Snowball is watching. You have to be careful!”

“Oh? Snowball? Where are they?” Xu Zirong glanced lightly to the side.

Xu Ziyan looked aside and thought, “…where are these damn creatures?!”

Xu Ziyan tried hard to protest, “wait a minute…I think we should still discuss…um…”

However, Xu Zirong took action very quickly. He immediately pressed the important part of Xu Ziyan and slightly bit his dragon horns, slowly turning his silent protests into slow panting…

…I am a harmonious dividing line…

Xu Ziyan looked up at the sky with grief, and pointed his middle finger to Xu Zirong behind him furiously!

They would be the only cultivators reaching the level of nascent soul during dual cultivation in the whole Xuan Yu realm!


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