Chapter 313

What made Xu Ziyan feel even more shameful was that – the two had already broken through but this guy still hadn’t withdrawn his thing!!!

Once the breakthrough began, the cultivator needed to immerse his mind in it, so no matter how much Xu Ziyan wanted to hang this little bastard or beat him to death, he could only let Xu Zirong maintain the shameless posture and start the breakthrough process.

He stared at Xu Zirong coldly but received a sweet smile in return.

Xu Ziyan closed his eyes helplessly, immersing his mind into his Dantian.

In his Dantian, there was a dark red golden core hanging high. This strange golden core was condensed when he and Zirong broke through together. Compared with an ordinary golden core, there was a little more breath of blood in it.

However, this breath of blood wouldn’t affect Xu Ziyan’s spiritual power to flow. Instead, it could integrate their breath even better. When they were in dual cultivation, their efficiency of cultivation was at least three times that of the others.

There was also a pseudo-dragon core next to the dark golden core, which was condensed from the spiritual power of the dragon soul. There was a spiritual silk thread between this pseudo-dragon core and the golden core, continuously converting the spiritual power of the dragon soul into Xu Ziyan’s thunder spiritual power.

After the spiritual shock (dual cultivation) just now, there were some cracks on Xu Ziyan’s golden core. These cracks were not repaired under the nourishment of spiritual power, but gradually spread to the entire golden core.

After seeing this situation, Xu Ziyan nodded secretly. It seemed that Xu Zirong sensed it right – when the golden core was nourished by spiritual power and the cracks started spreading, it was a sign of them reaching the level of nascent soul.

“Come on!” Xu Ziyan rubbed his hands together and started using his spiritual power to wash away the cracks on the golden core.

He focused on the one with the thickest crack. After a few times, the cracks started splitting even more.

“This is so slow.” Xu Ziyan felt a little worried. The efficiency wasn’t high enough. At the current speed, if he wanted to flush out enough cracks to shatter the entire golden core, he’d need at least a year’s time!

Normally, he wouldn’t mind even if it’d take one year, but there might be a hidden enemy behind those blood-sucking worms. If he didn’t report this matter, the Cultivators’ Alliance might suffer from a huge loss.

Although a one-time defeat might not cause the alliance to collapse, it would still damage the prestige of the Liu Guang sect.

Once the prestige of the Liu Guang sect ceased to exist, the alliance might start fighting for power, just like in the early days of battles.

Xu Ziyan wouldn’t tolerate this, so there’s absolutely no way for him to waste a year there.

Seeing the tiny cracks on the golden core, Xu Ziyan gritted his teeth and activated an extremely strong spiritual power, intending to strike with full force.

Unexpectedly, before his spiritual power rushed into his Dantian, a scorching warm current poured into his body from behind, along his meridians.

“What…” Xu Ziyan felt the heat rushing into his Dantian and he felt shocked. Then, he saw two dark red golden cores.

Xu Ziyan:  …

What the hell! What is going on? I have never heard of golden cores being able to travel inside human bodies…

Xu Ziyan was stunned. He knew that the golden core must’ve belonged to Xu Zirong. After all, he had only seen two dark red golden cores so far, but why would Xu Zirong want to force one inside his body? What’s his plan?

Moreover, after Xu Zirong’s golden core entered the Dantian of Xu Ziyan, it rushed directly towards Xu Ziyan’s golden core.

Xu Ziyan: =口=

Wait…what just happened?

Xu Ziyan felt like he couldn’t think straight. When Zirong’s golden core rushed towards his, and although he knew that Xu Zirong wouldn’t set him up, he still felt nervous towards the two golden cores bumping into each other.

Then, when the two golden cores collided, they slowed down a little, but suddenly, there’s a popping sound – the two golden cores cracked at the same time, and two little people jumped out of them.

Xu Ziyan: Hehe… I must be dreaming. Breaking through nascent soul cannot be as simple as breaking an egg! _(:3”∠)_

Afterwards, Xu Ziyan lost consciousness.

When the two little people jumped out, the momentum of the Xu brothers suddenly skyrocketed several times.

The purple thunder light and the blood-red aura were tightly entangled together, forming a red-purple air mass above their heads.

“Roar!” There’s a deafening roar from Xu Ziyan’s body, followed by a purple thunder dragon phantom that jumped out, staring at the red-purple air mass.

“Ow!” A slightly childish dragon roar cried along with the thunder dragon’s roar, and a blood dragon phantom that was slightly smaller than the thunder dragon also emerged from Xu Zirong’s head.

The thunder dragon and blood dragon glanced at each other. They jumped towards the red-purple air mass at the same time and quickly merged into it. After a while, the red-purple air mass slowly formed the shape of a Tai Chi Yin-Yang symbol in mid-air, which wasn’t in black and white but in red and purple; the two fish eyes looked faintly entrenched in two dragon-shaped phantoms.

All the astonishing visions all happened in Mr. Little Square and no trace of breath leaked out. But almost everyone in the Xuan Yu realm, who were busy repairing the passage, felt it. Same for the cultivators who lived in remote areas. They all looked at a direction of the Xuan Yu realm thoughtfully…

“Brother, brother! Wake up!” Xu Ziyan heard the familiar voice again.

He opened my eyes in a trance, and the person standing in front of him was…

What the hell! Why is it Xu Ziyu again!

Wait, why would he say “again”?

Xu Ziyan touched his head and felt a little pain in the back. He looked around and found himself lying beside the stairs at home.

“What’s wrong?” He stood up with Xu Ziyu’s help and asked in confusion.

Xu Ziyu shrugged, “I don’t know either. I heard a loud noise outside as soon as I entered the study room, um…I think you should have fallen down the stairs.”

“Don’t talk nonsense! How could I fall down the stairs!” Xu Ziyan glared at his brother in dissatisfaction. He must be kidding!

Xu Ziyan was at a loss again. He was sure that he wouldn’t do such a stupid thing, but then what exactly happened?

He’s obviously just an ordinary person, wasn’t he? Falling down the stairs happened to ordinary people, so why would he be an exception?

“Brother, did you hurt your head?” Seeing Xu Ziyan’s blank expression, Xu Ziyu started worrying about his brother having hurt his head. “Let’s go to the hospital immediately.”

“No need.” Xu Ziyan shook his head, and then——”Shxt! Why does my head hurt so much?!”

Xu Ziyu hurriedly rubbed the back of Xu Ziyan’s head, “brother, there’s no need to toughen up. Let’s just hurry to the hospital. There’s a big bruise on the back of your head and you’d better have it checked.”

“Then let’s go and have a look…” Xu Ziyan reluctantly agreed. Strange, what’s going on today? Why does he feel that everything is so surreal?

“Urgent news! Urgent news! According to the news sent from our reporter, a strange person wearing an ancient robe and a flying sword appeared out of thin air above XX Road. According to the observation of passers-by, the man did not carry any Weiya settings, he was simply suspended in mid-air, and he was suspected to be a transmigrator! However, according to some experts, this person is most likely a cosplay fanatic, and the so-called transmigration does not exist at all!”

An urgent news suddenly appeared on the TV news, and a man in a red robe did appear on the screen.

The man stepped on the flying sword and hung high in the air, looking down and around. Then, he quickly left after realizing that there was nothing that he was looking for.

Xu Ziyan just glanced at it inadvertently, but when he saw the delicate face on the screen, he completely froze.

A lot of memories came up to his mind messily, and among those memories, the most impressive one was that face!

“Zirong…” Xu Ziyan murmured unconsciously.

“What? What are you saying, brother?” Xu Ziyu asked quickly without listening too clearly.

“It’s nothing…I just remembered something.” Xu Ziyan gave Xu Ziyu a complicated look… This Ziyu must be his illusion as well…

He had already recalled all of it. He should be in the process of reaching the level of nascent soul, so this whole world must have been created by the heart demon. But…how could this heart demon be so careless by even putting Xu Ziyu into his world?

(Heart Demon: (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻! Can you just shut up and let me work with the Heart Demon Tribulation?! I really don’t wanna be the heart demon of you brothers! I was already abused last time, and now you guys are messing with this breakthrough! Do you still want me to live or not?)

“Brother!” A clear call made Xu Ziyan raise his head finally.

“Huh? Who are you?” On the other hand, Xu Ziyu immediately raised his head and looked out the window vigilantly.

“Get away!” As soon as Xu Zirong saw Xu Ziyu’s face, he got pissed and shoved the “ordinary man” away.

Xu Ziyan’s face twitched. Although he knew that Xu Ziyu was created by his heart demon, it’s also his brother! Could Xu Zirong at least behave a bit?

“Brother…” Xu Zirong instantly turned into a soft little sheep after he treated Xu Ziyu fiercely. He threw himself into Xu Ziyan’s arms and asked for comfort.

Xu Ziyan had long been aware of Xu Zirong’s ability to change his facial expression instantly. While stroking his head, he asked, “why did you come here? Weren’t going through your heart demon tribulation?”

“My brother is my heart demon tribulation, so I need to go wherever my brother is.” Xu Zirong looked at his brother with his teary and bright eyes.


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