Chapter 314

Xu Ziyan suddenly found these two sentences were a little too sweet, so he simply answered vaguely without any further questions.

(Heart Demon: Damn it! I am never going to take these two people’s missions again. Do you want me to die since you even show public affection during a tribulation?!)

“Cough cough…since you already intruded, how are we going to do with this tribulation?!” Xu Ziyan scratched his head, as his master clearly didn’t instruct him any further in case the tribulation was interrupted…

“What else can we do…” Xu Zirong curled his lips in disdain, “brother has never done anything evil, and there is almost no sin on him. This heart demon tribulation is just a pretense. A few people have seen it through, so I guess we might just leave.”

(Heart demon: Damn it! I haven’t even finished the first phase! Fxxk!)

“Uh…that’s fine, anyway, the heart demon tribulation has been broken, so let’s go.” Although Xu Ziyan felt that it had been too simple, who would want it otherwise? Of course, the simpler, the better!

The two of them chatted, laughed and broke open a space and left the heart demon tribulation.

The whole world of Heart Demon Tribulation suddenly collapsed, revealing a void space. A small bat the size of a football waved its fist furiously and made a squeaking sound from its mouth.

(“Two bastards! Come back quickly! My task hasn’t been accomplished yet!”)

Unfortunately…The Xu brothers had inadvertently trapped an unfortunate heart demon, and the two had successfully left the world of consciousness and returned to Mr. Little Square!

“Little bastard! Hurry up and leave my body!” Xu Ziyan glared at Xu Zirong, who was still pressing on him, and tried to ignore a certain part that felt very uncomfortable.

“Brother…” Xu Zirong rubbed on the back of his brother’s neck: “A breakthrough has already been made, why don’t we consolidate our realm?”

Xu Ziyan:  …

Xu Ziyan felt like roaring out of righteousness, yet it wasn’t the right moment to explode because of his posture and gesture, he could only grit his teeth and agree silently to Xu Zirong’s suggestion to “consolidate their realm”. Then, he decided to teach this disobedient little bastard a lesson after the matter was resolved!

…a harmonious line again…

“Huh…” Xu Zirong let out a long breath, sniffing the smell on his brother’s body.

Xu Ziyan gasped for breath, and it took a long time to recover from the afterglow of the climax.

“Let me take my brother for a shower.” Xu Zirong noticed that his brother was looking a bit unfriendly, and he also started having a bad feeling.

“Yeah.” Xu Ziyan nodded casually, but he’d already made up his mind that he’d take revenge in the future. As soon as he regained his energy, he’d instantly kick Xu Zirong’s ass!

Xu Zirong’s heart trembled at the sight of his brother’s half-smiling gaze. He silently turned his face, and lit a candle for himself in his heart, as it seemed that he wouldn’t get away from it.

After going through a series of processes such as cleaning, beating, healing, and so on, Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong were finally able to sit together calmly and continue to study how to escape.

“It’d be too slow to study the rules of space, we don’t have the time.” Xu Ziyan shook his head in disapproval. Back then, the two were able to break through and reach the level of nascent soul since the time was right, but studying about the rules of space was a whole different matter. They’d need a huge amount of time to understand them thoroughly. Although Xu Ziyan was a smart guy, it’d still be impossible to fully understand them in a few days, not even if he got a back door from Heaven.

Back then, Bai Hua was a destined male protagonist, but it still took him about 300 years after he reached the level of nascent soul to briefly understand those rules. Moreover, he could at most do some transfers in short distance, unlike Big Foot Luo who could travel a thousand miles in just one step.

Xu Zirong also understood that it wasn’t a feasible idea, but none of the other solutions seemed workable anyway, and he could only rely on that method.

There were actually other ways, but they needed the big worm outside to cooperate.

It’s not Xu Zirong’s style to put his hopes on his enemy!

“It seems to be the only way.” Xu Zirong spread his hands helplessly, “it’d be impossible for us to get out unless the worm spits out again.”

“Huh? Is anything happening outside?” While the two were discussing, Xu Ziyan, who had always been paying attention to the outside world, suddenly discovered something new.

Xu Zirong quickly shared a ray of his divine consciousness. As soon as he passed through Mr. Little Square’s entrance, he saw that the big worm was constantly opening and closing its big mouth, madly swallowing a large number of blood-sucking worms.

“This worm and the blood-sucking worms are fighting!” Xu Ziyan said with excitement.

Xu Zirong observed for a while, then shook his head, “I think… those worms are using their bodies to ‘feed’ this worm.”

After hearing this, Xu Ziyan hurriedly observed it carefully for a while, then nodded, “really, those blood-sucking worms were almost swallowed by this worm without resisting.”

“Brother! Maybe this is our chance!” Xu Zirong’s eyes flashed.

Xu Ziyan nodded again and again. Before, the worm either devoured the soil continuously, or they’d shut up and crawl. In the former case, it would keep chewing the dirt, and in the latter case, it would not open its mouth at all.

Given this situation, it was of course impossible for the two to escape. They never expected that the blood-sucking worms gave them a chance to escape!

The giant worm didn’t chew at all when it devoured the blood-sucking worms. This was probably because, compared to mud, blood-sucking worms didn’t need to go through any stage of chewing at all.

This huge worm seemed to be accustomed to being fed like this. It was just lying lazily on the ground, opened its mouth wide, and let the tide of blood-sucking worms to enter its mouth one by one.

It was a good opportunity for Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong was to take advantage of this moment when they would not be attacked by its sharp teeth, and escape from the mouth in the opposite direction of the blood-sucking worms.

Those blood-sucking worms, that were swallowed by the big worms, were the shadow worms of the lowest level, and they had limited attacking power. Based on the spiritual shield of a nascent soul cultivator, they could at least keep it up for half an hour.

Xu Ziyan and the others were only a dozen meters away from the big worm’s mouth. Even if they went against the flow for half an hour, it was enough for them to get out.

The only thing to worry about now was that once they entered the flow, those shadow worms would attack them, which would alert the big worms. If such a big creature found something weird in its mouth, Xu Ziyan would certainly be in danger.

They could hide inside Mr. Little Square, but then they’d lose a good chance to leave!

“It doesn’t matter anymore! We have to gamble!” Xu Ziyan said with strong determination.

Although there were still many loopholes in this plan, they might as well return to Mr. Little Square. What more could happen at worst?

“That’s good. Let’s act fast and get out quickly.” Xu Zirong nodded.

The two brothers added a layer of spiritual power onto themselves, and for safety’s sake, Xu Ziyan activated two more Vajra Talismans.

After making all preparations, Xu Zirong leaned on his brother, and the two appeared in the mouth of the big worm with a flash.

They didn’t have any strong feelings when they were inside Mr. Little Square, but once they came out, they instantly felt an extreme pressure.

The huge cave-like cavity around it was surrounded by densely packed sharp teeth. Whenever these sharp teeth started grinding, countless huge ores would be turned into bits and pieces of rubble under the bite.

In the past two days of being trapped, Xu Ziyan had witnessed countless times that this huge worm devoured a wide variety of ores. There were some rare ores which were extremely hard. Since the big worm could easily chew those ores into pieces, it certainly wouldn’t have any problems chewing Xu Ziyan’s body either.

Fortunately, there were blood-sucking worms taking the initiative to help, or it would be very difficult to find a moment for the worm to open its mouth but not chew.


As soon as they appeared, they were drowned by the tide of blood-sucking worms.

However, those worms seemed to have accepted some order – except for the circle around the spiritual power hood, the rest of the blood-sucking worms were still rushing towards the big worm’s body like there’s no tomorrow.

Those blood-sucking worms covered with spiritual power just instinctively sucked the spiritual power on the shield and they didn’t care about the rest. Xu Ziyan thought for a while and decided that they could safely walk out of its mouth according to the current rate of the loss of spiritual power.

——Of course, it would be another issue if they would be killed after coming out, but it’d still be better than being chewed to pieces inside!

Against the current of insects, the two moved forward cautiously, as they didn’t want to accidentally wake up the big worm and make their escape plan fall short.

Fortunately, when they left the huge worm’s mouth, it still never reacted. If they hadn’t been able to feel the slight trembling of its body, they might have mistaken the big worm for being dead already.

They carefully hid in the stream of insects, using the special ability of Mr. Little Square to hide themselves.

The two left the mouth of the big worm silently, and with the cover of those blood-sucking worms hanging outside their spiritual shields, they remained undetected amidst all the other worms!

Unfortunately, good times did not last long – just when they were only a few steps away from the nearest entrance, a huge eyeball-shaped insect suddenly let out a harsh cry and pointed at the location where they were hidden.

“Be quick! Run!” Xu Ziyan immediately noticed something got wrong and immediately got on his flying sword.


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