Chapter 315

“Hey!” The eyeball-shaped worm let out another scream, and the blood-sucking worms that had poured into the big worm’s mouth like a tide all stopped suddenly. They raised their heads one by one and looked at the Xu brothers hanging in the air.


It’s like a frying pan!

Those blood-sucking worms stopped feeding and started rushing towards Xu Ziyan frantically.

For this reason, Xu Ziyan felt very fortunate that all the large worms were fed by the shadow worms of lower level. These shadow worms couldn’t fly at all. Otherwise, he and Xu Zirong would have nowhere to escape in this relatively small space.

But their luck ended there.

Although these shadow worms couldn’t fly, the huge eyeball-shaped worm carried hundreds of blood-sucking worms that could.

One should never look down on these hundreds of blood-sucking worms. They were not comparable to those shadow worms that were dispatched in tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands. These flying blood-sucking worms were all about the size of adults and they all had very sharp mouthparts. Even the six wings behind them shone with a metallic luster and were very sharp at first glance.

“Damn it!” Xu Ziyan couldn’t help cursing. Although he hadn’t had time to go to the front line, he had some new idea of this type of blood-sucking worms.

Judging from its eyes and its six wings, it must be a new species that’d never appeared before.

Thinking again about the mantis-looking worm that they’d caught before, Xu Ziyan felt his heart sink. It’s obvious that the mother worm had been preparing for a long while since there’s already evolution of so many new species.

What’s even more terrifying – there were already quite a few of these new species, but the female worm had apparently hidden them all.

If the Xu brothers didn’t meet them out of coincidence that day, God knows when they would!

A worm turned out to know how to hide a large number of new worms. What did it want to do? Or to be more precise – what exactly did the man behind it want to do?

Xu Ziyan frowned tightly, with a look of uncertainty.

There was no doubt that this worm had the idea of defeating the enemy in a single battle!

The more Xu Ziyan thought about it, the more frightened he felt. Since the cultivator discovered the commander half a year ago, this plan had already begun!

On the human side, there was Bai Hua acting as an internal response, transforming a large number of cultivators into bodies suitable for parasitism – perhaps the female worm also evolved special worms for parasitism by releasing command worms to attract the human cultivators for investigation. Then, the female worm used this ore as a bait to force them to destroy the ore vein. Finally, a large ambush was set up near the ore vein, and those cultivators who came to destroy the ore vein would be killed in one go!

This was a complete plan. Although there might be loopholes in the details, with the continuous improvement of the man behind it, it was really possible to completely destroy the backbone of human cultivators in one battle.

Those cultivators in the stage of Qi condensation and golden core were naturally inferior to those nascent soul or deity cultivators, but they were much higher in number.

No matter how powerful nascent soul or deity cultivators were, it was impossible to kill all blood-sucking worms in the entire Xuan Yu realm. Without that stable support of power, these two types of cultivators would be like a general without soldiers. No matter how good their strategy was, it was useless without anyone to implement it!

“What an evil plan.” Xu Ziyan was frightened by his own reasoning. He didn’t expect that the man behind the worms would be so ambitious!

Blood-sucking worms were typical sacrifice of a battle, as they were pathetically weak in terms of attack and defense.

However, no one dared to underestimate these seemingly useless worms, as there were endless possibilities for their evolution.

Now, the only worm king of the demon race actually evolved from a shadow worm from the lowest level. Who could be sure that the blood-sucking worms wouldn’t evolve into powerful characters as well?

What’s more – there were still people secretly promoting the evolution of blood-sucking worms!

If someone really deliberately cultivated a Mahayana Worm King, the entire Xuan Yu realm would turn into hell.

“Brother, be careful!”

Xu Ziyan was a little dazed by this plan, and was almost stabbed through by the mouthpart of a six-winged flying worm.

He hurriedly concentrated on dealing with the worms in front of him, otherwise, he might not even walk out there alive, let alone killing the worm king.

“Little Eight!” Xu Ziyan shouted, and a fat eight-legged phantom appeared on the dark golden longbow.

The phantom tentacles fluttered, and soon formed eight phantom longbows. Xu Ziyan’s fingertips loosened and shot out a thunder spiritual arrow. Eight arrows were also shot out from the eight shadow longbows.

Little Eight was the name that Xu Ziyan gave to the fat octopus. Xu Ziyan was quite satisfied with this artifact — although it was a little ugly, it was powerful enough.

This talent of turning one bow into eight was a good complement to Xu Ziyan’s group attack skills. Although the arrows shot by Little Eight were still a bit weaker than Xu Ziyan’s, it was already enough to fight against his enemies.

Those six-winged flying worms, which were attacking around Xu Ziyan, were all in the stage of golden core. They had good strategies in deployment and coordination of attack. They even forced the Xu brothers, who’d already reached the level of nascent soul, to retreat.

Of course, it was also related to them not being familiar with the tricks of nascent soul, but it already made Xu Ziyan shiver.

What he was most worried about seemed to have happened. Under the command of the worm with a giant eye, these hundreds of six-winged flying worms advanced, acted in a proper manner, and even formed some kind of array to besiege the two of them.

Worms do not have their own minds like humans. In their brains, the female worm would be their only brain. If the female worm told them to sacrifice, they’d do so without hesitation!

The more Xu Ziyan looked, the more frightened he became, and the more diligently he worked on his attacks.

That giant-eyed worm was a good commander. At least it made Xu Ziyan believe that if he had made a move, he would have made people run away, but even so, the gap in their cultivation level couldn’t be made up with numbers. Especially these six-winged flying worms seemed to have received training for a short time only, and they were still a bit weak in coordination. Although Xu Ziyan had just reached the level of nascent soul and he still needed time to get familiar with new spells, it was still a bit tricky to break through his spiritual shield.

“Roar!!” A deafening roar came from behind.

Xu Ziyan’s face suddenly turned pale, “damn it!” The big worm woke up!”

Xu Ziyan could feel his heart almost stopping since he was now pushed between the the six-winged worm and the big one.

The strength of that big worm had already surpassed the level of nascent soul, it might have reached the level of deity or Mahayana. No matter what, the Xu brothers simply had no way to fight against it.

Without saying anything further, Xu Ziyan pulled up Xu Zirong and planned to hide in Mr. Little Square, but his divine consciousness had found something absolutely peculiar!

The few spherical worms, which had been surrounding the big worm’s head before, suddenly burst open one by one, emitting a pale green mist.

The aerosol violently formed by dozens of spherical worms instantly drowned the big worm, and soon, a snoring sound came from the green mist…then the big worm fell asleep!

Immediately afterwards, something even more shocking happened. The giant-eyed worm actually directed most of the six-winged worms to retreat.

Facing the remaining hundred six-winged flying worms, Xu Ziyan felt confident that he could kill them in one go, but out of curiosity, he did not do so. Instead, he started fighting a guerrilla war with them and focused his attention on the giant-eyed one.

The giant-eyed worm seemed to want to finish his work after killing Xu Ziyan. However, these two guys were very powerful. Although the hundreds of six-winged flying worms that it sent could defeat Xu Ziyan, it’s still not realistic to do so in a short time.

Obviously, this giant-eyed worm had a very high IQ. It could tell the priorities of things. Therefore, it only left about a hundred six-winged flying worms to deal with Xu Ziyan, and the rest were sent back to the big worm.

“Slow down and see what those worms are trying to do!”

Through the communication of blood contract, the Xu brothers started to act more slowly.

The low-level shadow worms on the ground, that were originally staring at them, poured into the big worm’s mouth again, and the hundreds of six-winged flying worms surrounded the big worm’s body, constantly flapping their wings, as if something has been cut from the epidermis of the big worm.

Xu Ziyan narrowed his eyes, he vaguely felt something and gave Xu Zirong a look. Xu Zirong then took the initiative to hold back most of the six-winged flying worms, while Xu Ziyan quietly leaned towards the big worm.

After he got in, the six-winged flying worms were cutting his outer skin from the body of the big worm.

Since it travelled underground all the year round, the epidermis of the big worm looked dry and rough. It simply looked like an old tree bark, as if it might fall off the big worm at any time.

But those six-winged flying worms seemed to be cutting some amazing treasures, every time a worm cut off a piece of skin, it would immediately send it to the vicinity of the giant-eyed worm, and the gap that it left would be used by other six-winged worms.

Xu Ziyan watched those six-winged flying worms of golden core working hard, and never did he have so many doubts in his life.

A mysterious ore used as bait; the giant worms that suddenly appeared; blood-sucking worms that weren’t afraid of death, and six-winged flying worms that collected epidermis!

All of this made Xu Ziyan extremely confused. Fortunately, although he could not understand its connection for the time being, it did not prevent him from following along to collect the worm skins of the big worm!

After all, the skin was useful to those blood-sucking worms, so he definitely needed to collect some more for research!

Of course, those six-winged flying worms would not let Xu Ziyan share their victory. When Xu Ziyan tried to get close to the big worm, a large number of six-winged flying worms came over and tried to isolate him.

Xu Ziyan tried several times without success, and he was very pissed off.

He turned his head slowly and looked at the worm with giant eye in the distance, his fingertips crackling with lightning.

The giant-eyed worm was indeed a very smart creature. When he noticed Xu Ziyan’s threat, it even showed a mocking smile, as if it was saying, “although there might not be enough six-winged flying worms, we have enough to stall your time!”


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