Chapter 316

Xu Ziyan suddenly felt a bit of a headache, as it was really embarrassing to face such a race that was not afraid of sacrifice.

But if he was stumped by a worm – then there must be something wrong with Xu Ziyan’s halo as a male protagonist!

He rolled his eyes and was ready to attack with his thunder spiritual arrow, yet he was not targeting those six-winged flying worms, but the large worms that were still sleeping on the ground.

The giant-eyed worm was shocked, and his eyes suddenly showed a fierce light!

Although the green mist created by those spherical worms was still there, it had already become much thinner. Furthermore, the green mist was just to hypnotize the big worm. If it was really shot by Xu Ziyan’s powerful thunder spiritual arrow, it’d certainly jump up in no time.

Xu Ziyan was deeply impressed by the power of the big worm. He didn’t believe that those blood-sucking worms could control it, if neither he nor Xu Zirong could do so.

Judging from their actions, it was obvious that they couldn’t afford to provoke this big worm. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be using green mist to hypnotize it instead of killing it directly.

Xu Ziyan expressed his meaning very clearly with his eyes – either I have to get some outer skin as well, or I will get both of us killed by waking it up by my arrow.

The giant-eyed worm stared at Xu Ziyan for a long while, and finally waved its slender limbs twice.

Those six-winged flying worms near Xu Ziyan slowly retreated, revealing a small piece of the outer skin of a large worm.

Xu Ziyan watched those worms vigilantly, took out a spare flying sword and scratched the exposed outer skin—


Sparks splashed everywhere, and not only did the spare flying sword fail to cut off the piece of skin, but it also revealed a hole.

Xu Ziyan was caught by surprise. He didn’t expect the piece of outer skin to be so tough and even his flying sword couldn’t hurt it a bit.

The giant-eyed worm once again showed a sarcastic look; it waved its two limbs lightly, which was rather disdainful.

Xu Ziyan’s face turned dark, and a majestic spiritual energy poured into the flying sword. With a wave of his arm, a piece of insect skin fell in response.

Afterwards, the flying sword shattered into several pieces, but Xu Ziyan already got hold of the bark-like skin.

The giant-eyed worm squinted slightly, and it looked at Xu Ziyan with a very sinister gaze.

Xu Ziyan raised his eyebrows and smiled. Although he couldn’t beat that big worm, there’s no way he’d flinch in front of this giant-eyed one.

——Judging from its appearance, it must have evolved intelligently, or it wouldn’t have such a high IQ. However, a high IQ could also mean low combat power. A cultivator of building base alone might even be able to beat it!


Just when the two sides were confronting each other, the giant-eyed worm suddenly let out a screeching sound.

Xu Ziyan instinctively felt something went wrong, and Aurora under his feet dashed violently, just rushing into the encirclement of the six-winged flying worms that besieged Xu Zirong.

“Roar!” The green mist around the big worm’s head dissipated at some point, and the tide-like shadow worms entered its mouth one by one.

Waking up from its dream, the big worm, which was fully fed, immediately noticed the two humans hanging in mid-air and the small worms around them.

After noticing other stuff in its territory, the big worm instantly felt offended!

It let out a big roar, and its huge body suddenly stood up. Its head, with only its mouth that’s visible, also turned to Xu Ziyan’s direction.

“Hey!” The giant-eyed worm let out a sarcastic cry again.

It was very close to an entrance, and at this time, it had been surrounded by the six-winged flying worms that were protecting it.

The giant eye showed an obviously malicious intention. Followed by a scream, the remaining six-winged flying worms immediately launched a suicide attack on Xu Ziyan!

Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong were suddenly in a hurry. Although these six-winged flying worms could not cause them any fatal damage, their precious escape time was actually delayed!

“Roar!” The big worm seemed to be dissatisfied that it had been ignored, and shoved away all the six-winged worms around it.

Xu Ziyan had dealt with those flying worms before. Their shells were as hard as metal, but they were actually cracked by the big worm and many of them were crushed into pieces on the rock wall.

“Damn! What the hell is this ? How can it be so powerful ?” Xu Ziyan was at loss of words.

Xu Ziyan didn’t feel as strongly as now when he was swallowed by the big worm, and he really felt hopeless after witnessing its power!

Seeing those six-winged flying worms die one after another, the giant-eyed worm also showed some pain in the eyes.

It seemed that these six-winged flying worms were also high-level troops in the group of blood sucking worms. After losing so many of them there, the man behind the worms might face a bit of troubles.

“Let’s run!”

While the big worm was busy slaughtering the six-winged flying worms that were closest to it, Xu Ziyan resisted the attack of those worms and dragged Xu Zirong to run for life.

If they were attacked by those six-winged flying worms, they would be injured at most. However, they’d surely die if they were caught by the big one!

“Aurora!” Xu Ziyan gave up on Xu Zirong’s flying sword and pulled him above Aurora.

After Xu Zirong stood firm, he immediately activated Aurora’s void-breaking attribute.


Aurora trembled, and immediately afterwards, the two felt a strange kind of fluctuation in the surrounding space. After it passed, the two were surprised to find that they’d appeared directly in front of the giant-eyed worm.

This sudden break in the void surprised everyone and the worms there. Xu Ziyan never expected that Aurora could break through the void so far, but the giant-eyed worm didn’t understand why this person suddenly appeared.

Facing the stunned eyes of the giant-eyed worm, Xu Ziyan made an immediate decision and blasted out a thunder snake strangling attack.

As he expected, the giant-eyed worm had extremely low combat power and it had no chance to resist at all, so it was strangled and cut into pieces.

As soon as the giant-eyed worm died, the six-winged flying worms, that were responsible for protecting it, suddenly went frantic.

Before they even had time to react, they saw that the object they were responsible to protect was twisted into pieces by several thin thunder ropes…

“Hey!” The worm let out a scream!

The six-winged flying worms surrounding the giant-eyed worm launched a frantic attack on Xu Ziyan, and they all rushed towards him without caring about anything else.

After losing the command of the giant-eyed worm, their siege began to show obvious loopholes. If Xu Ziyan hadn’t remembered to escape, he’d need very few time to kill all those damn worms!

“Zirong! Cover me!” Under the attack of those worms, Xu Ziyan shamelessly put the insect skins that the six-winged flying worms worked so hard to collect into Mr. Little Square.

As soon as the giant-eyed worm died, these six-winged flying worms started acting messily. In addition to attacking him frantically, they also wanted to protect those outer skins.

“It’s done! Aurora, let’s go!” Putting all the skins away, Xu Ziyan saw that the big worm was already rushing towards them, and he immediately activated Aurora’s void-breaking attribute again.

Aurora’s void-breaking attributes were absolute weapons for escape. Although they were restricted in the cave, they were at the entrance of a passage at this time. Xu Ziyan didn’t need to think about anything else aside from running forward.


Aurora rushed out at an amazing speed, and with its occasional breakthrough, it quickly got rid of all those big worms and six-winged flying worms.


The loud roar of the big worm caused a strange wave. As soon as Xu Ziyan heard it, he knew that something went wrong. He immediately pulled Xu Zirong inside Mr. Little Square.

The existence of Little Square was like another space. Although it was a magical kind of wave, it didn’t affect the Xu brothers who were hiding inside.

When the wave floated away, Xu Ziyan immediately jumped out of Little Square again and continued to ride on Aurora to escape.

Although they could avoid being attacked by the big worm inside Little Square, who could guarantee that it wouldn’t wait for them at the spot where they’d disappeared?

Judging from the size of this worm, it was definitely a species that had lived for tens of thousands of years. If it started taking a nap outside Little Square, it might take thousands of years.

Xu Ziyan couldn’t afford to wait that long. Instead of taking to risk to bump into the big worm when it woke up, he’d rather try to escape while the big worm was busy killing the six-winged flying worms!

Therefore, once the big worm sent out that strange wave, Xu Ziyan would enter Little Square immediately. Then, he’d get out after the wave passed. After a few times, the big worm no longer released the strange wave. It seemed that the wave wasn’t its conventional weapon and it had to consume a lot of energy by doing so.

However, the big worm didn’t give up – it kept chasing after Xu Ziyan, as if to prove that its dignity could not be insulted. There must be a price for Xu Ziyan to pay after taking advantage of it.

The chasing game ran in the underground for three days, and there were many situations where Xu Ziyan entered his thoughts and was almost blocked by the big worm Fortunately, Xu Ziyan was a lucky one. Every time when his thoughts were blocked, he successfully escaped after using Aurora’s void-breaking attributes. Finally, after entering a really wide passage, the big worm stopped chasing him.

“Huh…it was so dangerous!” Xu Ziyan wiped the sweat on his forehead and jumped down from Aurora.

It almost killed Xu Ziyan’s life since he had to fly on Aurora for three days straight. If he hadn’t stored enough thunder-type spiritual fruit in Mr. Little Square, he would have been killed from the exhaustion of spiritual power already.

He’d really consumed too much this time. Xu Ziyan felt really pitiful after checking inside Little Square.

He’d already consumed half of the spiritual fruits and quite a lot of high-level spiritual stones.

“We’re bankrupt!” Xu Ziyan muttered while looking at the inventory in Little Square.

Xu Zirong smiled helplessly, “brother, we’re fortunate enough to have escaped. You don’t need to feel pitiful about those spiritual fruits.”


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