Chapter 317

Xu Ziyan rolled his eyes, “it’s all because we successfully escaped. There wouldn’t be anything to worry about if we died.”

Xu Zirong was speechless for a while, and could only give a massage to his brother considerably.

“Huh…Although it was a big damage, you’re right that we’ve luckily escaped. But…what is this place now?” Xu Ziyan sighed and looked everywhere, but he couldn’t find any obvious signs.

However, he also knew that after these three days of life-threatening rushing, they had long lost their direction. Instead of struggling to find the exit, it would be faster to drill a hole straight up.

“By the way, why did that big worm suddenly stop chasing? I thought he would chase us forever.” Xu Ziyan asked casually.

Xu Zirong shook his head. He had never seen such a huge worm before, nor had he read any relevant information in any documentation.

Fortunately, there was finally a relatively knowledgeable person who could solve their doubts, so Snowball was taken out by Xu Ziyan from Little Square.

“Meh?” Snowball looked at Xu Ziyan blankly with a chicken leg in its mouth, as if it was asking why it’s being summoned again.

Xu Zirong’s cold gaze instantly made Snowball’s hair stand on end. It stood upright and looked at Xu Ziyan with a serious look, “master, what is your order?”

Xu Ziyan:  …

Damn it! Snowball, you coward who’s afraid of the strong! Why aren’t you doing the same to Xu Zirong?

Snowball: qaq, I don’t dare…or the dragon son will really die…

Xu Ziyan smoothed the blue veins on his forehead as much as possible, and described the appearance of the big worm to Snowball.

“Well…it sounds like an earth rock dragon worm?” Snowball replied after pondering.

“Dragon? Is it related to the dragon race?” Xu Ziyan asked carefully.

Snowball made a disdainful expression, “don’t implicate every creature on our real dragon race. Well, that rock dragon worm is just a name given to him by a human cultivator, and it has nothing to do with us the real dragon race!”

Xu Ziyan couldn’t help rolling his eyes, “Okay, I know your bloodline is the most noble and the purest, so tell me what’s going on with the rock dragon worm!”

Snowball rubbed its chin, “there’s really nothing to say about this rock dragon worm, it’s just a little bigger and stronger, but it’s actually a brainless guy. As long as you don’t face it directly, it’s quite easy to trap it.”

Snowball then gave Xu Ziyan a slightly sympathetic look, “actually…if you didn’t step into his territory, this worm wouldn’t attack you at all.”

“Then why can blood-sucking worms mine in his territory?” Xu Ziyan asked in confusion. He knew that some monsters had a strong sense of territory, and they simply did not allow other species to approach. But why were those blood-sucking worms fine when both him and Xu Zirong were attacked?

“How would I know?” Snowball shrugged, “but I know how those worms evolved after seeing this earth dragon worm.”

“Could it be because of this?” Xu Ziyan’s eyes flashed, and he took out a piece of insect skin from Little Square.

“That’s right.” Snowball nodded, “this thing is called rock secretion, which is secreted by the rock dragon worm. It can make the blood-sucking mother worm evolve rapidly.”

Xu Ziyan rubbed his forehead and he felt a headache. Previously, their purpose was to find out how the blood-sucking worms evolved, but now they had no idea how to solve this issue.

Thinking of the big, rough-skinned worm, Xu Ziyan felt incredibly annoyed, and he just cut two pieces of the outer skin—no, it wasn’t the outer skin, but the air-dried secretions, and he already had to work so hard for it. It’s easy to imagine how rough and thick these worms were…

“We’re going to have some troubles now.” Xu Ziyan showed a helpless smile.

This rock dragon worm was not something that the two, who’d just reached the level of nascent soul, could deal with. It seemed that they could only return and report the matter before taking further action.

After anxiously scratching his hair, Xu Ziyan recalled his observations on the blood-sucking worms in the past few days, and had to admit that they were too terrifying.

Compared with them, those blood-sucking worms mentioned in the original novel were just too inferior!

Xu Ziyan sighed helplessly. He also knew that this situation was probably caused by his little butterfly flapping its wings, but it’s just that he didn’t expect such a big thing to happen because of those powerful wings…_( :3”∠)_

The two meditated and rested for a while, and after they resumed their spiritual power, they started exploring their way out.

At this time, they ran wildly all the way without knowing the direction, and they didn’t know where they were at all. If they chose a passage recklessly, they’d face huge troubles when they walked into the worms’ nest accidentally.

Eventually, the two decided to carve out a passage above. When a ray of moonlight falling on Xu Ziyan’s face, he took a deep breath and said, “hurray! We’re finally out!”

After being trapped in a dark cave for several days, with a giant worm that was like a deity cultivator chasing him, this pressure kept Xu Ziyan in a state of fight or flight mode. Now, he could finally relax a bit.

“Huh? What’s there?” Xu Ziyan noticed a figure leaning on a big tree not far ahead, whispering something to another person beside him.

When he came out, he deliberately turned on Little Square’s shielding effect. Therefore, the two sentry cultivators didn’t notice them.

Xu Ziyan released his consciousness and extended towards the two sentry cultivators. Soon, an extremely large camp of cultivators appeared in his divine consciousness.

“Who dares to spy on my Xuan Jia sect’s camp?!” With a stern shout, a golden light flashed in the center of the camp, and a breath of sword burst into the air.

Xu Ziyan actually felt a devastating force in this breath of sword, which shocked him tremendously. He had no doubt that his divine consciousness would surely be crushed if he’s hit by this breath!

It wouldn’t be a nice feeling to have one’s divine consciousness crushed, that’s why Xu Ziyan simply retreated. He showed his figure and greeted the two sentry cultivators who were making jokes to each other.

The two sentry cultivators were startled by the two brothers who suddenly appeared, and they almost cast spells instinctively. Fortunately, Xu Ziyan showed his jade promptly to stop the fight.

The Xu brothers followed one of the sentry cultivators towards the camp, and while they were walking, Xu Ziyan was still observing the entire camp.

After watching it for a while, Xu Ziyan could only smile bitterly – it’s not that the camps looked ugly, but they’d arranged a small area with each sect as the core.

The connection among each area was quite close, but this arrangement could only allow everyone to fight individually when the camp was attacked. On top of that, once a certain area collapsed, the areas on both sides would not be able to provide timely assistance at all.

What’s next was the old-fashioned division of encirclement and suppression. that is, with Xu Ziyan’s half-hearted level, as long as he was given a team of fighters of similar level to these cultivators, he could then wipe out the opponent.

After sighing silently, Xu Ziyan found it necessary to discuss this issue with his master.

“Elder Qi, the two disciples from Liu Guang sect are here.” The cultivator guarding the door knew Xu Ziyan and reported to the elders in the tent as soon as they saw him.

Immediately afterwards, the Xu brothers were ushered into the large tent, which was a rather delicate small building.

“Why did cultivator Xu come here?” Elder Qi asked Xu Ziyan to take his seat and asked gently.

“I’m here to investigate the evolution of blood-sucking worms. I just returned and happened to be there. Elder Qi, what are you all doing?” Xu Ziyan and elder Qi were not familiar with each other, they had only met twice in the council hall.

However, due to the overwhelming incident on the first day and Luo Yun standing behind him, most of the elders of the Xuan Jia sect held a rather contradictory attitude towards Xu Ziyan. On one hand, they were not happy about the fact that he didn’t care about the reputation of the sect; on the other hand, they dared not offend Luo Yun.

Elder Qi held a neutral attitude towards Xu Ziyan, and he wasn’t very enthusiastic either. However, Xu Ziyan still respected him as the sect leader.

Only this time, Elder Qi’s original indifferent attitude turned into a very warm one after noticing that Xu Ziyan had become a nascent soul.

Elder Qi felt pleased, yet he refused to show it on his face. Previously, he acted rather coldly, since he’s much older than Xu Ziyan but they were both golden core cultivators. Things became different afterwards and Xu Ziyan had already become a cultivator of nascent soul. Of course he’d hold a different attitude.

Elder Qi sneered when he recalled those elders forcing the leader to deploy the army in the council hall. Now there were two cultivators reaching the level of nascent soul in Liu Guang sect, he really wanted to see what else those elders could do.

Elder Qi had a correct attitude towards the whole matter. He said respectfully, “since you left, there has been an attack in the sect again. This time, a large number of evolutionary blood-sucking worms attacked, giving the disciples in the sect a lot of pressure. The head and the elders felt that the destruction of the ore vein could not be delayed any longer, so half of the cultivators in the sect were dispatched to solve this once and for all.”

When elder Qi said the last sentence, he deliberately emphasized the phrase “the elders”. Apparently, the head of the sect didn’t agree to deploy so early, but he couldn’t insist further when the elders held great power.

Xu Ziyan’s expression darkened, and he didn’t attempt to hide his feelings of unpleasure. He only knocked on the table gently and looked at elder Qi calmly.

Back then, he already raised a few points of concern and promised that he’d investigate the matter, yet these elders actually deployed behind his back. This only showed how much they distrusted the Liu Guang sect, or worse, they actually disrespected Xu Ziyan as a person. He initially thought that he’d already taught them a lesson last time, but it just proved that these people were not afraid of him at all.

“Elder Qi, the elders in your sect act really fast. I was just out there for the investigation and you’ve already deployed. So you assume that all disciples of Liu Guang sect are useless? That we’ll fail to give you the results that you want?”

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