Chapter 318

Elder Qi looked a bit embarrassed, “actually…our head was also very opposed to it at that time, but…”

Xu Ziyan waved his hand, “I don’t care about the internal affairs of your sect, I just want to know if cultivator Yu Ling is the head of Xuan Jia sect.”

Elder Qi looked bitter. Of course, he knew that the internal conflicts of Xuan Jia sect were surging, and the group of elders united to fight against the head. But how could he tell Xu Ziyan such a shameful thing?

Xu Ziyan glanced at him, knowing that this kind of thing would not be easy to deal with no matter what sect was involved. Each of these elders had many disciples, who were placed throughout the entire sect. If Yu Ling didn’t want the sect to fall apart, he could only compromise with them to a certain extent.

Obviously, Yu Ling wouldn’t allow the elders to pressurize him, so the result of the compromise was to send troops, yet the elders who led the team were the men of the head.

Before setting off, Yu Ling specially instructed Elder Qi that this action could be delayed. Not only could it save the face of the Liu Guang sect, but also that he himself felt that this matter was a bit inappropriate.

As a nascent soul cultivator, he was already able to communicate with the heavens and the earth. Although he couldn’t predict the future, he would at least have a bit of sensations about possible risks.

The group of golden core cultivators only saw the great achievement of exterminating blood-sucking worms, but Yu Ling actually felt the danger hidden under that huge benefit.

“Um…I wonder if senior Xu’s trip was rewarding after all.” Elder Qi couldn’t continue this embarrassing topic, so he had to redirect the attention on the mission of Xu Ziyan’s journey.

After hearing, Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but think of those evolved blood-sucking worms, and he suddenly had a headache.

“There were indeed some gains.”

Xu Ziyan then told elder Qi what he had found these days, and he omitted all the parts that were about the earth rock dragon worm. He focused on those brand-new species such as giant eye worms and mantis worms, and also gave some of the entities he’d collected to elder Qi.

While looking at the strange worms, elder Qi’s facial expression turned extremely gloomy. They’d sent a large number of disciples from the Xuan Jia sect for this trip. Although many other sects were included, the main force of the team still belonged to their sect.

Although these cultivators all fought bravely for previous battles, they had never been into contact with new types of worms. If there were a hundred or more six-winged flying worms, the entire troops would already been wiped out.

“Have the worms evolved to such an extent already?” Elder Qi said with a furious look after throwing the corpses on the ground. Not only was he shocked that those worms had evolved into such diverse types, but he was also pissed off at Bai Hua and Rong Taiqing, as neither of them had mentioned about the new species after the last investigation.

Perhaps they really hadn’t encountered the new species, but why would the elders continuously urging the head to send troops then? Could it be…

Elder Qi’s facial expression changed drastically. At this time, he had already associated the mutation of the worms with the strange action of the elders…

No wonder he was the leader this time, and the group of elders didn’t object to the fact that he’d lead a bunch of disciples close to the sect’s leader. It turned out to be a deadly trap after all!

Before he knew it, elder Qi had already thought about various conspiracy theories, and he logically linked all these conspiracies with the elders!

Xu Ziyan lowered his eyes slightly and said, “elder Qi, there’s no need to panic. From my point of view, there seems to be a limited number of six-winged flying worms. There’s even no need to be afraid of that giant-eyed worm. I think our plan might succeed, it’s just that…it’d be a bad idea to just take action recklessly. It’d be better if we return to the sect for further discussion first.”

“Senior Xu is right.” Elder Qi suppressed the anger in his heart and whispered.

At this time, he also understood that it’s less important to think whether these were conspiracies or not, and whether they had anything to do with the elders. First of all, he had to make sure that the disciples, who supported the sect master, to return alive! If he returned without reasons, he’d surely be blamed by the group of elders, and what Xu Ziyan had said somehow gave him an obvious reason to do so.

The enemy’s situation had changed. In order to preserve the strength of the sect, he obviously needed to bring some people back.

And it’d be enough to shut the mouth of those elders. All in all, what elder Qi was trying to do was to protect the sect. None of the elders would want to risk being blamed as “not protecting their beloved disciples”.

Therefore, because of Xu Ziyan’s sudden appearance, the team that was going to destroy the mine was recalled back to the Xuan Jia sect and they were completely confused.

In the council hall—

“How is it possible?! Qi Yu, how can you act so recklessly?! You actually brought the team back without passing the news! Is the sect still on your mind?” Elder Liu was so angry that his whole face turned red, and he almost spat on elder Qi’s face.

Elder Qi wiped his face calmly, “listen to me. The situation changed, and I thought the best way would be to bring them back. Elder Liu, why do you object it so much?”

“Then why didn’t you notify the sect beforehand?” Elder Liu’s neck turned red as well.

With a mocking smile on the corner of elder Qi’s mouth, he raised his hand and threw out a worm’s corpse, which was the six-winged flying worm, “see, blood-sucking insects with such strength have already appeared. Who knows whether we’ll see blood-sucking worms stopping that in the future? By the way, it seems that elder Liu is the one responsible for arranging all kinds of spies, so how could you omit this important detail?”

As soon as the elders saw the worm’s corpse, they immediately panted and shivered. After testing the corpse with their divine consciousness, all of them showed a worried look.

Although the worm was dead, the breath on its body hadn’t completely vanished. Those elders were still able to feel its power.

“Is this…a new kind of blood-sucking worm?” The old woman in grey robe, who once defended elder Liu, asked while looking shocked.

“How many are there?” A middle-aged man asked with a calm look.

Elder Qi glanced at it lightly, “I don’t know, it was senior Xu who brought it here. I heard that there were a few hundreds of them.”

The middle-aged man’s facial expression slightly changed. Comparing to the low-level blood-sucking worms, a few hundreds wasn’t a big number, but there was a huge difference in terms of their strength.

Hundreds of six-winged flying worms were equivalent to hundreds of golden core cultivators. These six-winged flying worms were definitely not comparable to golden core cultivators in real strength, but the few hundreds of them could already kill all the golden core cultivators of Xuan Jia sect.

“Senior Xu? Which one is it?” When he came back to his senses, the middle-aged man suddenly reacted to the ‘Senior Xu’ that elder Qi had mentioned. Those who could be called as seniors by an elder of golden core had to be someone of nascent soul. However, after thinking of everyone in the Xuan Yu realm, he really couldn’t think of any cultivator named Xu.

Elder Qi raised his eyebrows slightly and had a delighted feeling about a disaster going to happen. He raised his head and showed a warm smile, “it’s obviously senior Xu Ziyan.”

“What!” Aside from the middle-aged man, everyone in the hall all showed a look of surprise.

“No…it’s impossible!” Elder Liu’s face had been red ever since he was blamed by elder Qi. After knowing that Xu Ziyan, who threatened him before, had achieved the level of nascent soul, he was caught completely off guard and exclaimed.

Elder Qi glanced at elder Liu with a calm look, “elder Liu, please be careful with what you say. Senior Xu has already consolidated his level as a nascent soul. Please don’t bring troubles to our sect.”

Afterwards, elder Qi felt as if he could attack a bit further, “oh, and I forgot to mention. Those two seniors named Xu have already reached the level of nascent soul. Please mind your business or you’ll offend them easily.”

As soon as elder Qi finished speaking, the entire council hall fell into extreme silence.

No one would have imagined that the golden core cultivators, who belonged to the same class as them a few days ago, could easily advance a few days later…Those golden core cultivators who’d been stuck at the same level felt really uncomfortable about this.

Who didn’t want to go a step further?

However, the ability to advance to nascent soul was a power of completely different nature. Golden core cultivators could still rely on a large amount of medicinal pills to accumulate their power, but it surely took an outstanding talent and an incredible extent of perseverance to reach the level of nascent soul. It’s all because the heart demon tribulation would be the biggest challenge to reach this level.

(In a corner of the sky, a thin bat is crying, “damn, I will never accept the tasks of the brothers in the future! It’s so heart-wrenching!)

“Okay…so why does it have anything to do with us? Don’t get the point wrong, the blood-sucking worms are the biggest threat for us.” Yu Ling, who was sitting at the top, finally spoke lazily. Although his voice was light, it was an important reminder to the cultivators who had their mind wandering.

The middle-aged man was shocked when he heard so, and his gaze became a little complicated. He initially despised Yu Ling’s lazy appearance, and he even secretly despised his weakness.

It must take a certain extent of ambition to turn the Xuan Jia sect into a first-class one. According to the current situation, Yu Ling’s predecessor was right to have chosen Yu Ling to succeed his position, since he was at least able to calmly remind everyone to wipe off the blood-sucking worms while everyone was shocked at how fast Xu Ziyan had advanced. No matter how powerful Xu Ziyan was, he belonged to Liu Guang sect, so how was it related to their sect?

Although these elders were fighting for power and profit, they all maintained the interests of Xuan Jia sect. Otherwise, the two sides would not be able to compromise with each other for so many years.

Now that Xuan Jia sect was facing a big enemy, these people had given up their prejudices and discussed the solution with Yu Ling. Only elder Qi still paid attention to the expressions of those elders while discussing.

Although everyone claimed that they cared about the interests of the sect, he somehow felt that someone among them was involved in those conspiracies…


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