Chapter 320

What’s more, despite his father’s objection at that time, Rong Taiqing insisted on becoming a partner of dual cultivation of Bai Hua. After noticing the problems of Bai Hua, Yu Ling surely felt pitiful and resentful about the whole matter.

As a dignified golden core cultivator, why would Rong Taiqing give up all the other beautiful girls for Bai Hua, someone with such a messy private life?

Once he thought of Bai Hua, Yu Ling sneered. The spiritual energy on Bai Hua was so mixed that he couldnt accept it. Cultivators usually live long. In such a long path of life, its normal for a pair of dual cultivators to separate after a certain period of time. However, he really couldnt accept that at a young age, Bai Hua already slept with many different people.

However, thats exactly the person that his son was in love with. After Bai Hua joined the Xuan Jia sect, he had been focusing on seducing Rong Taiqing without flirting with any other people. Thats why Yu Ling didnt find any faults on him.

Since his son already believed in the sweet facade of Bai Hua, Yu Ling could only accept this person.

Unexpectedly, Bai Hua gave him such a surprise, revealing that hes not a simple person after all.

Yu Ling touched his chin, and there was a hint of coldness in his eyes. He had no opinion against Bai Hua clinging to Rong Taiqing. There were many couples like that in the world of cultivation. There would be so many other versions of Bai Hua anyway. As long as his son didnt change, hed still face the same reality.

However, wasnt Bai Hua overestimating himself by using his son as a shield?

After all, he didnt know that a golden core cultivator shouldnt make a nascent soul angry.

Just the day before Yu Ling planned to take action to solve this problem for his son for his bad judgement—

——Luo Yun from Liu Guang sect arrived!

The appearance of Luo Yun was beyond the expectations of many people, including Bai Hua who obviously had something in his mind.

Bai Hua had already heard about this fiercely famous Luo Yun, but wasnt he busy guarding Liu Guang sect? Why did he suddenly show up at Xuan Jia sect?

Bai Hua was very nervous, and he had an ominous premonition. He felt extremely easy about the news from Yuan Jingye a few days ago and the elders who were gradually estranged from him.

On the day Luo Yun arrived, Bai Hua saw with his own eyes how powerful the current Liu Guang sect was.

All the elders of Xuan Jia sect, including Yu Ling, were standing respectfully outside the door and waiting for Luo Yun.

Bai Hua lowered his head, trying to cover his fear with his respectful expression. Usually, these elders were very domineering and arrogant, and they didnt even respect the sect master of Xuan Jia sect. However, none of them acted like that when facing Luo Yun. This fact alone made Bai Hua very uncomfortable.

Initially, he planned to use the power of Xuan Jia sect to make himself a savior. He could then use this to ask everyone to support Xuan Jia sect. Although it might not become the first sect of Xuan Yu realm, it could at least compete with Liu Guang sect.

However, he found himself too optimistic. Xuan Jia sect simply didnt have the ability to challenge Liu Guang sect. No matter how proud those elders looked, they didnt have the slightest confidence in victory if they were to defeat Liu Guang sect.

This can be seen from their respectful attitude towards Luo Yun.

Bai Hua lowered his eyes calmly, thinking whether he should discuss their plan with the elder in jade. With Luo Yun there, its hard to say whether their plan would succeed.

If it was someone else, he might not be so nervous, but Bai Hua clearly felt different when it was Luo Yun. He was the master of Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong. And although he really hated the two to the guts, he had to admit that theyd got talent to become a nascent soul at their thirties. Apparently, they needed an outstanding master to reach the level.

One could only imagine what kind of abilities Luo Yun had to have such outstanding disciples, so he was definitely someone to be careful of.

Biting his lip lightly, Bai Hua’s eyes flashed with hatred.

Why is God so unfair?! Obviously he worked so hard, but hed never met a good master!

Needless to say, his first master almost used him as replenishment. Although his second master wasnt interested in Bai Huas beauty, he didnt really care about teaching Bai Hua either. If Bai Hua couldnt manage personal relationships well and if theres no impact of his primordial essence on the others, he might not reach the level of golden core at all!

Why? Why? Why?

Bai Hua roared in his heart with strong hatred! Why are all these people so lucky, with excellent background, outstanding talents, and strong masters, but hes the only one struggling?

He bit his lip fiercely, suppressing the resentment in his heart! Fortunately, hes still quite lucky in his path of cultivation!

The jade pendant that hed obtained by accident contained a great opportunity. Later, with the help of the senior, he even successfully domesticated a blood-sucking worm mother of the demon race.

He slowly relaxed his fists, and theres a strange smile on Bai Huas face.

Watch it! After he conquered the entire of Xuan Yu realm with the help of those blood-sucking worms, those who once looked down on him would all bow and kneel in front of him!

He would be the savior! He would be the object of worship for all!

Those who looked down on him and hurt him would all pay the price!

Lets welcome cultivator Luo Yun!”

The sound of everyone woke Bai Hua from his beautiful dream.

He was startled, and quickly suppressed the ecstasy in his heart, showing a submissive and respectful expression on his face.

Bai Hua didnt know whatd happened to him, but he seemed to be easily triggered by different things. Like the day before, Rong Taiqing had chosen a position that he didnt like, and hed usually just let it pass, yet he suddenly let his anger explode and kicked Rong Taiqing off his bed.

Fortunately, he responded in a timely manner and pretended to be in pain, so that Rong Taiqing did not get furious. Instead, he got up and comforted Bai Hua, or it would be difficult for him to get out of bed the next morning.

Frowning slightly, Bai Hua glanced at the man beside him with a hint of impatience. Actually, Rong Taiqing really spoiled and loved him, but his level of cultivation was only so-so. And ordinary people might find him gorgeous, but after getting used to the looks of Lin Xiaotian, Mo Ziyuan and the Xu brothers, he simply found Rong Taiqing a bit too ordinary.

Well, he should just bear with it. Thats the only thing he could do if he wanted to use Rong Taiqings power. Unfortunately, as a nascent soul, Rong Taiqings resistance towards Bai Huas primordial essence was too strong, or he might as well seduce Yu Ling for this purpose alone.

On one hand, Bai Hua still felt pitiful about Yu Ling not interested in him; on the other hand, Luo Yun greeted to everyone in Xuan Jia sect very politely.

“Huh? Why is Yu Ling so polite? I just came to see my disciples this time. You can just pretend that you didnt see me.” Luo Yun showed a friendly smile.

The elders of the Xuan Jia sect all smiled, and they all had different thoughts. None of them believed what Luo Yun had said, and they were just wondering what the real purpose of Luo Yun was.

Luo Yun didnt take it seriously. He had already prepared for such a thing. In fact, if Xu Ziyan had not mentioned the earth rock dragon worm, he would never have planned to appear at the door of Xuan Jia sect.

Creatures like the earth rock dragon worm were obviously invincible to Xu Ziyan, but for a super sect like the Liu Guang sect, there may be some means of suppressing them.

Big Foot Luos trip was naturally to find out more about this kind of worm, but unlike what Xu Ziyan had thought, he actually planned to catch this worm and tame it into a holy monster of Liu Guang sect.

It could become the sacred monster of Mahayana. When Wuchen heard this, the light in his eyes almost blinded Luo Yuns eyes.

Liu Guang sect was almost excellent in every aspect except its spiritual monsters.

Many of its disciples raised low-level spiritual monsters, but once they got upgraded, they would either run away or die under the hands of the disciples…_(:3)_

Wuchen had felt very depressed about this matter, but he didnt have a solution about the fact there were no talents to raise spiritual monsters in the sect. All in all, it was highly related to ones talent as well, and its not the kind of talent to be measured with instruments.

For these reasons, Wuchen was so excited to learn about the existence of an earth rock dragon worm.

It would be great to have it with its advanced level of cultivation, but most importantly

Its not a fussy eater! As long as it could have stone stuff as food, it wouldnt care whether its finely polished copper or precious jade.

Also, its skin was so tough and thick that it wouldnt die easily, it had thus become the most wanted spiritual monster for Wuchen

Once Luo Yun knew that hed be responsible in such a difficult task, he felt uncomfortable all over his body.

He had always found himself to be the most unreliable cultivator in Liu Guang sect, but hed never expected Wuchen to be even more unreliable when its about spiritual monsters!

If Wuchen wasnt his senior brother, Luo Yun might as well beat him up and make him wake up.

Although he was a sword cultivator, he was only at the late stage of nascent soul. It was already a ridiculous idea to challenge a Mahayana cultivator, but wouldnt it be like sending a junior brother to hell if he was to fight against a huge Mahayana worm?

Fortunately, Wuchen obviously didn’t plan to let his junior brother die, although he did think about it when he had to solve Luo Yuns problems every time!

A very peculiar magic weapon was once preserved in the Liu Guang sect. This magic weapon was rather ineffective, since its a magic weapon specially set up to trap the earth rock dragon worm.

Things like this were usually placed in the Treasure Pavilion for the disciples to worship…→. →Anyway, as long as no one was using it, nobody would find out if its an effective weapon.


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